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    Beer, Football, Tunes
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    I'm working on it. Onkyo A5 Amp. Right now I have a very early pair of KLH speakers and some Yamaha and Bose crap. I have a Mac with over 30,000 songs on it. I also roll a vintage fold out wall hung turntable by GE.

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  1. First song I played Pink Floyd / When The Tigers Broke Free....unreleased cut from The Wall. Then I rolled out Exodus From Bob, and Your Never There by Cake. Rounded it it with a little Jazz and Little Walter. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E_5DRKZI1Ow
  2. Onkyo A5 Amp Sansui 2215B receiver
  3. Bought them! The guy knew his stuff. He was a musician. He had a lot of gear. I told him what amp I was using so he pulled out a similar amp and hooked the speakers up to it. They are a little beat up cosmetically but the sound is awesome. cant wait to hook them up here tomorrow.
  4. I love my old trucks and I have had many but this is my baby now...
  5. Check this curb find out. I had to rip it apart and re-grease the direct drive but it works great. The sound isn't good. bad speakers. I was tempted to disconnect the factory speakers and upgrade them but a old hippy buddy of mine convinced me that is what it should sound like. It folds up and can be hung on the wall
  6. Also, I misspelled hopeful. How do you correct that? Sorry. Noob here.
  7. My old speakers are up in the rafters, would the Klipsch sound better at ground level?
  8. Thanks. for some reason the acoustics are great in that old garage. My half *** system sound good...cant wait to hear the Klipsch in there
  9. I use to have a man cave that I kept my sound system in. I had to shut it down and repourpose the space. The wife wants me to get the speakers because she knows how bad I want them. If I get them I will also get to reclaim my cave because the old 1898 house would shake apart from the volume. If I get the cave back no need to hide them. Front and center as is. Here is the cave as it was....
  10. LOL. I worry more about drunks than animals
  11. I'm more concerned about sound than cosmetics. I would build a barnwood with chicken wire surround to put them in so the wife wont hate them so much. We have a rustic old mountain house.
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