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  1. Hello All, I just moved to a new home and we have a large den area 18' L x 30' W x 7.5' H. This is a shared space so the home theater area will be something like 18' X 14'. The illustration has the TV area and a game table. I currently own a 5.1.4 setup of all Reference Premier. It hasn't let me down over the past 7 years. I'm thinking of repurposing my existing speakers and upgrade my front sound stage. I can also split items and move them to other parts of the house. 2 x RP-250F (L/R) 1 X RP-250C (C) 2 x RP-150M (RS) 4 x RP-140SA (Atmos) 1 x R-112SW (Sub) Looking at Crutchfield they have both the RP-8000F and RP-8000F II available. The first gen has a deep discount. Same goes for the RP-504C and RP-504C II. I would need to upgrade my AVR as well. I was looking at the Onkyo RZ-50. However, I'm open to other brands Denon, Marantz, etc. if it is worth it. A few questions: For a space this big would you stick with 5.1.4 or go to 7.1.4? Are the Gen II of the RP-8000 worth the extra amount? They are nearly double the cost. Should I save the money and upgrade the sub? Will this new front stage pair well with the rest of the setup. Will the RP-140SA do the job for Atmos, should I upgrade to in-ceilings or mount them as heights instead of up firing? Thanks! Drewski
  2. I have a very similar room layout including all the toys My layout mirrors option 2 but I'm using a set of RP-150Ms as the surrounds instead of dipoles. I try to hog the sweet spot most of the time but others concerns are right, people sitting close to those speakers get a very uneven experience. If you have Audessy, MCACC, or equivalent make sure you run it to balance it out. Also, You may want to add a rug and some curtains to diffuse some of the sound.
  3. Very much so, I love these speakers. I have not disabled the sub, just dialed the gain back a bit so it isn't so boomy at night. It is a shared family room 23'L x 11'W x 7'H where the main seating area is 8.5'L x 11'W x 7'H. AVR is VSX-LX301 The 250Fs are about a foot from the wall toed in a bit.
  4. So, I messed around with the EQ a bit. Looks like when I used the microphone to auto-configure the system with MCACC it removed all the bass response from the towers. I disabled it completely and it's a world of difference. I'm going to a little more testing with setting the fronts back and forth from Small/Large, Crossovers between 50 and 80 and Double Bass.
  5. Hi Everyone, I have a pair of RP-140SA sitting on top of my RP-250F speakers. The ceilings are low in my room, 7 feet, would it be better to wall mount them as height channels? There is not much immersion or noticeable sound coming when sitting on the sofa 8 feet away. Would this still give the same effect for Dolby Atmos content? Thanks, Drew
  6. Yup, I tried running them both has Large and Small.
  7. My current configuration consists of a 5.1.2 setup. Kind of a newbie question but my front towers do not get much bass when listing to music or watching movies. Pretty much all bass goes to the LFE channel. However, I would like to disable the sub sometimes. Mostly for late night viewing. I tried setting my crossover to 50hz and 80hz. I also tried enabling double bass. It may be a content issue, if I try a "bass test" video on YouTube the towers have noticeable woofer movement and air pressure from the ports. If I am listing to music or a movie they do not produce much bass. Speakers L/R - RP-250F C - RP-250C Surround - RP-150M Height - RP-140SA Sub - R-112SW AVR Pioneer Elite VSX-LX301 Inputs Apple 4K TV Oppo UDP-203
  8. I have an extra pair of Klipsh RP-140SA Elevation speakers. I was wondering if they can be re-purposed as a pair of bookshelf speakers. The SVS Prime Elevation speakers can be rotated to become L/R speakers. Do the Klipsch have enough frequency support to be used for music and 2 channel TV audio?
  9. Yup, it didn't work. Just wanted to make sure that I'm not chasing the wrong thing. Thanks!
  10. I'm having a hard time finding a Jensen TA-R1 online. Would the isolator purchased do the same thing? https://www.amazon.com/Transformer-Eliminator-Blue-Jeans-Cable/dp/B00GG1PK5W
  11. Are there any suggestions on what dummy plug to get, any links would be helpful thanks!
  12. Does the dummy plug go right into the wall outlet? Is this just for a test? Is there risk of the sub getting fried?
  13. Hi Everyone, I also have a low-frequency hum coming from my subwoofer. It increases as I turn up the gain as well. I tried a bunch of different things but can't seem to get rid of it. The Hum happens no matter what I do. The only time it is not an issue is when the cable is not plugged into the LFE input. I thought it may be a ground loop issue but can't seem to get rid of it. My Audio Setup: Pioneer Elite VSX-LX301 -> Klipsch 5.1.2 | RP-250F | RP-250C | RP-150M | RP-140SA | R-112SW No Hum - Powered off, other components on No Hum - LFE Remove Cable and power on Hum - LFE Cable inserted Hum - LFE Cable rerouted so it is not near any other power cables or signal cables. Hum - Changed LFE Cable Hum - Added in a Blue Jeans Subwoofer Isolation Transformer between Sub and AVR Hum - Changed power cable Hum - Plugged Sub directly into the wall outlet Hum - Plugged Sub into power conditioner with other components Hum - Removed all HDMI and Optical Inputs from the AVR Hum - Changed Subwoofer Plate Amp (RMA from Klipsch)
  14. I just received the new plate amp and installed it. After some basic testing, the cutting out does not occur anymore. Guess it was a defective amp. A+ to Klipsch Support for sending this out so quickly.
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