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  1. These look nice. No affiliation. http://cedarrapids.craigslist.org/ele/5294408112.html
  2. In Park Ridge, IL http://chicago.craigslist.org/wcl/ele/5281105906.html No affiliation
  3. Looks like maybe they were left behind when somebody vacated. Yes, could be an opportunity....
  4. Opus, Jim, Zeus, right in your backyards.......you could swing by and pick that rig up!
  5. SOLD!! These Forte are in their new home in Rockford, IL. My thanks to Jason--speakers are as described and sound AWESOME!! Mark
  6. Thats funny! Not PC maybe , but funny....
  7. Thanks John! I'd seen that pair on CL. Colter and Opus had some questions about the Woofer surrounds shown in the pics. Maybe a repair done incorrectly.
  8. Posted on Craigslist Chicago on Weds June 17, 2015: http://chicago.craigslist.org/wcl/ele/5078229112.html 1976 vintage, they look nice!
  9. Hi Matt, Thank your for sharing what you learned with your Dad's set up. I moved recently so my AV system (Denon AVR 2802, Klipsch SF-2 Fronts, KSW-12 sub, SC-1 Ctr) had been in boxes for about five months during the move. So I hadn't heard the system in a long time. When I set it up again I was surprised how poor I thought it sounded. The SF-2s sounded muddy and muffled with very little bass. Once I hooked up the sub the bass was better but still disappointing overall. I set up an old pair of Infinity Studio Monitor 80's bookshelf speakers and there was a night and day difference--they are clear and crisp, albeit without alot of bass either. I did quite a bit of tweaking with the tone controls and couldn't do much to improve the sound of the SF-2s. I also have a nice Sansui AUG77XII receiver from the 80's. I hooked it up A/B to the Klipsch set and the Infinity set and it was the same scenario. With the whole system set up, including the center channel, the Klipsch system is ok but definitely not great. i know it wasn't a high end set up when I got it. Maybe it is the Denon/speaker combo. I was at a friend's and he has a pair of Heresy's and they were crystal clear again. I have been reading how important the amp/speaker combo is. Maybe that's my issue here. At any rate, I've got a great room and just want to enjoy music in it, thus all the questions. I appreciate all the good input and advice. It sounds like there are many great Klipsch speaker combinations out there. And thank you for offering to let me hear your quartets at my place. I had another member offer to let me come over to his place to hear his speakers to listen to the differences--much appreciated!
  10. CECAA850, Thanks for the recommendations. My current sub is a KSW-12 thats part of a 5.1 system that I'm trying to upgrade from. What unit would you recommend that you like better?
  11. Jeff, I don't know what you mean by Cornwall vault? Thx. The vaults are specifically designed shipping boxes for Cornwalls. With your 2k price search, I would think La Scalas or even Khorns could be found. You need the help of Opusk2k9, a member here who is "The Man" when it comes to Klipsch speaker acquirements! Good luck. Ceptorman, I did get in contact with Opusk2k9. He has shared some good info/advice. The search continues. Thanks!
  12. Jeff, I don't know what you mean by Cornwall vault? Thx.
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