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  1. Ok I am losing you ? What this .... if you can help me save money fill me in !
  2. Ok I am losing you ? What this .... if you can help me save money fill me in !
  3. Yes I am now running 7.1 and the Heresy's where put into the mix as backs also I just pick up a pair of IC-650-t celling speakers so I can used them for ATMOS that is why I now need a 9.1 .
  4. Thanks , I don't intend to play them that loud for my ears would pop ! Thanks for your input ,also what you set the sounds around ones at and center?
  5. Yes I have and I believe I will be using it again but I will be sell this one soon because I want to go to a 9.1 and this onen only goes to 7.1 . I want to go the the SC-LX701 pioneer elite just need to sell this one first to get a down payment ! Lol
  6. Software ? I have a mic for right room correction .
  7. 30hz I not sure if my receiver goes that low ? RF-7 ll I will try and set it there . What would you have the Heresys at ? They are used for the backs not sound around backs .
  8. What HZ Level should I have my speakers on? I also have a set of Heresy 1 , I had them on 80hz THX , would that hurt them ? I move it to 90hz and the Onkyo TX-NR747 goes to 200hz I believe?
  9. RC 64 ll for $250 ? Wow that can't be right ?
  10. I also just realize that I need a 9.1 receiver to use them now ! There's more money .
  11. What I should of said , not the greatest for sound?
  12. So they are not good for sound .
  13. Does anyone know if these are good celling speakers the IC-650-T by Klipsch? I was thinking about using these for atmos ? will it work ?
  14. I been asking if these would be good to use for ATMOS ?
  15. My room is about 18 by 24 but that's just where the speaker are is just shape long and wide . The whole room is about 24 by 32 but there are walls for bathroom and bulk head
  16. Good for you and him , you are a great Dad ! I have tried to do the same with my kids . That RC64 he is one lucky kid ! Or should I say young man .
  17. I just picked up a pair of IC-650-T celling speakers by Klipsch would these work for Atmos ?
  18. So would these work better for a 9.1 system?
  19. I picked up a set of IC-650-T celling speakers made by Klipsch ! I am sure I could use these for atmos ?
  20. I have it setup as a 7.1 and the Heresy are on backs or heights .
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