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  1. Morning everyone i currently own a pair of circa 1972 Cornwalls with the vertical metal horns, I play a lot of LOUD classic rock. Upgraded to the Crites woofer, B&C de10-8 tweeter and new k-55-V drivers from bob. Also did the type B crossover. Happy with the lows & highs, just feel like the mid driver is lacking. I'm thinking - new motor board from bob & go 2 in, (cornscala) does the board in my corns come out with no damage ?? Is new board same size ?? They're in nice shape, would like to keep them that way. Plan B - buy a 2in. Horn & driver ( thinking of selenium d-408 Ti,) and just set it on top of the corn, maybe build a separate box. Plan C - stick with original set up and try the A-55 G 1 inch replacement from bob ?? Is there a better horn available that would fit the Cornwall ? I assume I'd need to buy new cross overs if I went the 2 in. route ? This would be much easier if I were made of money !! I have an insulated 12' by 24' room with an 8 ft ceiling. Current equipment is a pioneer sc-63 receiver, pair of e motiva 250 watt amps, oppo bd 105, an SVS sub, circa 1971 heresy's in the rear and a pair of ess amt 1 b's in the front corners while the cornwalls are deciding what they want to do !! Any advice of suggestions most appreciated !!
  2. I added an svs pb 2000 sub to my Cornwall 1's about a month ago & it made a huge difference. It really cleaned up the sound.
  3. Thanks Bruce, I'm thinking I'm going to walk before I run !! I figure $1000-$2500 to start. I've been reading a lot of good things about rogue audio- sphinx & cronos are in the budget. Also the AVA ultravalve amps seems to get great reviews. I'm thinking at this price range if I want to go bigger down the road- I.e. Spend more money ! I can use this amp with a set of heresy's I have in another room.
  4. Well, the early verdict is in !! Bob received my tweets & mids on a Friday, the following Monday they were done & on their way back, received them Thursday afternoon. Kudos to Mr. Crites for the quick turnaround !! Only replaced the woofer wire with 14 ga. Monoprice, the 16 ga. on the mids & tweets still looked brand new, so figured what the hey. About 30 min. after they arrived they were installed & ready to go. Started off with "Dire Straits" one of my all time favorites. Immediately noticed (felt) more bass !! My old ones looked really good, but there is a noticeable difference. Felt like I was hearing more mids, tweeters were harder. One week later I'm very pleased with what I'm hearing. I'm really noticing what a difference there is in different CD's. Some, mostly music that has a lot going on, still sounds kinda muddy, just not getting the instrument separation I would expect, although so do get better the louder you turn them up !! Groups like steely dan with lots of instrument separation sound fantastic. I'm running my oppo bdp-105 stereo anolog out to cd in on my pioneer. Hope to one day figure out how to use the DAC & a computer to try some digital music. I bought about 100 CD's this past year & I'm gonna enjoy them first !! I'm reading up on the rouge audio tube amps & ultravalve amp by Ava hi fi. Any imput on good tube amps for the Cornwalls ? I'm mostly pink Floyd, zz top, zepp, and everything else from the 60's & 70's. Thanks in advance for any advice !!
  5. I stand (actually laying down) corrected !!
  6. I'm guessing its 16 ga, definitely smaller than 14. It all looks original.
  7. Got the woofers, one third of the way there !! Two questions - anybody do a similar rebuild ? If I go ahead & retire the box, what size wire & where can I get it online ? I think I've already talked myself into saving for a tube amp next year after reading some other posts on this site !!
  8. A 1964 & earlier nickel is mostly silver, & worth a lot more than a nickel !!
  9. Hey everybody ! Picked up a set of Cornwall 1's last year on craigslist for $550 & a 550 mi. Round trip to pick them up here in central CA. !! Decent shape, they oiled up & look pretty nice. Ordered & installed new Crites x-overs earlier this year. Helped, but I think they still sound kind of flat & "tired", but since I don't know their history & they're almost 42 years old. So I figured what the hell, called bob (Crites) & ordered the new cast woofers and sent him my mids & tweeters to let him work his magic !! I'm using a pioneer elite sc-65 & an oppo bdp-105 to power them. Tube amp next year !! I'll repost in a couple of weeks & let everyone know if my $552 was money well spent !!
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