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  1. black wood, all in great shape, a few tiny holes in the mesh on grills
  2. had them for several years, hardly ever played hard due to babies and such, on hard times, need cash
  3. Should i use my preout for sub? Also it got a lil louder when i turned up avr, and it seemed to hum when avr was on standby, i used a y rca connector for a second sub with my new receiver and that created a hum so i wonder if this old house im in has bad grounds, one sub doesnt hum with new avr
  4. does anyone have an idea on what it could be, i checked all my caps and none are bad....
  5. I read that most Onkyo have a floating ground and that its recommended to run a ground wire from back of Receiver Plate to outlet or other ground. I have a humming in my sub and sub only, a ground loop isolator worked ok but can still hear it, I took apart receiver and there are no bad capacitors....Im stuck
  6. Yeah, i dont mind paying that much since i would get 12 months 0% but not sure of it was worth it compared to the find of rs52 in new condition for $325
  7. Pair Rs-62ii new for $700 or used pair rs-52 firts gen for $325?
  8. i have a very good condition black Onkyo TX-SR805 with remote and Audyssey Setup Mic, the subwoofer out needs a new capacitor as it causes a humming to sub and one hdmi isnt working HDMI 1 input, i messed it up when i pushed my receiver back into cabinet ;-(
  9. Well the rs-62ii were only 100 more so i went with rs-62ii , i also have rf-83, rf-82, rc-64, rsw115 sub
  10. so the rs-62 is well worth the price jump?
  11. Im debating new surrounds, either RS-42, 52, 62 or Rp-240, 250......any thoughts, who has had what and what do you think?
  12. Wondering if the RP line is better, equal, or?
  13. I assume its because of the quality rca splitter im using? when i dont use the splitter and hook up one sub no humming....
  14. I recently started hearing a humming from my sub and it grew louder over time, i put a ground loop isolator on it and it helped, turns out it is not my sub it is my AVR I have the Onkyo tx-sr805, is this an easy fix, is it just a cap that needs replaced?
  15. That is a steal. Let's talk. A retailer or used market? Bill sent you a message, it was a Store here in Chesterfield, MO , running specials to make room for new models coming out and a trade in on any shape receiver of $200
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