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  1. I didnt like the way the movie was pieced together and there was a lot of good actors in it but they where lifeless, to each there own I guess.

    I can agree with that. It was a bit slow, definitely. I do think it's worth a watch tho, just not worth a purchase.
  2. ^^^When I heard the SW-112 in the show room, I was pretty impressed with it as well. I think as far as bang for buck is concerned, it doesn't rate as well as the SW-115 tho. The single one I have I personally think sounds fantastic, so getting a second one to even out the bass response I'm sure is going to be great. I can't wait to get it and get it dialed in.

  3. Woohoo! I just ordered a second SW-115 for my system. I'm out of town for a bit, but will be getting it around the 1st of May. Niiiiiiice =^D I just wanted to share my excitement!

  4. I'm going to say that 99 out of 100 people aren't going to be able to tell the difference in sound, especially with movies. I'm not sure if there are different video components between the 2, so I can't really comment there.

  5. you are saying that the Oppo does this better than other players?

    Yes, that's exactly what I'm saying. Just as Klipsch has improved components for sound, Oppo has improved components for video. I noticed right off the bat that the picture was clearer when I plugged in my oppo.
  6. This is a question I have been asked

    Why would you spend that kind of money ...when you can get a bluray player for a hundred bucks???

    Nice purchase

    Not to rain on anyone's parade (buying gear is fun), but I see a BR as a transport. It gets the bits off onto HDMI. Since I wouldn't use the DACs or any of the fancy stuff, I use a $130 Sony. If it breaks, I'll buy another. It's going to be obsolete within 5 years anyway.

    That's like saying I'm going to buy a HTIB set of speakers instead of Klipsch because speakers are just for sound. The 103 doesn't have the upscale DACs, but the picture is still better than what it was with my PS3.
  7. I would think that it wouldn't really matter either way. Your AVR is going to set it at a certain place anyways, so whether your AVR sets it at -10 or +10, it should still blend with the rest of your speakers the same. I would think it would be a good idea to turn the amp up on the sub at least halfway just because if the power is set too low, it could put a strain on the subs internal amp.

  8. Well according to the THX website they also recommend that you use direct firing/direction speakers as surround back? Should I use a pair of KL-525s? I think since im sitting closer to them I should use the KS-525s still since they have wide dispersion. Since Im only about 2 feet from the back wall directional speakers I assume are going to put the sound overtop of me instead of it coming towards me. sooo still sticking with 2 KS-525s about 4.5-5feet apart sounds right?

    I would think in your situation that would work great.
  9. The rf-62's will have a fuller sound as they have a lot more cabinet. Also you can contact panacea engineering on here. He is a forum member and a dealer so he can get you the best pricing around probably. So don't think on budget until you really know what you will be paying for. But I would shoot for the rf-62's amd rc-62 to match. That will surely get you buy for 10 years. I just picked up rf-62's. had a few sets before but the wife hates them! I have one big theater for myself and the small living room one for her. I keep buying rf-62's and trying to swap out the rf-42's but she always seems to notice! Lol oh well. Still got the man theater. That one is staying.

    Ha, you always beat me to the price thing. It's true though! I ended up being able to upgrade all of my speakers because I found out I could get them way cheaper than MSRP. Definitely shop around. I ended up contacting all of the sellers in the authorized online dealers list and saved myself a ton of money. Audioholics gave me the best price out of the dealers I contacted, but I ended up going local when they beat the price.

    I'm going to jump on the upgrading AVR bandwagon too tho. Lots of new technology out there now. Also, with the newer klipsch, harshness isn't as prevalent as I've heard it was in the past so finding a matching brand AVR isn't as big of a deal. I've used onkyo and denon and both are great. I know other people on the forum have yamaha and pioneer (as well as other brands) and are satisfied as well.

  10. I am leaning more towards the reference 52 and getting the two extra speakers to make it 7.1 or the 62s and not making it 7.1. Is amazon a good retailer for this? Which retailers if I buy new do you recommend?

    look up user panacea engineering on here. He is a member and a dealer. Or you can call mike at acoustic sound design, he gives great prices too. You will save money with either option over buying at amazon and both are authorized dealers.
    I second this. Also check out audioholics. They gave me a great price when I was shopping.
  11. 10000 songs is probably if all the songs were ripped as 128s. For *most* people, 320mp3 is going to be sufficient, and supposedly the method that apple uses makes 256aac=320mp3 in terms of sound quality. Not 100% on that tho. Google play offers 320mp3s so that's where I tend to buy my music now. And as someone said above, you can rip the CD lossless with itunes, but you aren't going to fit as many songs on the ipod.

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