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  1. There is (or has been) a guy on Audiogon who sells older vintage tables like the Thorens mentioned which are supposedly well restored. No idea about the quality of his work. Anyone looking for a 'vintage' table may want to check it out.

  2. Mornin' all.


    Mungkiman ... that's a great story and based on some long ago experience don't doubt it for a second. Thanks for sharing it. There's another world beyond this one or so it seems.


    dwilawyer ...just took the time to read your Ray Charles quote. I think most muscians feel that way. Wonder if Ray was a Klipsch fan. 


    Have a great day guys and stay in the present.

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  3. Hey gang, Happy Monday. Just trying to get caught up. Going to spend the week getting the house and yard in shape for our 'Repay Social Obligations For The Past 5 years' party this weekend. Guessing we'll have at least 50 show up. Have already bribed a son-in-law to man the grill.


    MKP (Mark) ....I hung with some kids like Larry in HS. 2 brothers who ran wild and had unlimited sources of funds, hot cars and booze. Life didn't turn out so well for them either. I recall feeling jealous but later realized I was lucky to get what I needed instead of what I thought I wanted.


    Have a great day folks and cheers.

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  4. Hey gang ... Happy Friday. Getting mentally prepared for my weekly grass cutting/trimming fest. Better Half Unit has put me on notice that we are going to have our first big blow-out party/bbq in several years to repay all of the social obligations we've been ignoring. Told her okay but stock up on Tums and Advil. When this happens, I usually am assigned to the grill for hours. All in all, it's fun.


    Have a great day. Will try to check back.

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  5. Happy Tuesday gang. Gonna be a hot rest of the week but I have to get a yard project done ....early. A work friend gave Better Half Unit a raised planter and I need to attempt to plant some stuff in it and try to keep the plants alive. She, on the other hand, gets to go to work in a nice cool environment. I think this may be retiree discrimination. Do I have a claim?


    Chuck ... sounds like progress on the renovation project. That's good news. A big woof from Baxter to Jake.


    Later folks and cheers.

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  6. Happy Dad's Day guys.


    MKP (Mark) and Boss ...... Skrew the on-line 'reviewer'. Your real customers will support you. Unfortunately every malicious jerk with internet access has an opportunity to engage in character assassination. Fortunately most of us know that and can spot the liars and nut jobs. Hang in there.


    Cheers folks..

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  7. I use them for H/T and 2-channel music listening. For H/T I want to run a 5.1 system. I already have a powered sub-woofer.

    I've owned the 30's since they first came out. Got 'em for 2 ch listening but have evolved into a 5.1 HT system consisting of the 30's as main speakers, a KLF C-7 center and a pair of KLF-10's as rears. You can't beat that for a sonic match. I picked up the C-7 and 10's on the used market for a great price. You can do that too if you are patient.


    I use Marantz AV separates (processor and power amp) to run the system and find them superior to the Denon AVR I started with. Marantz pairs exceptionally well with Klipsch.Strong recommendation. Best of luck.

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  8. Mornin' all.


    Hey Mark .. hope those KP's work out for you. That was quite a trip to get them.


    Not a lot to report here other than a really crummy weather report. They're even talking about possible hail. :o Nasty stuff and we get it once in a while around this time of year. Need to put a plastic bubble over the house and yard. :D


    Hang in there folks and have a good Monday.

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  9. Holy Mackerel!! Chuck's going fishing. Let us know if you have any luck.


    Good day yesterday ... we went to a downtown art fair where Better Half Unit's dad was exhibiting. He's a successful western artist and usually sells out at these shows, even though he's getting up in years. The only downside was the heat but glad we went.


    Have a good Sunday folks and cheers...............

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  10. I had the privilege of seeing play late in his career with the Wings, along with a few other greats like Bobby Orr (Bruins). Along with being a great scorer, Gordie was one tough hombre'. RIP Mr. Hockey.

  11. Happy Friday gang. Back to slaving in the yard again, at least for a while before the heat sets in. One big plus we have here is low humidity, so I should survive.


    Chuck ...good luck with the floor ...


    Mark ...thanks for the update.


    Will try to check back in a while.

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  12. These generational debates about boxers and other sports heroes have been going on literally for generations. My dad and grandfather loved to bait me with them and tell me how Joe Louis or Marciano would have destroyed Ali or Frazier, etc. Same with baseball. Fact is we'll never know.

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  13. Hey folks. Checking in.


    All this car talk ties in to a couple of shows we watched last night on History about American muscle cars. Very high drool factor and certainly undermines my better judgment about handling retirement funds. Fortunately I know better and will stick to my audio toys. Sigh. :(


    Chuck .... maybe try something involving explosives to dislodge that bathroom floor? Good luck with it. Baxter sends a woof to Jake.



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