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  1. Tough to see, but looks like a Ortofon Black on it in the pics.
  2. They could of at least slathered some Danish Oil on the scratches to help hide them.
  3. Godataloss


    That is a great deal. Sometimes it's easier to sell something you love quickly at a price you know you don't have to negotiate from. "Come and get 'em" deal...
  4. Been wearing Darn Tough socks for the last ten years. I will not wear anything else. Lifetime guarantee, but I have never had to return a pair.
  5. Are these the ND model or regular magnet?
  6. That's probably each. My khorns were easier to move than my buddy's La Scalas.
  7. Damn that's some sexy right there! Wonder what gear is lurking in the cabinet...
  8. 2.5 kw flowing through this mickey mouse connection?
  9. Still amazed at the number of folks that recommend Howard's Feed n Wax be used on Heritage speakers. The stuff is not a finish and is not a wax and will have to be removed if you plan on applying a new finish or repairing an existing finish on the speakers- especially important if trying to apply something like poly over it. Not looking for an argument with the Howard's adherents. It's not a finish. It's an oily shit-mess. The best advice here is @PrestonTom- find out what the factory finish is and go from there.
  10. 'rated to 1000 watts'. I would not want to be in the room when 1000 watts was applied to them.
  11. I had those ball bearing casters on a pair of Yamaha towers. They will scratch the floor and seize up in a few years. Then they will really scratch the floor. Took them off and switched to heavy felt pads.
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