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  1. JVC's are really nice, but as with most video devices need a proper cal. The test disc will get you there for black, contrast, sharpness, etc... But even if colors are accurate in design they will be off because of poor grayscale tracking. Grayscale and color temp are two large factors. All color tv is is colors layed down over black and white (grayscale). If that base color is wrong, everything esle will be. Also need to set proper light output. Not sure if it is an option, but most cal's are around $425, and you can get touchups (new bulb) for half that. Chad B does my VT50 every 6 months.
  2. The 7008 came out in 2013, the 7009 was 2014. Both are nice for sure. The 7008 is $1000 off right now at $999 and comes with XT32, but at the same money Id take the 4520ci. better amp section from my reading.
  3. I would hope any good sub would be!
  4. I also read there is a theory subs do not always reproduce sounds about 40hz as well as they do sounds below that point. I can relate to the gunshots and voices in the sub (even at 80hz) being a bit much. I remember my first speakers that crossed at 100hz, man that was bad with a decent sub. Even with the 82's right now at 80hz, I still feel sometimes you hear things in the sub that are a bit much (voices). May just be the content.
  5. Cool deal. I will stay at 80. A lot of that makes sense and explains why everyone enjoys them over the 82. More cone space means more air moved. As the xover rolls off below 80 the dual 10's are going to handle that better than dual 8's. Can't wait to hear them next weekend.
  6. Makes sense. I guess the hard part is seeing such a large tower with dual 10's crossed at 80 hz. Makes you wonder what the 10's are for! Or is the large part of the 7 sound over the other models the larger horn and the 10's just add more cone to cover the sounds the horn isnt?
  7. Well, the Outlaw 7500 I have coming should run about 240w to each speaker at it's rated distortion. So Im thinking I am in a situation to run the xover lower.
  8. Thats the deal I took (4520ci new for $999) recently. Also agree on the center. I went thru those growing pains when I first bought my reference ii line speakers. Center is a most important speaker in the set.
  9. Actually, for $1500, a nice AVR with pre outs and a XPA-5 would be a nice combo
  10. Crossover question. My first thought is to run the 7ii's set on "small" in the Denon and 60hz. I would think they could do 60 fine and I will have an amp with plenty of power. That will send everything below 60 to the subs for those two channels. I'm guessing 45hz would be too aggressive? Just wondering what you guys are using. I currently run the 82ii's and 62ii center at 80hz but an audio calibrator had recommended even the 82ii's on 60hz and small.
  11. I'm an audyssey guy so my pick would be the X4100 (2015) with XT32 and dual sub eq. The X4000, 2014's model was nice as well and can be found for discounts while supplies last.
  12. Subbing now that the new toys will arrive tomorrow.
  13. Highly recommend Chad B if you start looking into pro's. I used to own my own meters but it was just time consuming...
  14. Interstellar. What a great movie and the score was intense. Already bought it and watched it again...
  15. We do have a very similar setup. Speaker wise they will be the same once I am done, same amp, different AVR as preamp, same power conditioner and I have a 103D LOL.
  16. Update. RF7ii's will be here Tuesday. Got a deal as well on an Outlaw Model 7500.
  17. Great input, thanks. I missed a used 7700 Outlaw today on ebay ($1200) because I was travelling...
  18. Here is my thing. A new speaker model, like and amp, is not necessarily guaranteed a good result with a "redesign". What I know for a fact is, I like my ref ii speakers, and the 7ii and 64ii have been raved about for years. I will buy them, discount or not, and move on. The premier "redesign" which may include new big boys may or may not be an "improvement". Once again, "improvement" with horns is in the eye of the beholder. Some would want them more mellow, some not. I am happy with the current sound. In my eyes, once I have the 7ii and 64ii, along with what I already have, I hope to never buy speakers again, at least not for a long time.
  19. I found it best to run my VTF15's at +10db over what XT32 sets them at. Confirmed with Chad B and a good mic.
  20. And see for me, watching blu-rays between -1.0 and +1.0 mostly, I know we are pushing. If anything, I like the idea of headroom. Interstellar is a good example of something recently. Most scenes I am sure were not too bad, but the action scenes with the crazy organs going on, I'd image the peaks are pretty good in those scenes. Even worse if you were running 60 or 40hz ont he fronts.
  21. Yeah, I have always used small and 80hz for the 82ii's and 62ii. I will keep the center at 80hz because it only goes down to 57hz, but the 7ii's will be set at small and 60hz for sure. No reason to have two 15" subs and run my fronts in full range.
  22. Depending on the $$$ next week (bonus), I will either trade in the XPA-3 for an XPA-5 ($620), or sell the XPA-3 outright and buy the 7500 (probably cost $1000). All in all, Id rather have the outlaw, I'm just a fan of their ATI built gear. It's not a knock on Emo, just we all have our preferences Or, I may just sit on the bonus for a few weeks and grab the 7500 anyways. I have some more amp reading to do. Im really under no pressure to sell the XPA-3 anyways.
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