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  1. Ok, guess I'll continue using jumpers then. Thanks for your help!! Chad
  2. Issue resolved. I used the jumpers instead. And everything sounds great. I noticed that one of my cable plugs might not have been screwed in properly. So what you're saying is that the additional power I'm sending to the speaker by bi-amping isn't beneficial? Just curious.
  3. Ok, I swapped the cables and the tweeter not working switched sides. I do have 4 Audioquest jumpers so I'll see if that fixes the issue, if not I'll try different speaker cables. Thanks for your help guys!!! I really appreciate it. Chad
  4. Thanks Tasdom, I thought of that after I sent the question. I'll test it in the morning. I'm not using any jumpers, I'm bi-amping these speakers. Chad
  5. Can someone tell me if it's normal for my right and left front speakers to sound completely different from one another? My left speaker's tweeter sounds really muffled compared to my right speaker which sounds crystal clear. Any idea's that might help would be greatly appreciated!! Thanks, Chad
  6. I just purchased the Definitive Technology Supercube Reference, and all I can say it HOLY SHIT!!! These subs are no joke!! I'm surprised though that the 18" only has 500 Watts when the reference model is a 14" sub with 1800 watts.
  7. Thanks guys!!! Sorry I couldn't respond to your help earlier, this forum is not iphone friendly. I should be able to find a stud to mount them with. By the end of the month I hope to have me system up and running!!
  8. What has everyone found to be the best way to hang or mount these speakers to your wall? If you have a specific bolt size and head that would be great, unless someone knows of a mounting bracket that can hold these bad boys. Chad
  9. Sorry I have been so busy I haven't had a chance to thank you all for your input. I do appreciate it. I'm taking a look at all the different recommendations now. Chad
  10. It has the Sledge 1000 amp
  11. If you had a choice between one SVS PB13 Ultra Sub or 2 Klipsch SW-115 subs, which would you go with?
  12. Thanks everyone for the input, I think I will go a cheaper route based on your input. Chad
  13. I've been searching bi-wire speaker cable for my front RF-82 II and my RC-64 II, and single wire for my, 2 (soon to be 4) RS-64 II. I consider the room to be medium size at 18'x18'. So I'm going to need 2-8' bi wire for the front speakers and 1-2 to 3' bi wire for the center channel. 2-24' single for the side speakers and 2-29' for the rears, these measurements are including running up over and through the walls. Those lengths get expensive!! I've priced it out at $1000.00 if I go with Anti-Cable, and was wondering if anyone has any used this brand with a Klipsch surround sound system or even better one simular to mine? Thanks in advance for any input or direction you can offer me, it's greatly appreciated. Chad
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