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  1. I have my Klipsch P-312W SUBWOOFER up front AA6CEF0A-E9DC-4D98-8BFA-F788B24E06A7.thumb.jpeg.b2ed21a3834905d62ae9dbbad8a008bc.jpegC55D7DCC-E1E2-4EFE-8823-052D56C88736.thumb.jpeg.c15bc96c78b4c3c3b930442daeb5f35c.jpegand my  Saturn 12 on a  angle in the back of the room I have enough bass I believe can crack my basement walls ! If anyone knows we are not looking for that kind of bass . WE want Bass we can feel in our body even at low volume at times its there but we take it for granted ,it’s  amazing  

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  2. 3 hours ago, Cinema_head said:

    Very nice! May I make a suggestion? As cool as the subs may look set up that way (I personally have done the same) I can almost say with certainty that your wasting a lot of potential. In almost every case if you walk in a room and look at where the sub is. If its in the place that looks the best (coolest looking) its probably being wasted. Upfront like that almost never is the best place. Put one sub on the main listening spot (chair or couch). Turn the rest off and play strong bass song or movie. Crawl around the room and find the spots that have the best bass. Put 3 of your subs in those places. Obviously not in the middle of the room. But the 3 best places that they could be placed. The other one place near field (right behind or next to main listening place).  Your system might not look as cool but your bass performance will increase 500%(or more) I bet.


    One of those subs near field will have more bass than how your set up by it self I promise. I had one of your subs near field with a separate system. Massive bass just one a few ft away. 




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