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  1. I soon will be upgrading my Forte II’s with Crites crossovers and diaphragms. I will also be going to a dedicated 2 channel music system. I have had class A/B Onkyo, Denon and Yamaha. Due for an upgrade. I was looking at a couple of highly regarded class D amplifiers, mostly the Peachtree Nova 150 or PS audios stellar gain cell. Just want the best bang for 2,500 or less that will not be too bright. I listen to very loud rock and blues. Recommendations?
  2. Question of the day? What can I expect to gain by replacing my 25 year old F2 crossovers with Crites crossovers and as a follow up question should I replace the diaphragms in the tweets and mids?
  3. Hey guys, I am a newbie but I have been an owner/fan of klipsch for many many years. I also have F2’s as my front mains. For the money you can get a new Yahama or Denon receiver that would get the job done (I have had both) I am in the process of upgrading my F2’s and looking for an amp myself. I am jumping up a class for sure with used McIntosh, Krell, Conrad Johnson etc..PARAGON is a great source for these brands. Wait 6 months toss another $250 at your system and really rock. I like it clean and loud. Just an opion> I will ask for input when I narrow down my selection as well. Peace to all Klipsch lovers
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