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  1. Good for you and him , you are a great Dad ! I have tried to do the same with my kids . That RC64 he is one lucky kid ! Or should I say young man .
  2. I just picked up a pair of IC-650-T celling speakers by Klipsch would these work for Atmos ?
  3. So would these work better for a 9.1 system?
  4. I picked up a set of IC-650-T celling speakers made by Klipsch ! I am sure I could use these for atmos ?
  5. I have it setup as a 7.1 and the Heresy are on backs or heights .
  6. My room is now about 26 by 23 but the towers are about 15 feet from each other with the Heresy and sub in in the middle. of course the rears are in the back and like I have said when you turn it on to hear enter the Sandman and you have no hair well you will start thinking it is growing ! Lol
  7. Yes they are , I got mine for just under $3000cd that would be $2600 I believe in US dollar!
  8. Yes they are , I got mine for just under $3000cd that would be $2600 I believe in US dollar!
  9. Exotic zebra-grain Linia veneer cabinet
  10. It is the P-312w , Klipsch's distributors are now involved and are doing what ever I would like to happen to deal with this . They are a good company and want to see the consumer happy. They do want me to wait and see how it will be fixed before I jump the gun and want something else . They even said they would put another 3 years warranty on it ! Well I still have 10 months but they would top it off to 3 years . they will also replace the sub amp with a new one and also let me keep the one that is in now that completely works ! Like I said they are trying to make it right and in this day lots of other companies would just put it all on the guy that damaged it . They might even give me a hi end Sub cable for they are looking into it . Well if this happens I believe it will be all ok It seems they walk the walk and stand behind their Products and service! Good for Klipsch's! I will except this and it's seems fair , what do you think ?
  11. Sent it in to a so called authorize warranty Depot !
  12. I am not sure how this is going to play out ? I spend $3000.00cd on that sub ! $2300us thats a lot to me ! I believe they have no choice!
  13. TWO RF7 IIRC 64 II CENTER TWO RP250S REARSKLIPSCH P-312 SUB plus. Two Heresy and the NR TX 747 thats what I am running also I just put up a wall to make the room 25 by 22
  14. The story just got worst ! I sent my sub in and they dropped and damaged it ! Incredible they want to get a Carpenter and wood finisher to fix it ! Don't think so , they need to give me a new one !
  15. This is what I am running, if you played enter the Sandman and you were bald , you would think you are growing hair ! Lol
  16. TWO RF7 IIRC 64 II CENTER TWO RP250S REARSKLIPSCH P-312 SUB and two Heresy with TX -NR Onkyo 747
  17. I have a Klipsch P312w my room is 36 by 32 and if I had two I am sure it would crack the basement walls !
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