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  1. i have messaged @ngen33r through the forum and am waiting for a reply... is there a better way to contact him? I am in Indianapolis, do you know where he is located?
  2. Need help getting this subwoofer functioning again... it blows the fuse each time it is powered on. please advise!
  3. i have a pair of klipsch image one ii over the ear headphones and the jack has shorted out. i purchased a replacement TRRS jack and have exposed the wires from the headphone (see photo) ...can anyone tell me which colors are what? red, blue, green, copper
  4. i have to send a thank you out to sancho panza for hooking me up with colterphoto1, got to visit his workshop yesterday... all i can say is wow! ...and of course, i must also thank colterphoto1 for inviting me to his place and sending me off with a beautiful pair of walnut forte1's! thanks a ton, you are the man!!
  5. The picture makes them look a little larger than forte's but my mind may have just been distorted because of the Chorus I suggestion. Price is pretty good for Chorus I's but a little steep for forte' I's. Yes they are. Bill i texted the guy and he replied that the speakers say chorus on the backs... he sent me a photo of the backs, i cannot read the tags but there is no passive subwoofer, if that helps to identify them
  6. You might want Chorus II, Cornwall or La Scala (Belle if you can find them) for that size of a space. I love the La Scalas, but might need a subwoofer depending on the music you listen too.
  7. Got ahold of him and am working on a visit, thanks a ton for the info!
  8. roughly 15' x 25' (i am guessing)
  9. saw these KG 3.2s for $240 locally on craigslist... any opinions on these speakers and the asking price? http://indianapolis.craigslist.org/ele/4594558262.html ...i guess these are not exactly vintage, just seems like a good price
  10. i have a 1965 fisher 500c receiver and a kenwood kd-5070 turntable... i am looking for a nice set of vintage speakers to compliment. i have done some digging on the internet and the klipsch fortes seem like a good fit... anyone have other suggestions/advice and/or something for sale?
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