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  1. There are some Belle empty diy cabs for sale on page 1, just a heads up
  2. going to give it until monday for the package price. I'll set individual component pricing after that.
  3. The 2mb cap on photos is very limiting unfortunatley.
  4. seperate cabinets from the woofers and tweeters.
  5. Hello All, Going to keep this short and sweet. Bought a new house, needs repairs, my babies must go. I've listed all the components below, not interested in selling anything seperate at the moment. I've priced the package agressivley for a quick sale. Cost does not include shipping, i highly prefer local pickup. $1550.00 for everything. K-510 w/ Mumps Horns (pair) B&C DE75 8ohm (pair) SMAHL V2 Tweeters (pair) Eminence Kappa 15c - 4ohm (pair) ALK ES-5800 XO (pair) Super AA DIY XO (pair) DIY Cabinets Splits, Baltic Birch plus grills
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