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  1. I am running a Sony 550ES sacd and a Denon 1600 dvd thru my hk520 using two Radio Shack AV switch boxes part #15-1952 $15 each.The boxes have two sets of inputs and one set of outputs which is all you need to switch between dvd-audio and sacd.The bad news is the extra set of cables.I have not detected any sound quality differences. Good luck Wata
  2. wata

    Sub floor shaker DVD

    I saw them awhile back and really enjoyed there show. I heard there are more then one Blue Man Group doing concerts.
  3. Just got Bluesman Group Dvd music disc.Number #3 track TV Song will shake the floor and rattle the windows.Be careful not to turn up the volume as it starts out soft and cranks half way thru.Bluesman are the guys in the Intel TV ad who play weird looking pipes like drums.
  4. BBB My friend couldnt believe how good it sounds and she is coming over to listen to AC/DC again. The Ear Thanks Ear for the reinforcement I got the 2nd pair of RF-7s a little over a week ago.For me the reason was music it just sounded better to my ears Mark
  5. Bob G Thanks Bob only had my R-7s a short time.Sorry about the post didn't mean bum anyone out. Mark This message has been edited by wata on 08-02-2002 at 11:54 AM
  6. Saw a Klipsch add in Home Theater magazine August issue.It says eight new Reference Series speakers released.Does anyone know when and what is new specs. Ad: Nina Storeys influences are unmistakeable but the passion this emerging singer-songwriter displays on her self-titled CD proves shes a true original. Klipsch celebrates the spirit of new beginnings with eight newly released Reference Series loudspeakers-all designed with Tractrix Horn-loaded technology to deliver the power of Nina's deepest blues....... This message has been edited by wata on 08-02-2002 at 11:40 AM
  7. Just wanted to say thanks for all the input. It took me awhile to try out the Rf-3s,RS-7s and RF-7s. I ended up with extra RF-7s. First off Im no audiophile or videophile just someone who loves listening to music and now movies.I did gut out the rear wall closet to pickup more space. The room is still small 11x14x8.Are the speakers to big for the room-yes.Do the speakers over power the room-yes.Am I happy yes,yes,yes.Playing ACDC/stiff upperlip Dvd and cranking volume oh wow. Mark HK avr520 Outlaw ICBM-1 Sony C555ES Denon 1600 Outlaw 755 amp (borrowed) RF-7s front RF-7s rear RC-7 SVS Ultra This message has been edited by wata on 08-01-2002 at 11:16 PM
  8. Thanks guys it is alot of money for me again but worth it if the extra pair makes it thump This message has been edited by wata on 05-17-2002 at 11:55 PM
  9. My current setup RF-7s,RC-7s and(borrowed) RB-3s for rears.Im returning the RB-3s which seemed overpowered by the fronts even when levels adjusted. Im considering another pair of RF-7s for each corner in the room.70%music(both 2channel and multichannel) and 30%movies. All this in a tiny room 12X11.Will this work or would RF-3 work better Thanks
  10. Thanks I will try both ideas. Wata This message has been edited by wata on 04-26-2002 at 05:25 PM
  11. Im thinking of moving my ht to another room in the house(my wife). The room is 11 by 14.Due to the windows and built in's the only choice for the RF-7s would be 3ft from the left side wall and only 1ft from the right wall.The FAQ says 4ft from side walls to avoid reflections.How bad will this affect sound.Is there a remedy such as wall installation etc... Thanks
  12. thanks toddjv HornEd I try to read all your posts and appreciate your knowledge. I probably go with the RB-3s(my friends cheap)for now. But I hope to do RC-7s later Thanks Wata
  13. Just sold my RB-5s,RS-7s and RSW10 to my friend.My setup now RF-7s and RC-7s(my friend wanted the RS-7)I plan to get a subwoofer a little later on. My question would a pair of RB-3IIs or RC-7s work well as surrounds or rears. I listen 70% to 80%music in both 2 channel and multichannel format This message has been edited by wata on 04-21-2002 at 02:41 AM
  14. Ear Since I wont get a chance to test these subs except for SVS return policy.Are you saying the SVS Ultra,Revel and Hgs18(did hear hgs15 at dealer) are all strong for music with no favorite Thanks
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