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  1. Carl, I think your right, the dade faithful do not like slick Nick, he"s a much better college coach because he has complete control, hell he even controls the media in Bama. The college money is getting huge now, so no need to go to nfl to make the big bucks, he makes more than most nfl coaches, and rumor has it Texas has 7-10 million a year on the table, think about that, insane money. I think Bellichick is highest paid nfl coach at 7 mill and Texas will top that, nobody can compete with UT when it comes to money, I think their endowment is 7-8 billion, unreal.
  2. Islander, I had almost forgotten about those, I read some stuff on them awhile back, for some reason I'm thinking the knock on em was they would not rev like a normal 2-stroke but I could be wrong. I know my KX"s have so much power its hard to handle, almost uncontrollable at times, and not a good choice on todays mx tracks, just to much power, it needs room and lots of it, it will stand straight up at 70mph with a good bite. I had a friend awhile back that had a Honda cr480 with that left handed kick start, it was a bear to start, then on the cr500"s they moved it to the right side, much better. I would love to run that 700 through the gears though, that fix cannot be gotten anywhere else, street bikes are just different than being on dirt, 0 to 100 in about a football field.......Roost
  3. well Saban has lost two in a row and set the stage to go to Texas, remember when he was dolphins coach and stood up at the presser and said " I am not going to Alabama so stop asking " then two days later went to Bama. He has said last week that he has no interest in the job at Texas, in Saban talk that means he"s on his way to Austin, ole slick Nick smellin that Texas money
  4. hey Ron, nice post, what amazes me is the run those Miami Hurricanes went on, 10 years without losing a home game, with a herd of top 10 teams coming into the orange bowl and leaving with their tails tucked, that may never happen again. I really loved watching those Jimmy Johnson coached teams, and the amount of players they put in the league was unreal, I just love a good college football game, and the atmosphere is second to none. Your boy Spurrior fielded some dam good teams too, really enjoyed watching his hi powered offenses, he just didn't put a lot of stock in defense....Roost
  5. Wow nice boat! I see where the hugeroost nick name comes from......is that a Merc 250? merc 300, I used to run that 2.5 offshore till they stopped makin it, that was one helluva engine
  6. lol, true, very interested to see who Texas hires, there is no reason in the world that the horns should"nt be at least playin for it all every other year with that BS conf they play in and 5 star players stacked up like cordwood, if they do accidently hire the right guy (Art Briles) who can actually coach, look out. I have never been a Mack Brown fan, he wins 99% of his games just by out-talenting the other team, no actual coaching, glad to see him go, now lets hope they get the real deal...Roost
  7. hell now I cant get it to work, it worked on the first one, I"ll keep trying
  8. Man I would so love to see the Texans new coach pick up J Football, I think all the other pieces are there, they just need a good qb to chunk to Andre, plus just think of the asses he will put in the seats, they may even sell out some games, folks here in Texas love them some Johnny. I would take him above Bridgewater, who has really never seen pressure in the conf he plays in, UCF got a little on him and he freaked, and that's J Footballs strong point.....Roost
  9. I'm eyeballin that new Dewalt 20v cordless drill, soon everything will go to 20v so I"ll be ahead of the game a bit, I"ve had pretty good luck with Dewalt. I had some construction work done 6 months ago and the whole crew had Dewalt stuff, the bossman said they were the only ones that would hold up under his Mexicans, he said Makita was going backwards towards mass market, kinda like stereo"s I guess
  10. see, I thought it didn't sound right, Iowa-BCS don't go together. Sancho, you a cfb fan, seem to be, I am also bigtime, the Rose should be a good one, I was at the rose when Miami ran a train on Nebraska, Stanford gonna be hard to beat with all that beef up front but state does have the #1 D against the run so we`ll see
  11. ok ole Roost has one for you speedfreaks.....back in the spring of 2004 my friend who owns the Kawasaki shop told me they were discontinuing the mighty KX500, five honey to the well informed, it was the last of the monster 2-strokes, everyone else had stopped years earlier. So I tell my buddy go ahead and order me a pair, I`d be good then for the rest of my time, sorry, I had a new crf450 and didn't like it that much. I keep one in the garage listening to my system out there, its the one I ride, the other has never even had gas in it and its a conversation piece sitting on a stand in the billiard room. I`m the only cat in America, maybe the world, who has a brand new KX500, if any board members have ever ridden one I would like to hear your comments, their insane fast, a normal person CANT ride one. I have never sold any of my old bikes and still have the following, all insane lol..... RM500, IT490, RM465... give me a two-stroke all day any day...Roost
  12. I ordered that locking mechanism for mine where you can lock it down in the back of the truck but still be able to open and close it, these things tend to grow legs and walk off if left unattended, starting to show up in pawn shops lol
  13. that is cool, they must be new, the little one I was talking about is the roadie, check the handle on it, old school but forever, I think even that little one is 250-300
  14. lmao, I'm afraid to look at my visa bill
  15. how in the world did Iowa get in a bcs, is the B12 that bad, hell it don't even sound right when you say it
  16. Schu, if you roll with a cooler all the time you need one, it will pay for itself in a year just in ice savings, my first stop every morning is the little store by my house to get ice, now its about once a week
  17. looks like the board says War Eagle !! I will say this, its gonna be a slugfest with neither backing down. Boy how bout that John Football, he`s the damndest thing I have ever seen, man is he fun to watch, if Sumlin believed in defense they may be playing for NC, cuz knowbody can stop Mr Football from scoring, except for LSU
  18. man I`m a car buff and that's one kool kar, and I bet its worth a purty penney. Do boats count, I'm gonna post a pic of my go fast
  19. I see that, and to think I was giving you a roll tide, you should have straightened me out
  20. I`ve said for two years Art Briles is the man, came up the high school ranks in Texas, won multiple state championships, knows every hs coach in the state(recruiting) and can coach circles around Mack Brown with 2 and 3 star players. Imagine what he would do with Texas money and all those 5 stars, it would be Bama and Texas every other year. Baylor faithful around here say well he just signed a new contract he ours till 2020, well that contract is chumpchange when Texas comes calling, I think he has a real good shot and why would he stay at Baylor when he can go to Texas
  21. pretty funny, they havnt been to my house yet but I know its coming, always a bad apple in the crowd
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