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  1. Lol XD I'm contacting Klipsch to see how much a replacement woofer costs for these, I would also need to figure out how to replace it... I'm not sure how to replace the modern woofers, the screws seem to be covered in a rubber trim of sorts. If it's not too much I may just replace it, otherwise I will see about sealing it, though deep down it will continue to annoy me knowing that speaker is like that lol. My cats seem to leave the speakers alone when I am around, I only caught one of them in the act once, was more of accident though. Cat was just trying to jump on my rear surround speaker, not expecting a new speaker be sitting atop it. Sadly this is the speaker that is damaged now. The grille seems to be more firmly attached now, so the grille will take a beating until the cats can figure out it's not good to go up there. Ah, the poor unfortunate life of speaker grilles with cats.... my full set of Klipsch home theater speakers have been around with my cats for over 10 years now, however this is the first time anyone has poked a hole through one, considering the nature of these upward firing speakers.
  2. Alright, adding a couple pictures of the exact problem... the tear in the rubber surround...
  3. I can try to get one when I get home. Try to, it's really small, these woofers are small (4") and the rubber surrounds very thin. I'll see what I can do
  4. Hello, About a month ago I got 2 pairs of the RP-140SA Atmos speakers. My cats seem to have taken on a habit of abusing them however... I have since used a bunch of velcro tape to secure the speakers to the tops of the other speakers so the cats don't knock them down, and I also discovered that I have to secure the grilles down as the cats manage to knock the grilles off when only connected with magnets. Anyway, during this phase of trying to 'cat-proof' the things, yesterday I discovered that a cat claw managed to slit the rubber surround of one of the speakers when they removed the grille. The woofer itself is undamaged, but there is a hole in the rubber. These seem to be enclosed speaker cabinets by design however now mine is not enclosed. I'm not exactly sure what I should do about this, if I should do anything about it. Is there a recommended procedure for fixing such a thing? Should I see about getting a replacement woofer? Is this important? Thanks
  5. Recently got a pair of these last week and I am loving them, they sound excellent. A worthy upgrade from the x10... and while I pretty much give them a perfect review score, some things beg to be asked... The x20i has detachable cables, and comes with a cable that has an Apple control / mic. I do not use Apple products so have never used the mic or control on any Klipsch headphones, and now that I have the option of purchasing a cable that has no controller on it, where could I go about doing that at a reasonable price? Actually, what I mean to ask is, would Klipsch have plans for creating and selling alternate optional cables for the x20i in their style? An affordable x20i cable that has no mic on it. Maybe also one that has an Android control on it. If both these became available I'd most likely buy one of each outright and throw the apple cable away. With a replaceable cable, makes sense to offer replacement cable options. Another topic, the super slim medium ear tips. While the regular mediums seal fine (at least in my left ear), the super slim medium is just slightly too slim to seal properly. Is there plans for also making a super slim large? I'd really love to try it, may even be the most perfect size tip for me if it ever existed. And finally, what's up with the lack of a shirt clip? There's a tie bar, I don't know what I really need to do with that, but the standard shirt clip is completely missing. The extra weight of these slighter thicker cables is ever more noticeable with them bouncing around, tugging on your ears. I borrowed the shirt clip that came with my x10is, which solved the problem though it doesn't really fit on the thicker part of the main cable. Anyway, that's my nit-picky stuff. The headphones are beautiful, as are the box they came in and the sound they produce. Please sell alternate replacement cable types and super slim large ear tips someday!
  6. To add on to this, after comparing the status over ear headphones with the x10i earbuds, certain things crop to mind. For one thing it has occurred to me that I really enjoy the sound signature of the status headphones over the x10's, the audio is even more crisp and the bass more detailed (and also not so boomy). The x10's seem to feature a bass boost which I haven't paid too much attention to before, as I didn't have another reference to compare it to. Regarding my earcup discomfort, it is still rather uncomfortable. However I'm not sure I really want to be without them either. People who reviewed the Mode headphones have stated that their headbands were too tight, and in that regard that is probably why the status headphones are uncomfortable for me. The tightness is literally squeezing down the memory foam to almost nothing causing the speaker grille to rest against my ears. Some people have recommended stretching out the clamping action by leaving it on the box of which the headphones came in for several nights. I believe it may be helping, though I'm not sure yet. One thing is for sure, if they didn't clamp down by as much as a few mm they would both seal and not touch my ears at the same time. The memory foam is apparently not firm enough to support the clamping power of the thing. I'd also still like an Android compatible mic / control cable. Been looking at third party options from bose / beats audio, however their cables don't match the status headphones. Though they'd work, apparently.
  7. Same, android counterparts would be great. I never use apple products, but love Klipsch. The Status headphones with the removable cable they could just make a matching android compatible cable to swap it out with. Both android and windows use the same standard, so yes, rest of the world > apple in regards to market share.
  8. I finally received a pair of these headphones. They are pretty, and do sound fantastic. However, should my ears be making contact with the hard plastic grille inside the ear cups? It's pressing against my ears, causing pain points after a little bit of time. The ear cup padding doesn't appear to be keeping the grilles off my ears, may not be enough padding there. I also noticed that the angle of the speaker grille is flat, not angled with the shape of the ear like other brand over-ear headphones I have used. The grilles were angled further into the earcups at the back of the ear cups, allowing for the part of the ear that sticks out to not rub against it. Wondering if there is a remedy for this or if this is an issue people have or will have. I never used any previous Klipsch over head headphones, so can't compare to those. I do have to say though, the sound quality is spectacular. Especially when paired with one of the new iBasso DX50 high performance audio players playing .flac files. Brilliant. I still have my Klipsch x10i's, which have been amazing over the years. Those are also quite comfy, so looking for something with similar quality audio that I can use without the cable shaking noise associated with IEMs, thus the point of trying out the Status headphones. I didn't want the active noise cancelling of the previous model, thus I skipped it. I do have to say though, especially since the Status headphones have replaceable cables, it'd be nice if Klipsch made a nice cloth cable (either included or sold seperately) that has a mic compatible with Android / Windows / linux devices. Been using the x10i's for years, never with an apple product, so the mic and control has never worked. Clearly it'd be easy to just make the android compatible cable to plug in the Status headphones, or even if one cable could be made to be universal with a switch on the mic control to be either apple or android compatible. The only difference, to my understanding, is two swapped around pins/wires to the headphone jack on the phone. Anyway, now only if I could get it to not make my ear lobes so sore, these headphones sound the best I've gotten to hear from over ear headphones. The speaker grilles of these headphones feel mighty unpleasant pressed against ones ears. I find myself having to take some breaks, shifting them around, resting the leather ear pads on the back of my ear to press it down. Feels more comfortable temporarily, but that gets uncomfortable soon as well. Not sure my ears are fitting these ear cups the way they seem to be designed. Thanks!
  9. Hmmm, can't say I know either. Maybe they aren't legit? http://www.amazon.co.uk/Klipsch-Status-Headphones-3-button-control/dp/B00FIXBZQM/ref=sr_1_1?s=electronics&ie=UTF8&qid=1383070533&sr=1-1&keywords=Klipsch+Status+On+Ear+Headphones There they are, says 2 in stock. /shrugs. Anyway, thanks much!
  10. Hello, I pre-ordered the Status headphones, however I can't find any information from anywhere in regards to when they're expected to be released / shipped. Is there information anywhere? I'm looking forward to them, but I'd like to know when I should be looking forward to them. They don't even have a page on the US amazon site at this time. However the UK Amazon site has them, and has them in stock even but it says that I can't order that product to my address. So please, I'd like to get a status on the status headphones. Thanks.
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