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  1. Bump The RC-52 II is still available.
  2. UPDATE 1 Jan 20: The RC-62 II is sold and off to its new home; the RC-52 II is still available. Letting go of two black Klipsch center channel speakers, one RC-52 II and one RC-62 II (SOLD). Both are in very good shape; the 52 has a small cut in the vinyl on the bottom left edge (fuzzy pic below, sorry). Will ship the 52 for $145 and the 62 for $185 using standard ground. I don't anticipate local interest but they're located in 93436. Scott RC-52 II (4 pics): RC-62 II (3 pics): (SOLD)
  3. I've come to realize that I'm years out of date in documenting the configuration of my main rig. Dual Rythmik sealed subwoofers (E15) have been on the screen wall since May 17. Not shown is a third generic subwoofer on the back wall, which I will someday replace with a Rythmik, possibly an L22 (dual 12-in sealed).
  4. Great choice! I've got a pair of Rythmik E15 subs (sealed) doing HT/music chores and am very happy.
  5. I've ordered from both with no issues. Crutchfield is also a favorite dealer of mine since the 1980s for many product lines including Klipsch.
  6. Thanks guys! In 2010 they used to be a pair of RB-41 IIs and an RC-52 II - now look how they've grown!
  7. Thanks very much! I'm currently using a Yamaha RX V-867 (95 watts) for power. The subs are Klipsch SW-110s that I've slightly elevated with a home made 2x4 frame. If it were in the budget at this very moment (no chance) I have my eye on a pair of SVS SB-2000s.
  8. Thanks! I'd been using a Wood Technology CC-18 center stand cut down to the needed height with my previous speaker and thought I'd need something more stable to handle the wider RC-64 II. I have other WT stands from a ways back and was bummed that they're not around anymore but low and behold I found a new CC-12 right away on eBay so I just trimmed it down to match and put it along side my original. Very happy to sort that out!
  9. I just put in an RF-7 II / RC-64 II set that I picked up through Crutchfield during this sale. The RF-82 II pair are now the surrounds. The freight driver showed up alone with a pallet jack but with speakers no longer on a pallet; he tried picking one up to carry but quickly changed his mind. My hand truck salvaged that situation for us both. https://community.klipsch.com/index.php?/gallery/image/2130-movie-room-screen-wall-update-2/
  10. A Matter of Life and Death (aka, A Stairway to Heaven). Imported from Germany on blu-ray to upgrade my English DVD print while awaiting a proper three-strip Technicolor restoration (Criterion, hopefully). Released in 1946 and set at the close of WWII. David Niven is the star but Roger Livesey blows me away every time. Also a young Kim Hunter five years before Brando and "Streetcar" and an even younger Richard Attenborough (with one simple line). I envy anyone seeing this film for the first time. A Power & Pressburger classic.
  11. I'm keeping an eye on eBay but just in case...
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