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  1. I would bridge it together and use it as a 3 channel more than likely. That would give me 90 w per channel.
  2. Can I utilize this amp: Rotel RB956AX, along side onkyo sr806? It will essentially be free. I was thinking of using it for my center and surrounds once I get them and strickly using the receiver to run my fronts. Any thoughts ?
  3. I'll take it. Sent you a pm.
  4. I currently have an 83/64 set up. My av reciever puts out 90 to 100 watts per channel. I mainly use it for HT. Do I really need an amp, if it's even possible, with my reciever, or will my current setup drive my speakers effectively? I have a sony str dh520, not sure it's possible to bridge 2 of the 7 channels either?
  5. Even though, they don't offer any in a wood veener. I may consider a Sunfire HS10 or !2. They are probably closer to my price range. I don't know how they will sound. I not really in a hurry. May just wait and see what I can find in an older model that actually have cherry or rosewood/nut veneer.I don't really want to spend more than $500.
  6. have looked at a lot of them. But really want one that is somewhat compact and made of wood. But will keep looking. I don't mind buying used, and I know a lot of these companies used to make them in wood veneer.
  7. If any of you have tried this sub. HSU MBM-12 MK2 Mid-Bass Module, Please let me know what your thought are. I currently have RF 83/64 set up and am looking to upgrade my sub in the future. I really want something made with wood veneer as my are cherry. Also looking at the 300 watt and up continous range. Don't really want a huge sub. Don't know the room dimentions as I will be moving in the near future., Thanks Chad
  8. I know everyone on here has told me not to mix speaker brands, but I'm pretty much planning on it. Here's the reason. I currently rent and have no plans of hanging my rear surround. So I'm thinking of mirage omd-5's because they are small and can sit on a table to the side or rear of my couch. All Klipsch are too large for the look that I want, or my wife will allow. Also do any of know anything about PSB speakers, specifically the PSC Synchrony. How will any of the match up with my current system. RF83 Fronts, RF 64 center and will probably end up going with a SVS sub. Dont know which yet. Currently have a Sony SA2500, think. Too small. I have a Sony str-dh520 receiver. I would like to match the surround in cherry with my fronts and centers if possible.
  9. I'm looking for a new sub for my current 83/64 setup. I want at least 500 watts. don't really want to spent more that $500. and I would perfer in cherry, to match my set. I don't mind used. I really like the RT 10/12. I would appreciate your input thanks
  10. Mirage is now built by Klipsch, but I don't know how different they sound. I don't really care about the actual woofer/tweeter size so much as the actual speaker size. I want a small speaker, preferably one that is a bookshelf type or on easy to hide, or just pleasent to the eye. That is why I like the odm 5, epecially in the rosewood.
  11. I am going to pick up this set up, this weekend. In the future I will be looking for some surround speakers. What speaker will match this setup the best. I really want something on small end. am thinking Mirage odm 5's. Has anyone else tried these with a similar set up? Any recommendations are appreciated. Thanks, Chad
  12. Delivered safe and sound. Thanks for the great deal. Chad
  13. So do you feel like a small delivery fee to Branson?
  14. I might be interested if you could meet me in ocala or gainesville?
  15. Had a buddy that's headed to Branson, thought about asking him to grab them for me, bit looked it up on the map and can't ask him to drive an extra 3 and a half hours for me. Would love to have them, just don't think it's possible without shipping.
  16. If you change your mind, let me know. It's a shame I don't live closer.
  17. If that price includes shipping to Florida, I'll take them :-)
  18. I live in pensacola. Yeah, I have been trying to quirk out a deal with him, but I live too far away from him.
  19. Want to buy rf 62, 63, 82, 83, 5's. Live in Fl, would need them shipped or close enough to pick up. $500 to $700 shipped range. Thanks, Chad
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