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  1. http://www.audioholics.com/amplifier-reviews/yamaha-a-s301-501-701-801-integrated-amplifier-preview
  2. Ive only owned Denon/Marantz/Onkyo with Audyssey, and have always been right around 0.0 for blu-ray.
  3. Is 0.0 db on the volume setting reasonable or extreme?
  4. Thanks for the input. I have read a lot of reviews on the 64ii, and clean and clear sound gets mentioned a lot. I think that is what I am noticing right now, that the 7ii's have exposed with the 62ii horn. It always sounded great to me, I guess because it complimented the 82ii's well. Now hearing the 1.75" 7ii horn in unison, you realize it is just "better" than the 1".
  5. I fully get diminishing returns. I mean considering what I just spent for this upgrade, look at the $$$ that would have to be spent to = the next "upgrade". Ain't gonna happen for a long time.
  6. Oh, and the RC64II order is going in today
  7. Which 4 are made in usa..?? 7ii's, 64ii when I get it and the Outlaw 7500 (Made by ATI).
  8. You also learn to appreciate the build quality, which has a monetary value for some, and not for others. I actually like that, for the first time, out of like 9 AV components, 4 will be made in the USA.
  9. easily! EASILY!! ashore the price difference. you guessed with those two thing. the performance is not there for the double the price. but rest assured you are getting a prettier, better speaker that matches your mains. and matching is the most important part of it. you will most likely love it. I think so. Even now after a good 7-8 hours of usage, the 62ii center just doesnt sound the same with the 7ii's in place. You can tell it doesn't quite "fit in".
  10. I figured the larger tweeter was a big part, I mean the RF7ii tweets stood out to me almost instantly with meat and clarity. And the whole time I was impressed by the 1" versions! And the cherry veneer does easily trump the black vinyl.
  11. I figure the horn match is the biggest thing. The original MSRP throws me though. It's getting bought regardless! Just some questions I was curious about. It's always fun to "understand" a product.
  12. I've always been intrigued about the cost difference between the 64ii and the 62ii, knowing how nice the 62ii sounds. Since I am close to buying a 64ii, was kinda curious for some details. Here is what I think I know: Build quality is better;made in the USA. 62ii is made wherever and vinyl 1.75" horn loaded tweeter vs 1" 2 more woofers; I assume the woofers themselves are the same in both models 1 is sealed and 1 is ported; little confused by this choice since the other Rii models are ported The 62ii has one crossover point, the 64ii has two; I assume this separates the woofers into pairs Missing anything else? I assume the improvement in SQ is pretty much two more woofers and the larger horn? Thanks.
  13. If my fridge was the size of my 7ii, my wife would be sad. Her milk, tea and other crap would be gone to house my beer.
  14. I'm most curious about crossover settings, for selfish reasons, but figured power choice would be interesting too.
  15. Well, BJC didn't play with the XLR's. Will be here Wed. I went with this model: Belden 1800F Balanced Audio Cable (AES/EBU, low-capacitance, high-flex cable)
  16. This is what I did with the RF7ii's. You learn a little more each time you tinker. The wall behind us is maybe 18-20" behind the MLP. I found the midway point on that wall, between my wife and I, and marked it with blue tape. I then used a lazer pointer to aim the inner side of each tower at that point. So they are toed in, not too aggressively, and aiming at some point behind us. My 82ii's were about 8.5 feet apart and I found shooting them straight on did not sound good at all so I did not even try with the 7ii's. When i originally did the RC-62II, I moved the MLP table out of the way and set a chair there. I kept aiming the 62ii up until I could see perfectly down the throat of the horn, and that told me it was now aiming at my eyes.
  17. Wow. When that movie came out I had some cheapo polk speakers, a 90w Denon and a weak sub.
  18. I'd guess there are so many variables, it is probably best. I'm so OCD I re-run audyssey every time the wife changes living room decorations for a new season or holiday.
  19. The Babadook started annoyingly (kid was obnoxious first 30), and then it got me on the edge of my seat. Ending was unexpected, but I get it.
  20. P-37F Floorstanding Speaker SENSITIVITY: 96dB @ 2.83V / 1m POWER HANDLING: 275W continuous / 1100W peak NOMINAL IMPEDANCE: 4 ohms RECOMMENDED AMPLIFIER POWER: 50 - 600W I guarantee those babies want tha bidness.
  21. Emotiva CMX2!!! It worked! Hum https://www.dropbox.com/s/shevqhnhz049zom/Hum.m4a?dl=0 No Hum https://www.dropbox.com/s/bgvzb0v69uig4pg/No%20Hum.m4a?dl=0
  22. Love Skrillex! Buddy sent me the Daft Punk Tron Legacy soundtrack (CD) to test the new towers, which I will do this week. Said it's way better than the blu-ray soundtrack in the movie and will really rock.
  23. Man, that is a big doh... I know that rule too, but when I put the 7ii's in I moved the 62ii back. CRAP!
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