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  1. The rear ports are different in that picture... my black ones have two round rear ports... did that bring any sonic change? the binding post setup also looks different... why is that?
  2. first try to get them to their full bass potential which will definitely satisfy you... tower speakers might not be able to provide as much sub bass as subwoofers but they can certainly provide enough bass to thump the chest. Maybe the amp is just not driving them to their potential and may not be able to handle any impedance dips these speakers have.
  3. I don't think crossover frequency has anything to do with headroom. The capability of your mains decide what frequency you should crossover at. If you mains are capable then 80hz should be the max crossover value. I use 80hz as my rf7iis supposedly have an impedance dip at around 70hz.
  4. The rf7iis have plenty of bass that you feel rather than hear due to their high being a bit over powering... Due to their height it hits the gut and the chest while with a subwoofer you feel it in the legs.
  5. rythmik is also very good... i would go for something with the most output though
  6. I am enjoying rf 7iis for the last couple of months in a 2.1 system for now with a marantz 6010 and an anthem mca 20... very big sound, with both movies and music...
  7. had a chance to listen to hd800S yet? i have heard that it has been tamed in the highs slights with slightly more extension in bass and the overall effect of slightly lesser resolution/detail...
  8. ................................................
  9. i have a rb81ii with a dimple, and i don't remember hearing any difference in sound before and after that dimple happened...
  10. i recently got rf7iis and they don't sound too bright to me, although there there are not many reflective surfaces in my room...
  11. nah i just wanted to ask what is the definition of it....
  12. Every time I see your username, this scene replays in my mind. i am a sci fi fan and my username and avatar is basically from stargate universe series... the universe exploration ship aka destiny... great movie though and great scene and can anyone tell me what is voltage trigger on these avrs? trying to find pre out voltage mostly led to this subject...
  13. is there a list on a site of some kind where i can find out about the output voltages for different processors and receivers? i find tv response times and input delays everywhere, but this stuff is harder to find...
  14. this is exactly what i am thinking. I want that extra headroom which i will have due to higher pre out voltage as the amp can go to 450W to 4 ohms also. Bottom end is the main reason i am not going with a receiver even as good as denon 4520 which can give those 160W to the channels i want to drive. An external amp would be much much better with impedance dips. I have some budget flexibility which is why i am trying to get better parts right now. I am not sure about how good a receiver would handle the impedance dips below 4 ohms, as i will push them for bass. I don't have a proper home theater room right now but i want to buy the equipment first and then build a room around it. Complicating this is that the distance from the speakers can make them drop quite a bit. The difference between 3 feet and 12 feet can cut what you actually hear by about 12 decibels. http://www.globalrph.com/master_speaker.htm i will only be 2 meters away though... i like the "in your face" blown away effect...
  15. Ok....let's see.... RF-7ii have a 101db sensitivity. Double the power = a 3db gain in volume 1 watt = 101db 2 watt = 104db 4 watt = 107db 8 watt = 110db 16 watt = 113db 32 watt = 116db 64 watt = 119db 128 watt = 121 Looks like you will be able to enjoy about 8 seconds of that amp cranked wide open before you lose your hearing. I somehow "think" that Adcom would power your RF-7ii's just fine. Keep in mind, a quality power amp will have a much easier time driving a set of speakers, especially when you get above 5 speakers. With a receiver, as you ad more speakers, you get less power from your amp. With power amps, you have the same watts / ch even when adding more speakers. Yes...but you are wise in doing as much research as you can. Then and only then will you be able to make the best decision for you and for your setup. I wouldn't say it's for no reason at all. Truth is....do any of us "need" an amp? No. Are there benefits of adding an external power amp? Absolutely. Are they night and day difference from your receiver? No. Is this all confusing? Yes. i know that i won't be able to ever hear that loud... though some people say that the rf 7ii is not as efficient as klipsch labels them... i am actually only concerned about the bottom end, which ain't no concern with a separate amp but there is that itch that i should at least have the full capability under the belt, even though i may only crank it up full once in my lifetime... it is not actually research, i just am reading up before i have to buy them, as i still am about a week away from getting the money ... and why don't the avr/ avp makers tell these things in their specs. I have been trying to find the pre out voltages for the rca outputs of these two yamaha and marantz processors on their site and other forums but there are no proper figures... ah, i just don't want that extra 140 watt capability going to waste even though that will be less than 3db difference...
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