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  1. 12 minutes ago, ClaudeJ1 said:

    I got to see Ann Margret's opening night return to the stage in Ceasar's Palace (1987), Las Vegas, after she took a break to take care of her husband after he got cancer. She was 48 at the time. She was hotness redefined with her singing and dancing with young guys on stage. I was, literally, sitting 7 chairs away from her microphone on stage. She blushed a little when she dropped it off the stand, but put it back without mission a word in the song. I though, what a PRO! One of the most gorgeous women ever. She was about the age of this photo, with longer hair past her shoulders. Like my cousin always said: "No parts missing from her kit."



    Have to second this one.  Saw Ann Margret along with Mickey Rooney in the early '80's in the stage production of Sugar Babies.  Didn't get to sit as close as you, but even from the distance I was sitting she looked magnificent. 

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  2. I'd like to say they don't make them like this anymore, but they probably do.  However, nothing in the dumpster diver speaker category is quite as iconic as the Panasonic Thruster speaker.  




    Maximum input power is 20 WPC, which makes these a great match for low power tube amps.  


    Will now remove tongue from cheek.  😉

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  3. Purchased this about 6 months ago because my kids said they'd be OK with moving from Spotify to Amazon HD music.  Now they tell me they don't like Amazon, miss Spotify, and want to go back.  We already had plenty of devices to stream Spotify, so the Node is redundant.  How about $380 shipped within the CONUS?

  4. 3 hours ago, Thaddeus Smith said:


    I now have the benchmark DAC2 as well and have been trying to sort my source out between a mini ITX pc (with some fans, gasp) over USB and a raspberry pi4 running RopieeeXL (both USB and a coax HAT). I've not been able to discern any difference in sound quality between all three connections when using fairly revealing headphones. When using the PC, I'm running the roon server directly on the device itself. When using the RPi I run Roon server on a dual Xeon workstation with 64GB of memory and the added galvanic isolation of communication via ethernet. No discernable difference there either.

    I suspect credit is due to your DAC 2.  In an ideal world, there shouldn’t be any discernible difference is sound quality with whatever input you choose on a DAC.  The folks at Benchmark did a nice job designing the DAC 2, and it’s younger sibling the DAC 3.  

  5. 4 hours ago, jwc said:

    Uh.  I wanna hear more about the difference that made.  I read good stuff on that.



    Results are variable based on your DAC.  If your DAC already has a well implemented USB connection, you might hear no difference at all, or even possibly a reduction in sound quality.   If you've got an older DAC with a less than optimal DAC input, you might benefit from it.  In my case, it was the former.  I suspect a similar outcome with your Yaggi , which has the Unison USB input.  

    The good news is that the units are easy to resell if you want to try one anyway.

  6. On 4/16/2021 at 9:11 AM, Shakeydeal said:

    With all the options for stand alone streamers these days, I don't understand why anyone would use a USB output from a computer anymore. You can greatly improve your sound by going with something like a Node 2i, or if more ambitious, something from Lumin or Innuous.




    Maybe.  I also own a Node 2i, haven't tried a Lumin and it wouldn't make sense in my setup since my system includes a Benchmark DAC 2 already to handle digital conversion and preamp duties.  Bought the Node 2i just because I thought it could replace the PC in my system.  It sounded good, and for some folks it will certainly add simplicity and flexibility.  Did it "greatly improve my sound"?  No, not at all.  A properly setup PC with Daphile at least equals it...subjectively I think the Daphile setup is sonically superior.  

  7. 6 hours ago, jwc said:

    I only stream now and also play full scale video streaming as well.  I no longer need a music server and software to play my owned music files.


    You and Bruce have brought up the idea of linux operating system variants.  I never gave this a thought so I do need to look into this.


    This particular PC has a decent name brand power supply.  There is no CPU fan.


    I have two slots available for a USB card variety if needed.  I had a professional EMU sound card that occupied those two spots and worked very well.  It was to play my music storage of FLAC files.  That card Can't do the higher resolution available today.


    upstream......just this PC with USB out to Yggy with a cheap cable. 


    Hard to tell without looking at the guts, but just looking at the pics of your PC I suspect the USB inputs are on their own bus.  This should be all you need, and I suspect you'd see limited if any benefit from an expensive USB card. 

  8. Ok, I'll bite.  I've been doing PC based audio for about 12 years now.  Music playback is now the best I’ve had in this house...ever.  

    I think I need to know more about what you have upstream from your Yaggi.  You've got Unison USB, so I suspect you've maximized your USB connection already.   Hanging dongles of various types on the cable between your PC and your DAC won't likely offer much if any bang for the buck.  Been there, done that.  I have found that the right PC...or better put...having the USB designed correctly inside the PC is a significant element in the chain.  

    Are you using a laptop or a desktop PC?  A budget laptop can kill a good setup, and so can a cheap desktop.  The USB PCI card that has been linked above might not be necessary If the USB is already on its own bus inside your PC.


