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  1. Were you ever able to sell these? I'd be interested in discussing.
  2. Could someone please message this lister via the listing and ask him to check his DM's on Facebook and respond to Pat? My Facebook profile has been bugging out all day and I can't respond to the listing, I can only message him directly but it's probably going to his filtered folder.
  3. Where are you located? I would consider purchasing. Please say they’re black! Haha.
  4. Anyone in the PA/NJ/NY area have a pair of Black KLF-30’s they would be willing to sell?
  5. Selling my lightly used Forte III's. These were purchased in August of 2017 directly from Klipsch. Includes all original packaging. Located in South Jersey - Local Pickup Only. I cannot offer an in-home audition due to Covid.
  6. Hi everyone, Pair of B-Stock La Scala AL5's for sale in Walnut. Please see the full listing on Audiogon.com - you can also look at my profile there in which I've sold a high-ticket item and received a positive review. Link to listing: https://www.audiogon.com/listings/lisa32c7-klipsch-la-scala-al5-b-stock-full-range Shipping available and up for discussion - or make a pilgrimage to the South Jersey shore for a local pickup. Thanks!
  7. PARASOUND P6 - 2.1 Channel Preamplifier Selling my P6 2-Channel preamp. Purchased new only one month ago - my plan was to also get an A23+ or A21+, but I've decided to go a different direction. This unit retails for $1,595. Nearly perfect condition with all original packaging included. The sound is fairly neutral with a little bit of extra emphasis on the bass. The P6 is the most current model Parasound offers, and is feature rich - includes crossover management for two speakers, as well as the subwoofer. Find yourself a Parasound A21+ or a 23+ and you're good to go, or just pair with your current amp. Can ship anywhere in the US via Fedex. I just ask we split shipping costs. Local pickup also available - I'm located in South Jersey. Perfect for someone looking to build a solid 2-channel setup.
  8. Hey Yorkdale - I ended up purchasing these a couple of months ago but they don't work too well in my room. Considering going a different direction if you're interested in purchasing, and I'm happy to let them go for 15-20% less than what I paid. If interested let me know.
  9. I purchased a pair of Walnut B-Stock AL5's a couple of months ago but they don't work too well in my room. Considering going a different direction if anyone is interested in purchasing, and I'm happy to let them go for 15-20% less than what I paid. If anyone is interested let me know.
  10. Here's your chance to own a monster Mac integrated amplifier, the MA7000. Listing for $4,500 + buyer and seller split shipping. OR make a drive and pick it up for $3,995. Includes all original packaging, manuals and remote control. Selling because I've moved to separates. Also willing to take a McIntosh C2600 as a trade. Purchased in October of 2017 from AudioClassics (certified refurbisher of Mac Products), this unit works to spec and is in very good cosmetic condition. The only blemishes are a small scratch on one of the silver handles, and some residue on the feet from furniture pads (this can easily be removed). Willing to ship anywhere in the US, the item will ship on a pallet in the original packaging. Buyer and seller will split shipping costs 50/50. If you are willing to make a drive and perform a local pickup, I will knock the price down to $3,995 as a thank you for saving the headache of shipping! Lol. Located in NJ, near Atlantic City.
  11. Hi all, First owner of TWO SVS SB-16 Ultra's, purchased directly from SVS. $1,100 each, or $2,000 for both. Both are piano gloss finish and in excellent condition. Great subs - perfect for music and great for home theater as well. I've been running these with my RF-7 III's (also for sale), and they sound great together. One sub has all original packaging. The other has MOST of its original packaging - missing a couple of the foam inserts. Shipping is available - would be open to splitting costs within reason. We can discuss. Local pickup also available - I'm located in NJ just outside of Atlantic City. Everything for sale right now. If you'd like to get both subs and the RF-7 III's, I could knock off another $200: SVS SB-16 Ultra's: $1,100 each or $2,000 for the pair. (Piano Gloss) RF-7 III's: $2,000/pair (Walnut) RF-83's: $500/pair (Black) *Due to COVID-19, I cannot offer an in home audition at this time. All equipment is in perfect working order and excellent cosmetic condition. Someone mentioned being unable to direct message me yesterday. If you run into issues or don't hear back, leave a comment on this thread. Pictures below.
  12. You really couldn't ask for a better sample of people to get a true sense of mortality rate and frequency of severe symptoms. This is great news - hope it's true on a broader basis. I suspect it may be.
  13. Thanks all - I hope they find a good home!
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