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  1. Thx for your response Miketn, I've tried them in several locations without much success.
  2. The Maranz is the only one with tone controls, could give it a shot. Got rid of the other speakers bc I wasn't happy with the mids and highs they just didn't sound natural to me. The room is very odd shaped with tall 18-20 ft ceilings which open up to 400 sq ft loft and adjacent kitchen so volume is quite large. So Chris you are saying it's a midbass issue not bass? I have the cs's on 2" casters, would sitting them on the floor make a difference?
  3. Recently purchased a pair of Bob Crites style B Cornscalas. The mids and highs are fine but the bass is driving me nuts, very boomy and muddy. I recently had a pair of Spaitial audio m3's in here and the bass on those was fantastic. The bass was tight, deep and articulate but wasn't crazy bout the mids and highs. The Spaitials have two 15" woofers per side and I didn't have any bass issues at all so it kinda makes me think it's not the room. I've tried at least a dozen different positions with the scalas and nothing seems to help. Filling my room up with bass traps is just not gonna happen. Does anyone out there have any experience with these speakers or this issue? If it wasn't for the bass I'd totally dig these speakers but right now the bass is unbearable!! My source is a VPI Classic I've used a 300b amp a Marantz 2270 and a Red dragon audio Amp, no improvement!! Thx!
  4. jvert

    pro line

    I meant to ask how it would compare to the cornwalls.
  5. Has anyone tried the klipsch proline, other then the jubilee, for home use? The KPT 325-m specifically. I know it's not rated to go as low as the cornwalls but other then that?
  6. Sorry if this is posted in the wrong spot I'm just trying to find out if anyone knows the price of the kpt 325 b or m model? I can't find it anywhere!!! I even called Klipsch and I haven't heard back from them yet. I'm just curios if these would work in a home or not? How would they compare to like a cornwall or cornscala?
  7. Thaddeus, calm down killer! If I'm trying to find out about how a klipsch speaker compares to another speaker thats made by a guy who is pretty famous in the klipsch community I cant think of a better forum to go to. But granted maybe I should have phrased my initial question more tactfully.
  8. Thx jason str, your response was about the only helpful one. As to the others, it's all relative guys. For me it would be ridiculous to spend that much money on audio. And I don't spend on my hobbies based on how much other people, perhaps foolishly, spend on theirs. But of course foolish is relative also.
  9. 4 cornwalls?? geeeezzzz!!!!! Don't know what you are doing with your life but you must be doing something right lol! that's some serious green to drop man!! More power to ya. But that's way too much for us common folk. Thx for your reply.
  10. Just curious if anyone has experience with both the Cornwall 3 and Crites cornscala d model. And why would anyone pay twice as much for the Cornwall 3's?
  11. Hey guys just wondering if anyone has any experience with bob crites cs-1t? The one with the faital in it. Its about a grand less then the the h3.
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