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  1. I had so many moving parts on this one. Other amp had to go before this one got here, only one speaker.... It was a mess LOL. I took some down because the preamp was supposed to be here today, but... I do have a new power center that will arrive within the hour. Once it does I am gutting the stand and re-running all the power cables.
  2. I have not. I of course did not get the second one until Tues, and then had to get the amp power cord. I just started taking everything down yesterday evening. Kinda wanted to pull it all out at once, put it back together, run XT32 and be done with it...
  3. Is it the premium service or free? Free is castrated a bit too. Thats kinda my motive for going airplay. I already have it, it doesnt cost me any more, and it is lossless.
  4. So I am off today and tomorrow, it is 11:42am and no preamp yet... Just waiting, and waiting, and waiting... It's holding up the whole show at this point because I need to tear everything out and rerun, but if something happens and it doesnt show today I don't want to get crazy. Supposedly it will be at the store today for me to pickup, when, no one knows...
  5. Yep, works fine. As long as you have itunes installed on a pc or mac.
  6. This is the key I think. Im not saying the USB connection sound bad, but it should be "better". I think its castrated because of piracy fears. Airplay and Spotify connect are pretty much lossless, which is why I'll try airplay next.
  7. Dang, gonna have to do some messing this weekend.
  8. I think I may give spotify connect a try too...
  9. Ok, that is what I use (2.2). It's odd to me how bad things change with the center.
  10. I may have it wrong when I say PLII music. That may be what I dont like which runs the center. Whatever the setting, when I listen to the ipod it is only the 2 fronts and the 2 subs running. Something just seems off when you add the center channel.
  11. I used to not sweat music, but once again as I get older, I find everything I listen to I want to sound good. I mean SACD thru the Oppo, outstanding, so an HT only speaker would have worked 5 years ago, wouldn't now. I laugh when people say Klipsch is only good for HT because they are efficient. When I had the smaller outlaw amp (7125) pushing the 82ii's and 62ii, and the dual subs, Adele Live at Royal Albert Hall and Metallica Pour une Nuit would give you chill bumps.
  12. Tried both and fronts plus subs sounds better, it just sounds compressed. I may find now that the RF7ii's are fine on their own, but the 82ii's did not sound good by themselves. Like I said, I think part of the issue was me using USB. I mean I can get on the youtube app on the blu-ray player and the music video hits harder and sounds better than the sound coming from the ipod on the same song. That is most likely the connection I am using. I will have to tinker once I get everything done, and see what sounds best. But, I just assumed running two fronts and two subs was better than two fronts. I know one thing, it sounds like arse when you add a center...
  13. I thought next was Palladium. I do know someone with the Klipsch THX sets, and he loves em.
  14. Yeah, touch would be better, but after two $150 nano's to replace older crapped out ipods lately, I can't justify a $200 touch LOL. Both our iphones are 16gigs, and my music runs around 13 gigs so it won't fit on the iphones. Wont be long before I have to start getting larger ipods... We really only listen when cooking or hanging out on the weekends and having a few adult beverages, so I can set the laptop up on the bar and just hit next when it plays a song I dont like. I have a nice outdoor radio for the back porch that I can connect my ipods to for that scenario, this is mainly for the good system inside. I know the lightening connecter to USB is surely not the best audio quality, but I had used it in the past. I always forget about airplay, and did not know it was lossless. Since the 7702 will have airplay, Ill surely use that going forward. Next ipod will be one with wifi too, so it has airplay.
  15. No, Nano's in both cars which are only bluetooth. It looks like bluetooth SQ is good/lossy, but Airplay offers the best. All my songs are also stored on my laptop with itunes, which of course is airplay enabled. All I have to do is fire it up. The new Marantz I am getting has airplay, so I can go itunes/laptop to Marantz, and the SQ should be great/lossless.
  16. My 65" VT50 is 28" (bottom) off the floor. I bought a low pro stand (18" tall) and it leaves plenty of room for the center on top. I love it. I basically wall mounted so I could put the large center on top of the stand, and have the display right above it.
  17. Looks like my best bet is itunes on the laptop. Marantz will have airplay ability which is lossless, and it can come from the laptop.
  18. True. I have always wanted those towers, and the center I will probably get. I figure I'd have to spend 5 times the amount to make a huge difference next time, and that just isnt gonna happen. No reason I should have to buy anymore towers or a center once I get done.
  19. I have about 2300 songs on my ipods, so it's my default for music. Generally I have connected to ipod to my Denon via the USB cable and ran PLII music, which consists of my two fronts, no center and both subs (2.2). It seems lacking. Is there a better connection? Should I run from the headphone out on the ipod into the preamp? Looking for ideas, thanks. Edit: I didnt notice, maybe this is better for 2 channel section?
  20. I started out big on the video side in 2003, bought my first plasma ($2800 for a 42" ). It wasn't until 2008 or so I got halfway serious with audio, since then I went from a Klipsch sub-12 and a def tech pro monitor system to what I have now. Now Im going amp, preamp, new speakers and have dual 15's. The good thing about video is it tops out, the bad thing about audio is it tops out with cash flow. I wouldnt trade the last few years for the world though. Every since I bought dual Hsu 15's and Klipsch towers, I have been HOOKED on the audio side. Still to this day, a movie with a good track make me literally grin, just like Interstellar did 3 weeks ago. I can't wait to test out the new gear in a week or two, will probably be the new Hobbit.
  21. Well, taking everything out tonight, should have preamp tomorrow. My BJC 12AWG cables were way to long for this setup, so I took this chance to pull them out, get banana plugs on the one end that didn't have welded plugs, and trim them down to accurate lengths. Also finally got to test the 7500 on the old towers before I pulled them and it is working fine. Will load the 82ii's in the car Saturday for my buddy.
  22. The one my boss got just sits in there and is an IR blaster.
  23. Im sure I will get used to it, but the RF7ii is a monster next to the 82ii's... I wish the RC64ii was dual 8's and not quad 6.5's.
  24. It looks like a RC64ii may be my only move now, so I will pay whatever the market dictates LOL.
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