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  1. Also with all this new bass music that is out today there would be a market for it !
  2. Oh it's the SW-115 , so I believe I am going to get it and try anyway and if it doesn't work out i will sell it ! The palladium P-312 is a great sub eh ? I wish Klipsch's would and Bring back the RSW -15 and go up to RSW -18 and RSW-20 lol .... seriously they would make money plus all the home renovations installers would make money after the 20 inch would crack basements ! lmao
  3. Thanks , I am just getting back into audio was out of it some what but I learning all over again !
  4. Thanks I am going to pick it up , what the hell if it doesn't work I will sell it !
  5. Can pick up a SW-115 , can't afford another P-312w right now or should I say maybe one day ! this SW-115 never had one and for its category would it work to use as a second sub with the P-312w , or is this mixing McDonald's cheeseburger with lobster and steak ?
  6. Was reading your comments on the p-312w I have one and also I did have a RSW 15 . lost the RSW 15 in a basement flood! Anyway now I got the P-312w sounds great to me in many different ways then the RSW 15 but the RSW 15 was a killer loved it also . They should make them again for it would be a seller! I only have the P-312w now but a friend wants to sell a SW-115 , I was wondering could I use this as a second sub for my setup or would it be a waste of money ( it's going cheap) ? I would plug off the P-312w . Would the sound just not be right or would it be find ? What's your feelings on this ?
  7. This is it ! So my receiver has setting to have it on THX or just norm I believe so I set it on THX. should I take the other setting? Its has 3 ...12 inch speakers in it . also I was thinking to buy a SW-115 Klipsch sub for a second one and hook it up to the P-312w. what have you heard about the Klipsch SW-115 for it is a far less sub then the P-312w but I believe it would be ok for the back of the room ? The real truth its for cheep money !What does anyone feel about this . I can't afford another p-312w so that's out of the mix.
  8. Is the Klipsch's P-312w THX certified? I Want to make sure for my setup ?
  9. charles m

    New Case

    Pick this up today to setup my components into It . It's going to be flushed with the wall . Hope it all turns out ! It has two top fans and two bottom fans , love it ! Also pick up this older Monster HTS 3600 mkII are they good to use?
  10. The 62 II are center channels and the RP-250s are surrounds , I have them as my surrounds and they work great ! Not sure how that would work using center channels in place of the RP-250s for they are shape and made to be a surround speaker .
  11. I need to used the Heresy's so they got to be in the mix , also I believe I will be going to 9.1 so to keep it simple Atmos would still be working on all the channels right . What I read from what you sent me is I should be looking for a 11.1 Receiver .... ok now the money went up more . anyway I will read it over again when I have more time but I very much thank you for helping me .
  12. I have purchased two more speakers the IC 650 t celling speakers
  13. Ok I am losing you ? What this .... if you can help me save money fill me in !
  14. Ok I am losing you ? What this .... if you can help me save money fill me in !
  15. Yes I am now running 7.1 and the Heresy's where put into the mix as backs also I just pick up a pair of IC-650-t celling speakers so I can used them for ATMOS that is why I now need a 9.1 .
  16. Thanks , I don't intend to play them that loud for my ears would pop ! Thanks for your input ,also what you set the sounds around ones at and center?
  17. Yes I have and I believe I will be using it again but I will be sell this one soon because I want to go to a 9.1 and this onen only goes to 7.1 . I want to go the the SC-LX701 pioneer elite just need to sell this one first to get a down payment ! Lol
  18. Software ? I have a mic for right room correction .
  19. 30hz I not sure if my receiver goes that low ? RF-7 ll I will try and set it there . What would you have the Heresys at ? They are used for the backs not sound around backs .
  20. What HZ Level should I have my speakers on? I also have a set of Heresy 1 , I had them on 80hz THX , would that hurt them ? I move it to 90hz and the Onkyo TX-NR747 goes to 200hz I believe?
  21. RC 64 ll for $250 ? Wow that can't be right ?
  22. I also just realize that I need a 9.1 receiver to use them now ! There's more money .
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