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  1. Judging by the photos it looks like the sides, top, and bottom are 1 1/4” thick.
  2. Lesser drivers would have been destroyed. I actually wonder how many packages that loose brick of a driver damaged while it was careening down those priority mail conveyers
  3. I have both horn drivers in my possession. One was packaged very well and arrived in excellent shape. The other was poorly packaged. They tried to add foam padding, but it was a complete failure. The driver bounced around in the box, almost broke through the box, and still arrived relatively undamaged. It really only suffered from some paint loss. I have not tested it for sound, but resistance reads good. I hope to have some time to mess with these over the weekend.
  4. Good advice. I had planned on putting in a brace for the driver to sit on. I was going to simply pocket screw a horizontal brace and apply some somewhat dense foam to the brace where the driver will sit. where else did you brace the cabinet?
  5. Well, I was not aware of these EV drivers being basically drop in replacements for the original drivers. Before realizing this I was considering selling as is. But, I just purchased two of those drivers, so now I plan on installing the drivers and going from there. I do plan on moving these along. Just not sure if I’m going to go full restoration or not. I can post some pictures of them, and anyone could feel free to make an offer.
  6. I got the one for $85 and offered $75 on another orphan and got that one as well. with tax and shipping it’s real close to $200 for the pair.
  7. Dang. Thanks a lot for the offer! I actually put in an offer on the only other nice one on eBay and it was accepted. It was probably just minutes before you posted that!
  8. Well, I went ahead and ordered an EV dh1506. I will be purchasing a second one eventually when one pops up at a good price. So, I guess the sale of these is on hold. I had planned to refinish these and bring them back to their original glory. Don’t worry, I am a master cabinet maker by trade and I know my way around the finishing room. These don’t need much but a good cleaning, light sanding, perhaps a bit of toner, and a coat of lacquer.
  9. I have not determined that yet. I’m open to offers. Give me a couple hours to get some pics posted.
  10. Thanks. I pulled the driver to verify. No resistance reading. No sound. I think it’s dead.
  11. Does anyone have a working K-63 driver available??
  12. Check that thread for what exactly? Is that where k-63 drivers are routinely found for sale? If I could find a driver I would consider refinishing these and making them look new again..
  13. I have a pair of these in Cherry. Decent overall condition. The grills are nice, the veneer is in good shape. There is a mark on the top of one where someone attempted to repair a water stain and did a poor job of it. The problem is, one horn driver is out. I am testing the waters to see if there is any interest in these in as-is condition. All other drivers are working. I can post some photos later today. located in Kalamazoo Michigan. I would also consider purchasing a k-63 driver if anyone has one available!
  14. Hello, I just picked up a pair of SF-2s at a garage sale, seller thought one speaker was shorted out. Turns out two of the internal speaker wires were touching. Anyway, I have been using a pair of RB5 IIs as my main speakers. I'm not sure if the SF2s are an upgrade.. What would you do with them?
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