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  1. Hi guys, Terribly sorry I've taken so long to reply.Thank you for all your advice and feedback! Well this is what happened. I wanted these speakers really badly because they rarely appear in Singapore and the La Scalas asking price wasn't terribly expensive. But because I didn't act immediately, someone swooped in to buy the pair. Since then I've been moping around my house (Covid 19) for the past few months recovering 😉 You see my hands were kinda tied. I already own a pair of Klipschorns and the missus put her foot down and asked why I needed another pair of Klipsch heritage speakers. All rational explanations fell on deaf ears. We even had a little falling out because of this. I was so desperate I even called a hifi buddy to see if I could get these speakers and park them in his house! Anyways that's the story. Missus and I are fine. Klipschorns are still singing in my room. But damn I keep thinking about the missed La Scalas. Maybe I could have disguised them as antique furniture cabinets and snuck them in.
  2. Thank you all very much for your replies. Truly appreciated! Let me mull over what to do
  3. Hi Preston, I truly appreciate your comments. They're what I'm looking for. Now I realise it's not a quick fix. You saved me a lot of time and sweat labour and I have reduced my expectations accordingly. I live in Southeast Asia. We rarely see La Scala's here. It's onerous and expensive to ship them from the good old USA.
  4. Hi Deano, Seller is asking USD1880 for the pair. Its not a bargain price I know.
  5. Dear forumers, I've been a Klipsch heritage speaker fan for life. Now I have an opportunity to purchase these vintage La Scala speakers. But I'm uncertain how much cabinet restoration work is required. I'd appreciate some advice if the speaker cabinets can be restored. https://photos.app.goo.gl/XuyAhx5iQRUTnLbD7 Problem areas There's chipping of the wood at the bottom of right speaker The base platform looks damaged. Is that fine? Can it be easily replaced? Will application of tung oil revive the wood? Other than physical imperfections the speakers sound fine and I enjoyed the sound. I have a bigger space to put these La Scalas. That should allow the speakers to breathe better. Appreciate all the advice you can give if these speakers are worth it to buy. i need to make a decision soon. Thank you all!
  6. Hi fellas, Please accept my sincerest apologies for not replying. Lots of great info here. Over the last couple of months, I've gone back and forth comparing solid-state amps and tube amp pairings with the Cornwalls. My ears have decided and the scales have fallen off my eyes. I'm definitely partial to tube amp pairings. I've decided to stick with the tube amps that I have and just play around with them. I am considering selling my Mcintosh MC275 for a Line Magnetic 219IA integrated amp. Yeah I know its heresy! Line Magnetic tube amps are less expensive here in Singapore compared to the USA. http://www.lm-audio.com/cp_l.aspx?dyiji=10 I do realise I have to consider changing my crossover networks (Type A). Thanks for the headsup Dean. That will probably be my focus for now followed by some room treatment. I simply want to hear my Cornwalls at their best. Again thank you all for sharing your thoughts. There is a wealth of information in this forum.
  7. Hi Alex, I've PM'ed you. Lets get in touch. Cheers.
  8. Hi fellow Klipsch forumers, I'm Suntzu hailing from Sunny Singapore. Back in 2000 I was crazy enough to get a pair of Klipsch Cornwalls off Ebay. Shipping them back to Singapore cost me as much as the speakers! But it was worth every cent. I just recently upgraded my crossovers by sticking in some new capacitors. Its a Type A crossover and I cannot believe my ears. It feels like a veil has been lifted and I'm enjoying these speakers like never before. Everything has improved. I think I'll be a Klipsch Cornwall owner for life. Paul Klipsch was a genius - bless his soul. I've always had the impression that our Klipsch heritage speakers pair best with tube amps due to their high sensitivity. Now, I pair my Cornwalls with a Mcintosh MC275 MKIV tube amp. Recently however, I came across this series of Youtube video and frankly I'm blown away by how taut the bass is and how fine the microdynamics are when Cornwalls are paired with a good solid state integrated amp (in this case its a Gryphon Diablo Class A/B amp). http://youtu.be/h2Yt-DUwR6w http://youtu.be/ZLBzyzv4PDE I'm also exploring other Class A amps like the Accuphase and the Line Magnetic 219IA. I'm really searching high and low for THE ONE AMP to satisfy my musical needs. I listen to all genres of music. So could you kind folks please recommend to me some good solid state integrated amps that you've heard pair well with vintage Klipsch Cornwalls? Appreciate all comments.
