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  1. SOLD

    These are my own so......for one week I am allowing forum members only the first crack at these.


    Consecutive serial number Klipsch Forte II pair in original black lacquer finish. That means factory lacquer. Crites titanium tweeter diaphrams installed. Otherwise all original. I bought these from the original owner in 2013. The cabinets are near perfect 9/10. Drivers are all fantastic 10/10. Grills are 10/10. The risers have some slight veneer chipping on the very bottom portion that is fairly typical with these so 8/10. I could reveneer the risers and reapply new lacquer on them for you if you want perfection. Original phenolic diaphragms included in boxes in the sale.


    Although these currently have the original crossovers installed, I have 2 other crossover options for the Forte II that I will discuss in PM with interested buyers who have made me an offer on the speakers. I want to find what works best for your situation. No crossovers are available in exclusive sales at this time.







  2. 14 minutes ago, Oicu812 said:

    What a nice amp!


    7 minutes ago, opusk2k9 said:

    Looks like you got an excellent haul.

    Well the Classe amp I recently bought from a different gentlemen in Illinois who also owns Klipsch, but is not a forum member. However I would recommend you keep an eye out for more equipment like this coming from @oldred . I am sure if I was not completely stuffed with gear I could have arranged for a larger haul, except my wife and my bank account would have surely objected.


    Even after selling 11 speakers in April, I am back at 33 speakers in my collection again. My wife is questioning my resolve to pair down. Spring has been exhausting. 5 trips to Illinois, 1 to Indiana, 2 to Minneapolis, 1 to Wisconsin, 1 to Iowa. I keep telling her that was the last trip. I think it is finally time for a someone to pay me a visit instead of all these deliveries and pick-ups.

  3. On 5/2/2019 at 8:44 PM, jimjimbo said:

    Hope you get them.  If so, put a good SS amp on them, and crank it.


    On 5/2/2019 at 9:09 PM, Woofers and Tweeters said:

    Agree ^^


    They should be able to sound great and, if NEED be, they can come alive. 


    Well I do have this now. 

    Gain: 29 dB
    S/N Ratio: More than 135 dB
    THD+N: 0.004%
    Channel configuration With 8 Ohms load
    Six (6) Channels 150 Watts x 6
    Five (5) Channels 300 Watts x 1 (bridged) + 150 Watts x 4
    Four (4) Channels 300 Watts x 2 (bridged) + 150 Watts x 2
    Three (3) Channels 300 Watts x 3 (bridged)
    Power Consumption (idle): 225 Watts
    Power input: 110V 60Hz
    Dimensions: 6 3/4" x 19" x 21 1/2"
    Net: 70 lbs.




    classe edit .jpg

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  4. 2 hours ago, opusk2k9 said:

    @314carpenter So are those walnut quartets along with the Chorus II?


    walnut Forte II in pristine condition. Not sure if I want to use them in side surround position to save floor space in the living room or what I will do with them. Also need to decide what to do with the orphan that ends up odd one out of the 5 channel base layer. I had been storing one on a shelf, and may do the same again. Or I may sell the orphan, but if I do that, then if I ever changed things down the road I would have to try to sell another single at that time.


    For now, I am just living the dream of a 5 channel base layer of Chorus II's in matching walnut flavor.




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  5. 14 hours ago, polizzio said:

    Can't nail a stop into ceramic tile

    Not true. You can easily. I do it all the time. Do not rent. Borrow. Standard homeowner cordless drill with a hammer mode for this job. 


    First to cut though the tile. Use a diamond bit like this one


    Standard drill function.Let the drill do the work. Do not push. Keep it wet. 

    Next follow up with the hammer drill bit into the concrete floor. This is where you use the hammer function. Use a vac to suck up the dust and silica.


    A real door stop will protect your door and your speakers. I happen to like this one.



     I typically use Tapcon anchors. Easy to use easy to remove. They even come with the appropriate masonary bit. Too bad Tapcons are blue. Hilti makes similar anchors in a metalic finish.


    Oh, and one more thing. Really try to keep those original Cornwall III boxes if at all possible.


  6. Hey guys. I really could not have asked for a better experience working with @oldred. His collection is extraordinary and in extremely fine condition. If you are a buyer, I recommend keeping an eye open in his direction. I hear there will be more premium items available soon. Real cool gear. Lucky for me my collection is very similar to his and these new pieces will make my dream system whole. You will not find a more gracious seller and host. 

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  7. 2 hours ago, ZEUS121996 said:

    So FRG is about 10 minutes big, I wonder who the seller was. Was there any other gear involved?


    It ended up being a members only thing. @oldred and I got together on a sale that worked for the both of us. Other gear was exactly what made this possible for me. My suv is completely stuffed. Good thing I did not buy anything else or I would have to had left my wife behind LOL. JK. Pics later. Just taking a meal break in FRG. More details to come.

  8. Rivernuggets does Oak Oil CHII. I sold him one pair myself. It is me looking for CHII Walnut oil. I just seen them on CL and was hoping to find them here in Garage and not in Alerts. I am willing to go $900, but $1100 and 300 miles is just not right for me. I guess I will have to wait another 18 months.


    My problem lies in the fact that I only need one single CHII to serve as a center channel and to replace the Forte II pair I use now. One speaker just sits on a shelf unused indefinitely. So it is like me paying $1100 for one speaker.


    These are very nice indeed, but I specialize in speaker restoration myself, so there is no added value there for me when they are already in top shape.

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