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  1. I'm glad they will now be getting some use; they are too nice of a speaker to be sitting in storage... Enjoy them! Cheers Deene
  2. Hi all, I found a local forum member who was interested; he came over yesterday morning listened to them for a few minutes playing some 24bit 96khz tracks via the very excellent Bryston DAC and he was hooked and agreed to buy them! I'm very happy to find a seller who is local for pickup and also a forum member. He will be very happy with these speakers. Yes, for $1500 pickup, I'm surprised they sat for so long. They are an amazing pair of speakers for that price.... Cheers
  3. Yes; I would like to sell these big guys! Not that there hasn't been lots of interest (none local though...) at the current price, but how about I drop the price down to $1600 to make it more tempting yet for someone to take a nice spring drive into MA to pick them up. That is a nice price for a great pair of CWIIIs with very little use on them...
  4. I'd bet if someone put in a message in lounge, there might be someone who can locate it. Yea, the vault does exist. I contacted member rpampt who is in possession of it: "I do indeed have the vault stored in a shed here in IN....". The vault would have to be shipped to MA, and then shipped to the buyer, and then shipped back to Rick so it not really feasible with the speakers originating from MA. FedEx freight offers great rates assuming each speaker is put on its own pallet (~$180 shipped to IN), but that doesn't count getting a box large enough to hold them and getting them strapped to the pallet, and getting the pallets delivered to the FedEx freight depot (which is only 1 mile away on my side at least). The only box I have found that is large enough is 40x30x30 at ULINE.com and must be purchased in a group of 5 for $75 and then they only ship them Freight which is another $75 For someone really keen on shipping them, these look like an interesting option: http://boston.craigs...4382953950.html, they would remove the requirement for a pallet and box. Still, pick in MA or me driving a couple hours to meet is certainly the easiest assuming the buyer isn't coming too far. These speakers are just so big! I guess I should have better thought about their size before buying them. They were just too cool though to pass up on, and I always wanted a pair of a larger Heritage series model. I certainly wasn't disappointed in their sound quality!
  5. Lots of interest, but shipping these beasts is turning out not to be feasible based on cost I'm willing to drive them a couple hours from Worcester MA (e.g. ~Albany NY, ~Hartford CT, etc...) to make things easier...
  6. I just changed the price to $1700; I want some room back in my audio/video room....
  7. More pictures; left speaker Most of the marks/dings are at the edges of the front trim, do to moving them around.
  8. Reluctantly selling my pair of Cornwall IIIs. I'm the second owner and have had them sitting idle for about a year; I maybe have 30 hrs on them. The original owner had them less than one year as they ended up being too large for his room. I purchased them to use in an audio/video room I was working on in my basement, but I find them too large as well and have decided to go with a much smaller footprint Revel F52. I'm very impressed with these and think they are excellent for the $$ and would love to keep them if my wife will let me put them upstairs, but she will not. I'm using a Bryston DAC and Sim Audio integrated and they sound very very good. I tried them for a short while with a PrimaLuna tube amp and that sounded great too, but I missed the drive and detail I got with good solid state stuff. Great bass and super fast dynamics with a very detailed sound. They are a bit more forward than my Revels but with them toed in to the center I don't find them bright. I do not have the boxes so pickup in central MA is needed, or else the buyer can pay for professional freight shipping for them. The speakers mechanically are like new; each speaker has a few small dings mostly around the front trim from moving them around. The sides and tops are excellent. If you are interested email me and I can send you more detailed pictures. Selling price: $1600 Cheers
  9. Selling my Prologue 1 Integrated. I'm the 2nd owner, the original owner put ~100hrs on it and upgraded the two 12ax7s with Ei ECC83s. It comes with the manual (printed from website), PrimaLuna double box (a Prologue Premium box), and the white glove. I've put < 50hrs on it. I purchased a used pair of Cornwall IIIs and got this amp to use for the big Cornwalls. I ended up losing my space for the speakers and have put them in storage until more room opens up in our house someday. I figure I might as well sell this amp since I now have no immediate need for it. I really like this amp matched with the Cornwall; this is a great tube amp for the $$. It will NOT ship with a power cord. I switched a generic power cord I was using it with for a Pangea AC9 and the difference in punch was amazing, it sounded like a much more powerful amp so I would highly recommend you mate it with a high current cord to really get the most out of it. Asking $800; Buyer to pay shipping (or pickup from central MA) and any PayPal fees. Thanks.
  10. I actually have an older but decent Infinity IL-120 sub. I plan to use it for now. I would like to get a HSU VTF-15H sub but I cannot justify it at this time. I still need to buy a projector screen, although so far movies have looked great on my gray wall.
  11. I game Mike a call and told him my story and he thought the RC-64II would be overkill for both my room and the RB-81IIs. So I went with the 62 along with the 81s and 52s. They should arrive next week. I was very happy with his prices... It's taken a while to get this room and setup together so I will be looking forward to my first movie [] I still need to buy a screen but I painted my front wall gray and I must say projecting directly on the wall looks great and will suffice until I can find (e.g. pay for) a screen... Cheers
  12. Thanks everyone for all of the suggestions. On eBay I've noticed you can get a Refurbished RC-64II for $900 or a Open Box RC-62II for $400. Being this 5 channel system will only be used for movies and my room is pretty tight with the other stuff I have in there I'm guessing I'll not likely upgrade the RB-81IIs to anything larger. My gut is saying save the extra $500... If I could see myself upgrading the Fronts to something larger than I definitely think the RC-64IIs would be the way to go. I'll try to get a price for the complete 5 speaker set with each center and see if buying in a complete set will shrink the difference in the center at all. I'm guessing they don' thave much room to move on these open box/refurbished pieces. I'll let you know what I end up doing. I just got my projector mounted last night and I have a Emotiva UMC-1 and NAD 5 channel amp all setup, so I'm only missing the 5 speakers to start enjoying home movies.
  13. Has anyone tried wood bases for the Cornwall IIIs? I have my speakers sitting on carpet and I wonder if they may not perform better if I could place them on wooden bases to better de-couple them from the floor. Mapleshade (http://shop.mapleshadestore.com/Speaker-Stands/departments/60/) offer some nice walnut ones but they are not cheap. I was just curious if anyone has tried something similar and if there was any sonic improvement (e.g. maybe tighter bass or better imaging, etc...)
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