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  1. 1 hour ago, Wardsweb said:

    Robert Plant & Alison Krauss - Raising Sand





    I have the other 2 

    Robert Plant – Pictures At Eleven

    Robert Plant – The Principle Of Moments



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  2. 3 hours ago, dirtmudd said:

    I'm a spinning 


    Couldn't find the one the dog chewed on but had another 

    Didn't feel like digging !


    Thanks brother @JohnJ


    This post is like a milestone moment 

    ‘Just like the spaceX booster rockets landing 



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  3. 1 hour ago, Wardsweb said:


    My collections runs from Mahler to Deadmau5, Hendrix to Coldplay, Miles to the Crusaders, Led Zepplin to Porcupine Tree, Billie Holiday to Patricia Barber... the list goes on and on.

    I knew I liked you from your first post 

    But now I like you more 🤘

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  4. 7 hours ago, Wardsweb said:

    Thank you, but if I did my collection, we would be here for quite a while. I will post some of it. 

    If you count my collection it would be over a thousand so I’m keen to see some gems 💎 from you 

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  5. 1 hour ago, dirtmudd said:



    The streets are lined with camera crews

    Everywhere he goes is news

    Today is different

    Today is not the same

    Today, I'll make the action

    Take snapshot into the light

    Snapshot into the light

    I'm shooting into the light

    Four miles down, the cavalcade moves on

    Driving into the sun

    If I worked it out right

    They won't see me or the gun

    Two miles to go, they're clearing the road

    And the cheering has really begun

    I've got my radio

    I can hear what's going on

    I've been waiting for this

    I have been waiting for this

    All you people in TV land

    I will wake up your empty shells

    Peak-time viewing blown in a flash

    As I burn into your memory cells

    'Cause I'm alive

    They're coming 'round the corner with the bikers at the front

    I'm wiping the sweat from my eyes

    It's a matter of time

    It's a matter of will

    And the governor's car is not far behind

    He's not the one I've got in mind

    'Cause there he is

    The man of the hour

    Standing in the limousine

    I don't really hate you

    I don't care what you do

    We were made for each other, me and you

    I want to be somebody

    You were like that, too

    If you don't get given, you learn to take

    And I will take you

    Holding my breath

    Release the catch

    And I let the bullet fly

    All turned quiet

    I have been here before

    A lonely boy hiding behind the front door

    Friends have all gone home

    There's my toy gun on the floor

    Come back, Mom and Dad

    You're growing apart

    You know that I'm growing up sad

    I need some attention

    I shoot into the light







    That vid is not available to me but I know the song 


    Family Snapshot

    Peter Gabriel

    Track 5 on Peter Gabriel III: Melt 



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  6. 1 hour ago, Abomb said:

    She was a school teacher so I might grab a vintage 1970's classroom record player for her.

    It’s a task with a high degree of difficulty 

    In the interim you can get the book, and as a teacher she would appreciate it 

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  7. 19 hours ago, Dave1291 said:

    Well, once again you're spot on.  ALL the rankings year after year but the proof of the  pudding is at the year's end. 



    It's just a game and the price has gone waaay up.  THAT's gonna get worse across the board.  Then the NFL want's more money?  Yes Sir, the wallet rape has begun.  Ya, ain't seen nuttin yet either!


    Now you Aussie's are onto something with this rugby so there's that.  GOTTA respect those guys.  NO pads and totally brutal.  Nose to nose smash mouth football.


    It makes me wonder actually.  What would happen to the NFL and college football IF ESPN and other major networks in the US started broadcasting rugby games?  Imo, I think it would have an immediate impact on ppl who watch american football.  That's just an insane watch EVERY time!  Final outcome?  Your ticket prices will go up.  It's all fair in love and war.  Let the wallet rape begin down under too!  Have fun with that!  😂😂😂

    The NRL is heading back to Las Vegas in 2025!


    In what is set to be a super Saturday of Rugby League, you’ll enjoy 4 back-to-back games including opening-round clashes between the Penrith Panthers and Cronulla-Sutherland Sharks, as well as the Canberra Raiders versus the mighty New Zealand Warriors.
    You’ll also watch Super League sides Wigan and Warrington play, and enjoy the International Women’s game between the Aussie Jillaroos and the UK Lionesses. 

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  8. 7 hours ago, billybob1 said:

    Yes, had to eject him from the flight the other day... kept flipping the music to Disco... good chap but, a little too pushy. Who is this Dave fellow?



    3 hours ago, JohnJ said:

    OH NO! You aren't talking Steppenwolf to Donna Summer!           


    Dave? who's Dave?

    He's a streak under the radar!!



    1 hour ago, Dave1291 said:

    Byte me @JohnJ!!!  I love my puter security company who caused me to almost have the big one over the weekend.  So nice of them to inform me of a change on how to access my pw vault.  I thought someone was trying to reel me in so touched nada until I straigntened it allllll out today.  All better but man these ppl are nuts.   lol  



    I have no clue about the local customs and lingo 

    Just as long as Ohio win the football 🤘

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