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  1. I have a pair for sale $1600 near Atlanta. Its on CL.
  2. Atlanta Craigslist: https://atlanta.craigslist.org/atl/ele/4584723711.html
  3. Hello, I'm selling my pair of Belle Klipsch in Medium Oak with brown grills. It has AB crossovers and I brought new AA/A crossovers from Bob Crites two years ago. Its in excellent condition with a small strip of veneer broken off at the bottom of the left side riser and a pencil eraser head size scuff mark on the right side of one of the speaker. Its missing the back labels. I think is made around 1986 because the tweeters have serial# 8611 stamped on the back, meaning the tweeters were made in Nov. 1986. Please correct me if I'm wrong about the date. Photos attached. I'm selling for $1700.00 a pair. I'm in Buford, GA, right off I-85N, exit 120 Kenny,
  4. Your attitude must have something to do with your Avatar ? Carry on and may your find happiness.
  5. I doubt someone with only a first grade EDUCATION would know the market value of these speakers. Anyway I brought them yesterday.
  6. Do you think is a good deal for $125.00 in very good condition ?
  7. Hello, Sorry, local pickup only. I do not want to ship for fear of damage while in transit. I will consider shipping if it doesn't get sold locally.
  8. One black Klipsch Academy in excellent condition. I'm in Atlanta metro area.
  9. I have brought speakers and receivers off Craigslist over a dozen times. All the sellers were pleasant to deal with. I just brought a pair of speakers this week without really audition it. The seller had one speaker out and the other still in original box which I only open to look inside. The one that is out is in mint condition so I didn't take the other one out of the box to check because is big and heavy.
  10. I will contact Bob tomorrow. Thank You for everyone's advise.
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