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    An API?

    I doubt there is one, but I wish this site had an API. I know their marketers have one, but it only lists it for specific products, and it would suck to manually have to grab each one. The API would be useful for many people, mostly for me because I just like to see things in machine readable format. I wish this was a thing, and it may become a thing as some point in time.
  2. No. The only outputs on the back of an Apple TV is HDMI out, service USB-C, power and ethernet.
  3. Have you tried searching about some speaker switches? You always have the option to run the output on your receiver in your theater room to that switch, and if you want to play music outside, just turn off the theater speakers and switch to outdoor speakers. I'm guessing there are some speaker switches with multiple speaker inputs instead of just one, but this seems like a simple fix to me. If you don't want to use speaker switches, I would just get another receiver if I were you. If I were you, I probably wouldn't wanna go all the way upstairs (assuming your home theater is upstairs (if you even have one) ) and have to switch inputs if I just quickly wanted to switch between my phone and/or FM. EDIT: By speaker switches, I meant a switch that will choose between the first or second output.
  4. So, I must be the only one, but I'm confused on how many speakers there are in a single purchase. For example, the RP-280F floor-standing speakers (on Amazon) has an option to purchase as a pair... so does that mean that if you purchase from Klipsch directly, you will get 2 floor-standing speaker inside the package instead of 1? I'm also guessing the pair option on Amazon means that you will be getting 4 inside? I thought a pair was two speakers that go together, maybe Amazon is just really weird at wording it.
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