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  1. Wow!!! Just smack me stupid!!! LOL, Cheers man 🍻 ^^^The above shows how infrequently I stay connected
  2. No man don't do it. Seriously, don't do it.
  3. ^^^Man that looks Yummly...Happy holidays to all here at Klipsch Forum. Windy and snow falling here at my end, I got tomorrow off as a holiday so it is a four day weekend for me. What to do? What to do? 🍻
  4. I graduated HS in the 80's "1980" exactly...you think i gave a crap about much except getting laid... Getting laid brought me two beautiful kids "I raised them" I was married twice... First marriage...She want's out Second marriage...She didn't like my kids The 80's also brought me to seek why? Seeking Why.... can take you all over the place. πŸ™‚
  5. Collective Soul my friends... i know this is cc&c and CS... Yes to many already 🍻 https://music.youtube.com/watch?v=MUrd0q2jh8s&list=OLAK5uy_li3ZzTGFiXOf8Zy7b8Z1U_UwKeH4BkKU0
  6. ^^^Okay I must be really gone tonight... Peanut Butter Fingers??? https://www.pbfingers.com/my-dog-likes-to-potty-all-the-time/
  7. I want my dog to live longer....🍻 https://music.youtube.com/watch?v=f8hMy-dGXKw&list=RDAMVMR3a5UAcZHp4
  8. Flipping Funny... Cheers @oldtimer 🍻
  9. Sportsmax LOL 🍻 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GP_K5czbny4&feature=youtu.be
  10. Outside 🍻 and when meat is outside it needs wood...🍻
  11. ^^^ and https://www.godsmack.com/ Playing Godsmack count? 🍻
  12. MyOwn


    ^^^I'm at a point in my life, I wish an alien to take me now....I'd love to get on your craft and fly away.... Just "Please no anal probing" Do what you want...Just not That...
  13. MyOwn


    Yep....the Aliens don't want us, we are just amusement to them. Going where no man has ever gone before carrying our baggage...🍻
  14. It is called creative financing LOL
  15. Not to old, just still working.. Does taking tomorrow off count for beers flowing and tunes on tonight?
  16. MyOwn


    Just for fun.... https://www.latest-ufo-sightings.net/ https://www.mufon.com/ufo-news
  17. MyOwn


    ^^^^ Ohhhhhh the innuendo.....Flipping Cheers....🍻
  18. MyOwn


    No man....when tubes came to be so did the tubes going into the recordings.....🍻
  19. MyOwn


    Seems to be, Maybe there is time to turn it around...
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