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  1. 6 minutes ago, Fleawatt said:

    I believe it is the stock 34mm acrylic platter.  This is the original, version one, Scout.  I can measure it to be sure if you want?

    Not necessary. I thought it was the acrylic platter, but it's dark in the pic.  This is clearly a better table than my Rek o Kut, lol (I'm that guy btw).  What's the plan for your vinyl game (you can pm me if you don't wanna clutter your FS post)?  Are you a member of the NEOVC vinyl group?  It's pretty big and active.  I've sent your vpi to a few of the less miserly members, lol- 

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  2. Great Job-  they look really nice.  I think the way the residual black makes the grain stand out makes up for the fact that they aren't book matched. The base sets them off nicely too.  If you don't want to go the harsh chemical route, citrus-strip isn't too bad and is reasonably effective.  You can use it inside, just don't expect miracles from it.  Apply, cover in plastic wrap and let set for an hour then scrape with a good sharp cabinet scraper.  It will save you some wear on the veneer though which is the biggest worry with a project like this-  and a few doze sheets of sandpaper.  

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    21 minutes ago, joessportster said:

    That might be what schiit says now. When saga came out with S initially it had tube buffer or ss pasive options. thee newer + has a motorized Volume pot and no screws on top. same circuit as the original S................Schiit leaves a LOT to be desired on there web site when they make changes to gear the older info is done away with, which can lead to confusion. I had the exact same model Madman is trying to sell here, And I queried SCHIIT directly to clarify this info before selling mine approx 1 month ago.


    Madman I put mine on the bay and it sold first day for 275 BIN but there fees do bite you in the a$$


    Thank you. I've never been very good at keeping my Schiit straight... GLWS.  If by some miracle you have it after the holidays, I may step in it again.  

  4. 30 minutes ago, billybob said:

    Looks like the + is to do with the volume control per specs.

    Nice deal, Glws!


    still confuzzled

    The new Saga S is a half-width, remote-controlled solid state pre-amplifier with relay-switched volume control and a choice of single-ended passive or active operational modes, the latter powered by a “DC-coupled discrete JFET buffer”, all for US$299. The Saga+ swaps out the JFET buffer for a tube stage for an extra hundred bucks: US$399.

  5. 1 hour ago, JohnW said:

    I am. I thought about playing it safe with the Reisong A10--I can always send it back if it doesn't do anything for me, but given it's only 6 watts per channel, I could listen to Nora Jones all day, but when it comes to an action movie, I might be SOL.

    So I've been googling brands: Nobsound, BoyuRange, all Chinese, mostly great reviews, but quite a few reviews describing smoke, funny smells...hmmm...

    Then there were the Fishers and Scotts, and some old Magnavoxes that have been pulled from consoles...and their reputation is good...the stereo I started listening to was my parents' Magnavox console...perhaps that might stir something deep in my musical psyche...but it looks like this gear takes a bit of maintenance, and while I'm certain I could teach myself how to do it, I'm not inclined to. Then there's the whole curb appeal issue (I'm happily married).

    Went down the ST70 rabbit hole...that kept me up late in bed until the power died on my iPad last night. While I'm curious, it's a lot of money for used gear that always seems to have the original tubes. You know, from 1963. Now I've nothing against 1963, I'm from 1963 myself, but bits of me are wearing out and I know I don't sound as good as I used to, so...

    Then I looked at Jolida. Couple of them were available on OfferUp and FB Marketplace...like I said, I missed the boat on a JD302B on Ebay, and there's a Jolida 801a for $1000, but the ad is two years old and the guy who posted it isn't responding.

    Then I found an open box
    Fusion 3502P at Music Direct for a good price...it's the right color for my rack (black with blue leds), and of the few reviews I've been able to dig up on Jolida, it seems the gear is an incredible value.

    So I bought it. Hopefully it's the last amp I'll need for a while. I'm confident that the quality won't be questionable, and that it has more than enough power to meet my needs, so it really comes down how much I like listening to it. Which is what I was after in the first place: a good starting point in the world of tubes.

    60 day money-back guarantee (shipping's on me if I'm not satisfied).

    So, all things considered (and there's a LOT) this seems like the best choice, and the only one worth making so far.




    My buddy just took delivery of that very same amp (in silver) this past week.  It's his first tube amp and he loves it.  He's driving a pair of KG 3.5 (apartment).  You know you will need a preamp of some sort, don't you?  

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  6. 21 hours ago, JohnW said:

    I wish I had a frame of reference for how loud these things can get.

    Lust object for the day: Jolida Fusion 3502p. A bit pricey though.

    I had an SE84 for awhile.  Nice tone, but it did not stay in the system long and I'm running khorns which I feel are a bit more efficient than the Cornwalls I had.  That EL84 tube is nice on the Cornwall though.  I have an ST 35 that puts out a stout 17 wpc with push pull EL 84s and it sounded fantastic and had tons of grunt.  The one power transformer in the ST 35 are heavier than the whole  Decware.  I got my ST 35 with the Gillespie mods and fully serviced for $550 delivered.  My experience with tube amps is you should be patient and wait for the right one to come along.  Keep your powder dry so you're ready to jump.  Keep an eye on here.  Great stuff routinely gets posted for deals.


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  7. 12 hours ago, joessportster said:

    Consider yourself in the minority of those that have no curiosity which forces them to seek the next greatest piece of audio.😁  I cant tell you or anyone how much $$$ I might have saved over the years if I had found even 1 component that I felt there was no improving on 😈


    I understand this feeling.  I felt that same way about women for many years, but eventually you just have to accept the fact that the problem is internal and the pursuit is often self-defeating, lol.

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  8. On 10/28/2020 at 12:46 PM, babadono said:

    Sound transmission(from one area space to the next) or absorption(the stopping of reflections back into the space where the sound came from)? They are not the same. A 6" thick slab of concrete between his source and microphone would measure better in his test.

    Or he could of just moved the microphone a couple hundred feet from the speaker.  Isolation ftw!

  9. 13 hours ago, RandyH000 said:

    These are 1975 --KHORN DESIGNER without grilles ------1/2 inch Birch --------gotta be quite heavy given these are birch vs plywood -great price for Birch cabs ------

    They are birch veneer on plywood.

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