    After that, Windows of any version is the least satisfying OS to use for music playback.  Linux has its issues as well, but one can get excellent results if you work at it a bit.  Ubuntu Studio Linux was mentioned above.  I used that for a number of years with a program called “mpd”.  Truly excellent playback, and noticeably better than anything I ever experienced when using Windows 7 or 10.  I also used this setup for both music and some movie/TV audio as you currently do. 

    Lately I've become fond of a Linux variant called Daphile.  Daphile is what you get when you mate Logitech's Music Server software with Linux.  https://www.daphile.com/   It's a project run by one guy, so if God forbid he ever dropped of the face of the earth the user community would be SOL.  However, Daphile let’s you playback from multiple sources (connected USB drive, network drive) as well as services like Tidal, Deezer, Qobuz and Spotify.  Daphile is setup to run on your PC or laptop, but playback is controlled by your tablet or smartphone, or any other PC on the same network.  The sound is quite simply the best I've ever enjoyed here at home.  

    So, I'd suggest visiting choice of PC and operating system first before messing with anything else. Also, the good thing about Ubuntu Studio and Daphile is that they're free to use, so trying them as potential solutions will cost you nothing.  However, if they work for you and improve your listening experience as I suspect they might, you might consider making a donation.  

    if you go down this path, please keep us posted.  

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  9. That little streamer is actually a pretty elegant solution.  Nice!


    Wireless isn't an option for me.  So, the set up here is slightly more complex. But for those who don't want or can't use Wi-Fi for this purpose, and your router isn't near your music setup, power line networking is a nice option.  Example:




    This makes getting a hardwired internet signal to wherever in the home you need it, and it's easy to set up.  In any case, love the convenience that streaming my CD's and hi res files  brings to the listening experience.  

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  10. On 9/27/2020 at 1:52 AM, Iteachstem said:

    Here's an example:


    For sale, great set of vintage, hard to find, super rare bookshelf speakers.  I'm the second owner.  Sound great. Excellent condition, like new.  The only reason I'm selling is because the neighbors in the trailer park complain about the massive amount of bass exuding from these babies.  Enough SPL's to make your ears cry for mercy! I've done some upgrades/modifications, they are better than new!  I'm asking $5,000. Located in the Southwest burbs of Chicago. Pick up only, no shipping (I don't want UPS to drop them!)



    A little elmers glue and a refoam kit ought to fix those right up....  :)

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  11. Schitt has it's advocates and detractors, some of those detractors likely have not given their gear an extended listen. 


    I waited for a time before jumping in with a Bifrost (1st generation with USB 5 that I bought 2nd hand).  There was a lot to like.  I compared it to my older Antelope Zodiac.  The Zodiac was considered a pretty good DAC for its time and I paid a handsome sum for it, and it still sounds quite good.  However, the lowly (by price comparison only) Bifrost bested it. 


    Not at first, though.  On first listen, without giving the Bifrost a chance to warm up, the Bifrost sounded much worse by comparison.  I compared it to my older Antelope Zodiac.  The Zodiac was considered a pretty good DAC for its time and I paid a handsome sum for it, and it still sounds quite good.  However, the lowly bested it. 


    Not at first, though.  On first listen, the Bifrost sounded much worse.  However, given an hour or two to warm up - tpared it to my older Antelope Zodiac.  The Zodiac was considered a pretty good DAC for its time and I paid a handsome sum for it, and it still sounds quite good.  However, the lowly (by ayhese multibit DAC's seem to benefit from warm up - the Bifrost really started to shine.   I can switch back and forth between the two DAC's with the same source (PC based audio).  The Bifrost throws a bigger sound stage.  The bass has a bit more detail.  Vocals are centered and sort of jump out a bit at you. 


    More than that, though.  The Bifrost had a bit more natural, "sweeter" sound to it.  At least in my system, it did. 


    Now, that's not to say the Zodiac sounded bad by comparison.  Not all all.  On its own, it really sounds great.  However, the Bifrost isn't going anywhere.  I'm also really tempted to see what the Gungnir Analog 2 w/Unison USB will sound like.  There's one on the way! 😉

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  12. On 5/6/2020 at 2:03 AM, Ceptorman said:

    Any new thoughts on this amp? Still liking it?


    The F5 is still killin' it here.  Now I know what the "class A fanboys" have been talking about all this time.  


    The guy who built this really did a nice job.  The case, and thus the heat sinks, are fairly oversized.  As a result, this particular Class A amp gets warm, but not hot, to the touch.  Unlike my tube amps, I have no concerns about leaving the amp within range of kids who might touch it. 


    I use it for music only, with an occasional movie.  If the kids want to watch a Star Wars or Marvel Comics movie, I connect one of my other amps so there's no break up or distortion when the movie soundtrack is cranked up and a deep base note accompanies something getting blown up in the movie.  No sub here - the RF-5's don't really need it (though for this reason I often wonder if the RF-5's rating of 99 db efficiency is over-rated. 

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  13. On 4/17/2020 at 4:36 PM, Schu said:

    For most older files a hi bit depth and faster sample rate only equate to a larger file size. Newer music that is mastered with modern technologies WILL benefit from the humongous file sizes.


    New music that is mastered at high bit rates and then released with the higher bit rate are as rare as hen's teeth.  Maybe this will change over time.  

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