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  1. Assuming you were asking about cutting 3/4" X 3/4" X 1/8" standard hardware store angle.

    Have you considered a fine tooth hacksaw? They work great. Clean up with a file loaded with chalk or soapstone after. If not, then...


    Use the highest tooth count you can find. 10 teeth per diameter inch. Tooth count and configuration depends on the alloy and thickness. The thicker the aluminum material is, the fewer teeth you typically need. (TCG) Triple chip grind tooth profile with a negative tooth angle is best. Like -5 degrees. You can use a wax to lub the blade to prevent welding of the material to the teeth of the blade. The aluminum will melt instead of cut if you go to fast and will make for a very ugly cut. Make sure you have your entire body covered in clothing, gloves, face shield, hearing protection. Use a very firm grip or clamp. One side of the angle against the fence and the other side against the table. Maybe put up some cardboard to contain the metal shavings from getting everywhere. Cover any glass in the line of fire.



    This high quality blade has everything you need for your project, meets the requirement of your saw, and is readily available. I was unable to find an economical alternative with adequate specs. 


    You will not want to use this blade later for cutting crown molding or any lumber or boards down the road. Sorry you can not upgrade your current saw blade with this aluminum project of yours. There are wood/metal combo blades, but those are for ferrous metal. A blade made for composite decking like Trex could work if you were planning that type of work ahead. Aluminum is a specialty product and should be treated as such. I know a blade like this is expensive for small projects. I own many dozens of different types of saw blades, maybe even a hundred types. They are not a one fits all kind of thing. Sometimes you just use them once. Please do not buy a 10" saw blade for your 12" saw and attempt to cut aluminum with it. It won't cut all the way through anyway. You would need to build up your fence first. Please do not turn your saw blade backwards and cut with it. Leave that to the siding crew. It would not apply here. Buy the right tools, buy the right accessories, do it safe. If you would like to save yourself some money, get a smaller size saw for special projects and the blades will be much cheaper. Like this


    plus this



    I have been trained, educated, you can trust what I say to be true. I do not deny that there are other real alternatives and suggestions you will hear that will actually work, but those typically originate from having a lack of something else. Some of those can cause damage to material, damage to equipment, or even loss of bodily function. I am just trying to give the best advice I can.

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  2. @Gclayton

    Are you even willing to separate, or is this all or nothing? Give us some direction on the sale please.


    What screen do you have? Projector? Seating? Are they for sale? 


    So you are willing to ship? What form of payment will you accept? Do you have original boxes, packing, accesories, and documentation for each of the items for sale?

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  3. 10 hours ago, carlthess40 said:

    That’s a great system, your going to kick yourself in the butt shortly after you sell that stuff.
    What do you want for the denon?

    Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk

    Not at all how the Garage section works. If a bid were placed in PM, then we have a closed bidding, and may be bidding against ourselves. I proposed the seller present all of us prices. His reluctance to do so does not diminish my desire for some of the gear.  Open bids then?


    I will open the bidding for the Denon @ $50. Good luck everyone. 

  4. Sale pending. Expected delivery by June 7th.


    Thank you all for your interest. I know it is hard to see something this special slip past you. In the end there could only be one owner. I will let the new owner speak for himself when he is ready to do that. Please wait until after the delivery is complete before sending requests.


    Please keep an eye out for more of my work. I will have more projects completed soon. If you already own a special set of speakers, and you think you might like an extra special finish job done for you, send me a PM, contact info, and pictures. Lets see if we can come up with a solution that works for you.

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  5. 4 minutes ago, geoff. said:

    THEN I read how Mr. Bob Crites himself had posted here that he had a VERY hard time telling the two apart.

    I remember somewhere here, Bob posting how his partial hearing loss did not make him the best judge by ear. If you need a good judge find yourself a youngster to tell you what's happening. 

  6. Wonder who got the Chorus II's in MN that sold for =>$650 in the first couple of hours on Memorial day? I never ever had a chance to call. It reminds me of when I drove to 500 miles RT to MN in a snow storm there to get a pair priced similarly. When I got there the guy was visibly sweating from answering all of the phone calls he was getting while he awaited my arrival at 9PM. Gotta be first.

  7. I love it. Very well written OP. Sorry you feel attacked here Jim. I did read into it. A good thread that can be generalized anyway.

    My 2¢ below.

    Probably my own inefficiencies at hand, but I will admit to you ALL right here and right now this... I post a price, or make an offer to purchase one time and that it, I never budge. No singing, dancing, drama, battle of the wits going on with any used product I am associated with. Now if there are circumstances involved, those not related to the product itself, or unknown condition issues that later arrive, then the negotiations with me are valid. I will walk away over >$25. Done so many times. I don't play. No fun to be had negotiating with me. Move on if that is your motivation please. I started trading when I was 7. I have tried it many ways, wheeling/dealing and whatnot, so my own personal experiences have lead me to this eventuality. Do what works best for you. Just don't expect it from me. Trust me, I have done plenty of homework before an exchange ever happens. As much as I try to leave style, personality, and attitude out of the deal, unfortunately there are times my being "firm" comes off as exactly those things to some people. On more than a few of those occasions I am sure they really just wanted to "play". I am not having it, and am better for it, but probably not richer. I am OK with that. I have tons of other skills that keep me going.

  8. https://chicago.craigslist.org/nwc/ele/d/rolling-meadows-jbl-vintage-speakers/7115541799.html


    (circa 1992-95) Original MSRP in 1995 was $1000 each.

    The spice of life.

    Only posting because they are a personal recommendation of mine as a reasonably priced upgrade to anyone looking to change it up within the JBL side of life. The L7 is a cross between a 250Ti and a L100T3, being that it is the replacement 4 way design of the former and keeping the tweeter of the later used here as a supertweeter extending to 27Khz. The 5" tweeter is new for this 1992 model. The 8" is a new take on what made the 250Ti so smooth. The bass is provided with a side mounted Aquaplas 12" This L7 has a very flat and very neutral frequency response. No horns or waveguides here. The price to performance in this one is really fantastic. There is a whole series of these, so multichannel options are there as well, although a proper center was never developed for them.






  9. 1 hour ago, jjptkd said:


    How about $350? That's probably where I would start in a situation like that to keep me interested if they want a higher offer they need to justify it with some pictures IMO.

    Where on Earth? Must be dreaming. Stuck in a time capsule. Just because you wouldn't. #157 in line.

  10. 1 hour ago, Charlie Hustle said:

    You have tickled me with interest... the shipping cost might be my only deterrent.  Almost 140 lbs. of speakers, not sure what it would take to get it to NY.  As for finishes, I like the darker cherry look. 



    Thanks for the interest. Freight shipping on a pallet only. Just purchased the materials for the finish today. Going with Graystone. Not sold yet, but I have heard plenty of interest within that color range. Possibly headed South soon. I will do something in a dark cherry on a future project. Stay tuned folks, I should have some pics up towards the end of the week.

  11. 6 hours ago, DizRotus said:

    A photo from the listing keeps an alert post somewhat interesting even after the listing is deleted.  Now we’ll never know what the Forte II looked like, but the “capitalism” Heresy 2s look like this.



    I would post photos all day if the Klipsch community forum website had more hardrive space on their servers. Last week my account was locked from posting any photos. I hit my limit before I even knew one existed. Took me 1 day to remove enough old photos to hold me for a while, but I am still rationing what I am going to post. Thanks for your donation.

  12. Found it. I think this is will be it. Probably not far from the current Klipsch distressed oak finishes. Subtle, modern, understated.






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