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  1. @hgdevin if you are in ontario, there is a pair of svs pb12 that imho will be better than the klipsch subs from bestbuy. http://www.canuckaudiomart.com/details/649349555-2-x-svs-pb12nsd/ no affiliation of course.
  2. wow, that does look very nice. I may go this route. thanks.
  3. @Maximus89 Have you got the woofers replaced? How does it sound? I am thinking of replacing mine too. Are you planning to sell your good old woofer? Thanks.
  4. Thank you all. He was lucky to have found a pair in black locally. These are becoming rare these days. He is now very happy.
  5. Hi friends I have a friend who is looking for a rc-64 cherry to go with his rf-63. Location Detroit area. Thanks.
  6. Hey Youthman, I've been following this thread since day one. What an amazing job you and Wakejunkie did. Excellent design, planning and craftmanship. I am sure you and your family will be enjoying countless hours watching movies in this awesome theather.
  7. Sure, if you can, use another rf7ii for center, otherwise the rc64ii is your best choice for a center. If you watch movies you will no doubt notice a difference between the rc64ii and the lack of it, night and day difference to me.
  8. A phantom center is a compromise. For movies, the center pins the dialog to the screen, no mater where you are sitting. With phantom center, it depends on where you sit and the dialog are not as clear to my ears, so yes spending on a rc64ii is definitely better than on an amp.
  9. Btw, this is what the front looks like now.
  10. Just echo what some folks are already saying. Get a Denon 4520 or similar. I had the 4311 powering 2 rf7s, 1 rc7, 2 rs7s and 2 rs3s for height in a 25x12x8 room. I watch movies at reference levels quite often and it performed effortlessly. I do have a pair of SVS pb12nsd by the way. BUT, I was curious if I were missing something, so I added the Emotiva xpa-5, bought directly from the us and shipped to Canada. After calibration with Audyssey I noticed no difference. I decided to keep it any way because it looks cool in my entertainment center. However, after 3 years, I was able to sell it at even money, dueto exchange rates, so I sold it and have not missed it one bit. I do like the extra cash in my pocket btw . Anyway, just adding my 2 cents, actually 1.5cents at current exchange rates .
  11. The camera flash only add a tiny bit of light to the exposure, enough for making the eyes sparkle. If you want to completely eliminate it, hold a business card about an inch in front of it, that will still allow the flash to trigger without adding to the exposure. Shoot thru is fine, just make sure the umbrella's is as far from the sb700 as the shaft can be extended, otherwise the light will not be as soft. The flash metering is done thru the lens during the pre-flashes. The camera flash tells the sb700 how much power to use after the pre-flashes.
  12. Youthman, you can set the on camera flash to commander, TTL and set the sb700 to remote with the switch on TTL, that way the on camera flash will tell the sb700 how much power to use. I usually set the on camera flash power to -- (double dash) so it only acts as a trigger for the sb700, it also adds just a tiny bit of catch light to make the eyes sparkle. No need for radio trigger.
  13. actually, -12db means audyssey ran out of room for correction, you may not get accurate results. Also, the rf7ii is 3db more efficient and should be cut more than the rc62.
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