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  1. Welcome to a world of frustration John . However Klipsch rep in a earlier posting on this subject did say they were working on a solution to the M40 ear cushion replacement issue. We wait with baited breathe
  2. Also, I can say with 100% confidence that this is false. We actually have some things in the works that will help people looking for an easy way to get some replacement parts, as well as improving our online support knowledgebase. I and many other owners of M40's have yet to see proof of this concern and after product service . Will be the first to praise you if something can be done to resolve this issue . Bottom line is these are fantastic sounding headphones and I don't want to lose them . If you have some "things" in the work communicate , communicate , communicate and then will stop miserable buggers like me moaning
  3. Ok Chad so why not give your customers some support as multiple threads would not appear if you did . Have a look round multiple HiFi forums this isn't the only one where this issue of defects in the M40's has been raised I would advise doing a little research before jumping on my comments This is clearly a defective product for which a full recall should have been carried out , refunds or replacements should be offered to all customers ( in or out of warranty ) who have suffered from paying a lot of money for essentially defective product . The noise cancelling failure and ear cups ripping is well documented but your company keep sending out "copy and paste " emails failing to acknowledge this as a fact. I stand by my earlier comments this is a disgraceful way to treat customers and I'm sure anyone else who felt the need to post on this and other sites feel exactly the same
  4. They clearly have no concern for their customers or after product service A truly dreadful example of customer service
  5. Completely agree with the above comment , will never buy another Klipsch product again . The terse response of "Unfortunately, we do not have the M40 ear cups available,nor an aftermarket replacement that has been tested specifically for M40 use." Possibly the most unhelpful customer service advise received ‚ÄčThere are other threads on forums relating to this issues but despite this Klipsch don't appear to give a sh!t . All owners of M40's should be offered a full refund as this is a known issue as is the fact the noise cancellation also stop working after a period of time Klipsch a disgrace of a company
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