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  1. Huh? I have an even better horn to compare it to now!
  2. Below is a small token of the next horn we're working on. Take note that the drawing isn's complete in any way. But it gives an idea. We're calling it a dual radial horn and is in essence a true biradial horn by definition. The so called biradial horns from JBL were never true biradial but either radial or only flat front with a slot. The beamwidth of this first prototype will be 80x50 degrees.
  3. A poly isn't really considered a proper diffuser anymore. It focuses the sound at certain directions at certain frequencies strongly, thus doesn't evenly spread out the sound like a good diffuser will do. It can diffuse spatially well however, if several units with a weird dimension are placed next to each other. But it will not offer any temporal diffusion either way and is IMO an outdated product that's been replaced by something better. Obviously I can't argue with you if you like the effect of it.
  4. They are already sold. I believe in being honest thought and shared my experience how they compared before they were sold. Plus I guess knowing that such known name brand would be fairly easy to sell helps. It's much easier to sell something that many know about compared to something new and unknown despite that the new is really better. People follow reputation and fads.
  5. "Cupped" sound or typical "horn sound" simply isn't present here at all. Quite the contrary, they sound more natural and life-like compared to K402s. The goal is still to try another horn and also probably experiment with horn termination/round over. However, I'm so pleased with the new horns that I feel I have arrived. While I thought the K402 were great sounding horns and blows away almost everything out there, there were things that bothered me some and I was quite certain they could be improved. While a lot of acoustic treatment can minimize some of the issues of K402 (i.e. too early vertical collapse), it's really far better to avoid them in the first place. The K402 ready to be shipped to a new owner.
  6. The K402s will be sold, but there are other people in line who contacted me first. I'm selling them to the first one if he decides to buy. If not, second one, etc. So chances to buy them now are very slim. However, I'm considering selling some of the new horns we've developed. I don't really plan to sell these separately to DIY guys as the initial plan is to sell a complete horn system in wood somewhere down the road, but may be making an exception in the beginning. The build quality will be similar to the ones I have which is a combination of fibre glass and HDF. Painted in black matte and with the use of adapteres to the drivers. They need equalization to work best, so active is really the way to go. Which is of course in reality the case for almost every speaker.
  7. I have spent hours A/B listening to female voices..... Slots can be a problem but not necessarily.
  8. Yes. It has a diffraction slot. And the result is that it extends the directivity higher in frequency. I know many are skeptical about diffraction slots, but I'm not after working with this horn. I have measured the horizontal directivity of the horn as well as the K402. It's an indoor measurement with some flaws. But what I'm seeing is a directivity that goes higher and lower as well. My polar measurement of K402 shows a very even directivity from 700 Hz to 8 KHz. Between 8 KHz and 9.5 KHz there's a slight narrowing before it broadens again and starts to narrow seriously above approximately 12-13 KHz. Below 700 Hz it starts to get narrower and is as it's narrowest at 500 Hz but is also broaden some again below 500 Hz and is fairly constant to 200 Hz but overall with some collapse. The new horn has a slight narrowing between 1 KHz and 2 KHz which could be related to lack of proper EQ. But other than that it's amazingly constant from 200 Hz all the way up. It remains the directivity lower than K402. What I don't quite understand is why the directivity is kept all the way to 20 KHz. I assume it's a weakness in the measuring method. I did try to measure with a smaller diameter mic too but got the same result. Obviously my indoor measurements aren't super accurate and certainly not below Schroeder. But it gives me an idea and both horns are measured with same position. I believe the biggest difference, however, will be vertically. But that's going to take some work to do. The horns can't be laid on the side without support. Ideally I would like to measure both horns in a more anechoic environment. We'll see if I get to that this time or not.
  9. Yes, still testing. I can tell this for sure: I would not sell the K402s if if hadn't a better horns at hand. I'm not a person that buys and sells audio equipment quickly and without doing serious tests and comparisons. And so far it certainly seems like my new horns are an improvement. Subjectively I find them to sound more natural and just more "right" for a lack of better words. They also seem to sound cleaner, bigger, more coherent and has more energy/sparkle in the highs. I look forward to continue investigating things and measuring but I do have a pretty good clue of how this relates to theory. This was also in my mind when developing the horns.
  10. And that's just a few of the total and more are coming. I have too many speakers now. But that's what happens when you build many prototypes for test purposes. My Klipsch K402s will probably be sold soon though. The K402s are great and someone else will enjoy them. The best drivers for them seems to be TAD 4001/4002 and Radian 950BePB. Just heard that the Radian Beryllium drivers have increases with at least $200 per driver. Prices are going up for Truextent Be. I may however be able to get a few Radian 950BePB for yesterday's price with a saving of at least $400 for a pair. If someone in Europe are interested let me know asap. It will only be valid till Radian runs out of stock of Be diaphragms they bought in 2018.
  11. Chris A: You forget that a speaker which has a good power response, reflections don't contribute negatively anymore. Just ask Toole and his followers! Kidding and sorry couldn't help myself. But it's quite disturbing and sad to see that what I wrote above is considered by many as science now and isn't even ut for debate! Just read some of the posts in the discussion I had with amirm and Toole at audiosciencereview forum.
  12. Each instrument and each vocal is a point source though. There's no doubt that a speaker that has a driver that covers most of both the treble and midrange sounds considerably more coherent. When you have gotten used to it it's difficult to go back to a speaker with a traditional crossover in the 2-4KHz region.
  13. If anyone living in Europe are interested in a pair of K-402 horns, please pm me. I'm likely to sell them within a 3-6 weeks.
  14. Funny. By a mistake I forgot to place the mic in sweetspot and ran a measurement where the mic was 2.2 m or more to the side of the speaker. But still, and except for the strong roll-off above 8-9 KHz, it measures very well. Constant coverage rules! This the K-402 with Radian 950BePB with a front firing woofer and a bass tower by the way.
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