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  1. John Chi-town… Would prefer to buy from a private party. Thanks
  2. Negative. Looking for a lightly used pair. Thanks though.
  3. Looking to buy a pair. Let me know what you have. I live near South Bend, IN. Thx!
  4. Good catch! Thank you! I'm helping a friend list these here on the forum.
  5. Klipsch Quartets I, pair in oil oak finish. Adult owned - never abused or over driven. Smoke free home. Sequential serial numbers with a born-on date of January 14, 1993. Pick up only in Mishawaka, IN (sorry, no shipping cartons. Please bring moving pads or blankets. Asking $1,300. PayPal Friends & Family or Zelle please. Thank you for looking!
  6. Selling a pair of walnut Heresy IV’s, NOT b-stock. Perfect condition. I live in Osceola IN. Prefer pick or meet within an hour. Sorry…no PayPal. Zelle or cash only. $2,000. Will post pics when can, but are perfect. Thanks for looking.
  7. Had a pair. Great speakers. GLWYS!
  8. Looking to purchase a row of 4 chairs, home theater seating. Any recommendations on where to buy from or brands? Thanks much
  9. Does anyone know if the 905 will be launched in standard finishes (like the rest of the Heritage series)? Also, why the round ports in front? Why would they have not used the new rectangle ports like all the rest of the Heritage line?
  10. Anyone have this combo? Thinking about an office system. Thanks!
  11. Do you know what materials they use? Can’t tell if these stands are painted steel, wood or MDF. I might be missing on their website???? Thx again UPDATE….found on website, “MDF and polymer extrusions”
  12. Anyone knows the brand of these stands or where can get similar? Thx much
  13. Looks like a joke… bummer. Sorry all. Cool idea though. 😉🤘🏻
  14. Curious, what company OEM’s drivers for the current Klipsch Heritage series? Is it Eminence?
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