  9. Thank you soundbound. I might just try that first. It sounds like a less intimidating method than the vacuum suction method. I just seem to prefer my Cornwalls without the grills on, it sounds clearer to me.
  10. its the "centre paper cone" that is inverted. Well now I realise they're actually dust caps. Thank you very much for the suggestions James, I appreciate them. I will try them out. I'm glad to learn the inversion has no effect on the speaker, thats a relief. It'll be a while before she can afford her own Cornwalls :-) But I'm just glad I can give her a great listening experience as she's growing up.
  11. Hello all. Well its been several years since I last posted here. The truth is, I've been enjoying my Cornwalls the last 5 years so much I haven't had time to post here. These are truly astounding speakers. They are so much a part of my family's life now I would never part with them. Thus it is with a tinge of desperation that I now approach other kind-hearted Cornwall or Heritage Klipsch speaker owners now. What happened is my baby daughter loves to muck around my listening room. One day, she just pushed my K34 Woofer's centre paper cone so hard it inverted. Its still inverted. While I can't really hear any discernible difference, it just really bugs me to see it. My Cornwalls are really precious to me. So before I muck around and cause irreparable damage to my woofer cone, can anyone suggest a better method to solve this problem? Thank you.
  12. Mike, Thanks for the info. I appreciate it. It looks like a brand new pair of everything would cost me something like US$960, not including the crossover network. If you discount 50% for used drivers then I am looking at about US480. Great, at least I have a rough idea how much I should be paying for these drivers when I meet the seller. Thanks also for the info re the AK crossover networks. I needed someone more experienced in Klipsch lore to tell me whether they were worth purchasing. I guess they aren't. I've got the itch to upgrade my Cornwalls now. Just bought lots of 16AWG silver wire from Ebay to rewire all my Cornwall internals. They are really excellent speakers. Paul Klipsch was a genius
  13. Ahoy from Singapore! I am a proud owner of a pair of Klipsch Cornwalls which I purchased on Ebay a yr ago. Thus far it has provided me with countless hours of listening pleasure, and I haven't done any mods yet! Anyhow, the itch to upgrade has gotten to me. I know of someone who is selling a complete set of Klipschorn drivers as follows K-77 Tweeter ( EVA Alnico) K-55M Mid driver (EV) K-33 woofer (Eminence ) AK2 x-over How much is a fair price to pay for all of them, assuming they all work. I would appreciate any input on this. Thanks
  14. quote: Originally posted by P Ward: Jeremy, is that you? I decided to keep my cornwalls and buy a pair of heresy's to go with them. If your not Jeremy, have you thought about buying the drivers and cross over and have them shipped to you and have the cabinets built in Singapore? Just a thought. Paul Hi P Ward. Yes it is me. I had thought about buying the drivers and crossovers but I guess it was just a question of price. Also I wasn't sure I could get a capable carpenter to build the cabinets for me. I appreciate your help though. Good luck with your sale. I'm sure you'll find a good owner for your Corns in no time...
  15. Hi Guys, When they said this forum was helpful, they were not kidding. Thanks for all the advice. edster - Yeah, the seller won't open up the back of the speakers, however he did take photos of the serial #s. They are 33x218 and 33x219. So I guess they really are Cornwall 1s. I've been in touch with him and he seems honest. shapeshifter - thanks for the advice. fini - you are absolutely right. Shipping will cost me a bomb. However, it is very difficult to find a pair of Cornwalls in this part of the world. The darn things are so heavy nobody bothers to bring them in. Well they should, its a crying shame there aren't more of these beauties around. Most speakers sold here in Singapore are British ones like Tannoy, KEF type bookshelf speakers. I personally want some good ole' American horn speakers like the Corns which will make their presence felt in my living room! (thank goodness I have an understanding partner) Well, wish me luck. I'll keep you guys posted.
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