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  1. Software ? I have a mic for right room correction .
  2. 30hz I not sure if my receiver goes that low ? RF-7 ll I will try and set it there . What would you have the Heresys at ? They are used for the backs not sound around backs .
  3. What HZ Level should I have my speakers on? I also have a set of Heresy 1 , I had them on 80hz THX , would that hurt them ? I move it to 90hz and the Onkyo TX-NR747 goes to 200hz I believe?
  4. RC 64 ll for $250 ? Wow that can't be right ?
  5. I also just realize that I need a 9.1 receiver to use them now ! There's more money .
  6. What I should of said , not the greatest for sound?
  7. So they are not good for sound .
  8. Does anyone know if these are good celling speakers the IC-650-T by Klipsch? I was thinking about using these for atmos ? will it work ?
  9. I been asking if these would be good to use for ATMOS ?
  10. My room is about 18 by 24 but that's just where the speaker are is just shape long and wide . The whole room is about 24 by 32 but there are walls for bathroom and bulk head
  11. Good for you and him , you are a great Dad ! I have tried to do the same with my kids . That RC64 he is one lucky kid ! Or should I say young man .
  12. I just picked up a pair of IC-650-T celling speakers by Klipsch would these work for Atmos ?
  13. So would these work better for a 9.1 system?
  14. I picked up a set of IC-650-T celling speakers made by Klipsch ! I am sure I could use these for atmos ?
  15. I have it setup as a 7.1 and the Heresy are on backs or heights .
  16. My room is now about 26 by 23 but the towers are about 15 feet from each other with the Heresy and sub in in the middle. of course the rears are in the back and like I have said when you turn it on to hear enter the Sandman and you have no hair well you will start thinking it is growing ! Lol
  17. Yes they are , I got mine for just under $3000cd that would be $2600 I believe in US dollar!
  18. Yes they are , I got mine for just under $3000cd that would be $2600 I believe in US dollar!
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