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    Vinyl,Analog HI-FI
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    AMP:Amber Series 70 (TWO)
    PRE: NAD 1130
    TT:Music Hall MMF 4.4
    Tape Deck : NAD ???
    Spe4akers: Klipsch Forte II % Polk SDA-2

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  1. Got these yesterday....had them changed out in about 30 minutes.....marked improvement.
  2. This is better than food network. We're grilling steaks to make a steak salad w/ raspberry vinigarette dressing garnished w/ deep fried onion rings
  3. Dad (me) got his first pair of Forte's yesterday. Now my son wants some!!
  4. ..for the warm welcome, encouragement, advise and critism....lol...... I am ashamed to admit that at 56 years of age not only is this the first pair of Klipsch I have owned, but the first time I've listened to any, even though I've been aware of their exixtence and reputation since 1979. If there is a silver lining here, is that at my age, I've actually gotten excited about sometihng!
  5. give me a shout sometime when you are. Nice to make you aquanitance
  6. Home of the soon to be famous Butch Burger
  7. They're on Florida Street. Between Old Shell Road and Dauphin Street.....KILLER burger, Poboys and the like
  8. New fortes, and it cost about like a doctors visit on a bad day $298 CASH. No deductable
  9. there was on intact....Im going to make my own
  10. Hard to go to the shrimp basket with Butch Cassidys in full view.
  11. ...thi morning....need to change the fuses (3 amp) in the amp for 8 ohm.....
  12. Like I said djk, it's virtually extinct for a reason. I still have 2 of them. I since 1985. Lord willing, I'll get tubes with any luck and $$$$$
  13. Robert B.

    AMBER 70

    High current 70 watts at 8 ohms. Bridge to mono 200 watts at 4 ohms
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