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  1. Hello, According to the manual you can readily mount spikes underneath the RPs, however the size of the holes for the spikes is not mentioned. I plan to mount shock absorbers under my speakers, once I get them, see the picture attached for the absorbers. Does anyone know the size of the screws that the speakers will accommodate? Maybe double sides adhesive tape may work just as well? Sincerely Carsten
  2. Hello, The new Reference Premieres are slowly getting on sale in Germany, so I have not had a chance to see or to listen to any of them yet: If you have; How do they compare to the RF 62II? The RP-250F, so the smallest of the floor standers are priced roughly the same as the RF 62II. The RP-260F are priced slightly higher than the RF-82II anf the 280F somewhat higher than that and probably outside my budget anyway..... Sincerely Carsten Junge
  3. Gentlemen, Thank You; Looking at what I have now, the Rf 62 IIs come at just above 800 $ / pair. Taking the advise to go with the RB 61 IIs, which come at 450 $ / pair, leave me with 350 $ for the sub unless I go over budget. This means that sticking with the RF 62 IIs is likely to be the better deal. Speaking about German speakers, they are good, they do everything correctly, but they just don't make you happy the way I believe the Klipsch speakers would. Thanks again; I guess I have some convincing to do, so that I can get me a pair of 62s, wish me luck :-) Sincerely
  4. Thanks, I will have a closer look. Unfortunately they ask for 500 € over here for the PB 1000....
  5. My idea is to use the RBs as main speakers and the sub as low frequency support, I have not chosen anything yet, so I guess all of them are under consideration as long as my amplifier can drive them without over loading them. My room is some 345 ft2 and I would like to stay under $ 500 for the sub. One last thing; The connection scheme favors subs, which can take high level inputs, so basically the speakers outputs from the amplifier, a pre-out is not readily available...... Thanks
  6. Hello, I ideally wanted the RF-62 II, but the WAF factor is against me on those ones, hence I am thinking to use the RB-41 II and a sub woofer. I will mainly use the set for music and drive the system with a NAD C 320 BEE. Can anyone point to a decent sub woofer? Sincerely Carsten
  7. The guys at AUDIO, a German magazine reviewed the RF 82 II back in 2012 and gave them 84 points, which is verygood. Recently in August 2014 they reviewed the new R-28F and gave them 84 points as well. I have ordered a copy of their test to get the details. In any case R-28 seems to be doing very well indeed, possibly just as well as the 82 II did...... Someone should put the two next to each other and compare....... One last thing: Over here the R-28 sell at 699 € / pair, the 82 II sell at 898 € / pair.
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