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  1. Must be an acoustic music night... Eric Thompson's - Blue Grass Guitar. With Tony Rice, Jody Stecker, Paul Shelasky, David Grisman, Rick Shubb. Recorded by Kicking Mule Records!! It has to be good👍
  2. The Last Revel - Hazard & Fate. 2017
  3. Hello Tim, I'm not sure what causes it. It generally occurs when I first power them up. It seems once they have warmed up it quiets down...as far as the R2R's my 4 track TEAC is slow to wake up...I have to give it some time to get going...a lot like me🤪 Cheers!
  4. Why thank you! I have missed you all as well. Summers are pretty busy for me. It is so nice to be able to finally spin a few records. I biased my 1960 Dynaco's and it took awhile before all the sizzling bacon sounds went away...😱 But all is quiet now. I'll be wrestling with these old reel to reel machines next. They don't like to sit dormant... Cheers!
  5. A little out of sequence. From 1967, the debut album on Monument Records. A unique voice and fabulous songwriter. Dolly Parton - Hello, I'm Dolly.
  6. You guys have been doing a great job holdin' the fort down! Here's an early one, before she was 9 to 5... From 1968, a nice RCA Dynagroove lp. Dolly Parton - Just Because I'm a Woman.
  7. Hello George, Thanks for the Hello. Enjoy your day, and I look forward to your next music selection and photos. Cheers
  8. This record has very nice sound staging. Falco
  9. From 1986 The Cure - Standing On A Beach • The Singles
  10. Dave, I've had mine for years. When I was looking for a record vac system there were only two choices, Nitty Gritty and the VPI. There may have been more but I wasn't aware of them. I went with VPI based upon a recommendation of a friend who had a side DJ business. Through the years it has worked well enough for me. The points you raised are right on. I think I paid around 8 hundred bucks when I got mine. I know it has paid for itself based upon used records I paid little for, and have brought back to life. This day and age I'm impressed with a few of those ultra sonic record cleaners, but at this stage of my life, I don't see replacing the VPI. Cheers
  11. From 1985 Tears For Fears - Songs From The Big Chair.
  12. My wife is a Devon girl. She had hedgehogs growing up in the UK. She loved the photo of Emil III Cheers!
  13. I just started playing him again, kind of got burned out, everybody and every radio station played him. But it sounds great tonight. Only saw him once. Touring "Night Moves". Good stuff!
  14. Setting the way back machine to 1972, for the Seger LP that got me started on him... Opens with a killer cover of Bo Diddley. Bob Seger - Smokin' O.P.'s. 1972
  15. Great tunes, great times!
  16. This was popular in my neck of the woods when it was released. Still plays well. Bob Seger and the Silver Bullet Band - Night Moves. 1976
  17. Last one for the night. David Gilmour. 1978
  18. I loved this record when it came out. It's remarkably well recorded. Rogers Waters - Pros and Cons of Hitch Hiking. 1984
  19. On to side two... Psychedelic 🤪
  20. Nice pic!! I need to do the same with my Benz. I wish I had a dollar for every record that stylus has played...
  21. I was digging through the stacks, and came across this jewel of a reissue. I forgot I bought it. I had to replace my original, it was used hard and put away wet... Pink Floyd - Saucerful of Secrets Remastered 2016.
  22. Like that Live At Pompeii! Sonically, first rate! Beats cutting grass😘
  23. This is Otis. He's half Wuhan fruit bat and half Mexican street taco...
  24. Beautiful Room! Well done, you!!!
  25. Yup, me too. I had The Who "Who's Next", Jimi Hendrix, Greatest Hits, Ten Years After - A Space In Time, Stone's- Let It Bleed, The Allman Brothers debut lp, and The Band - Music From The Big Pink, all stacked on my record player...I'd come home trashed, pick the stack up, flip all the records over together, put them all on the spindle, shift the steady arm over the records, hit the switch, and the first lp would drop on the spinning plater, and the tone arm would move over and automatically play the first record. When that record finished, the next record would automatically drop on the spinning previous record, and the process would repeat itself until all six records played through. Than I'd flip the whole stack over to play the other sides. I think I went a whole summer and never changed records. Those records all had to be replaced...Ahhh, the good old days😎❤️👍
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