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    Volti-Modded Ramblin' Rose K-horns with Crites Woofer, BMS 4592nd mids and Fostex t500AMKIII tweeters. Scott 340a. Parks Audio Budgie Phono stage. Modded VPI HW-19 Jr table with Ortofon Black cart.

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  1. Beautiful speakers and very fair asking price. I'm sorry you have to part with them, but you will be making someone very happy. The universe remembers
  2. Good luck. I couldn't sell a pair for half that a couple years ago. Father in law is now king of the trailer park with them.
  3. Nice deal on these. Sharp looking speaker.
  4. KG4s are such a fantastic all-arounder. I used to see them locally all the time. Not so much anymore.
  5. I believe those are designed as direct replacements for the Khorn/La Scala mid range.
  6. They're mine. Tons of feedback in the first couple days of listing. Universal praise for their looks: comments all over the board on the asking price. I guess that would make it right then. The biggest complainers are naturally the guys with khorns that can't believe you could ever improve on them. You would have thought I gave the Venus de Milo a boob job.
  7. I've been to that place in Baltimore. They get some amazing stuff. There's another one near there that is more 'arty' stuffs.
  8. I'd like to know the veneer code. I think those are Ramblin' Rose like mine. Only other pair I've seen.
  9. Alas, it may be time to sell my Ramblin' Rose Khorns...
  10. Thank god I didn't see this before today. Nice deal on those. You made someone very happy.
  11. Wonderful amps. If you like a dead quiet system, these are for you. What are you keeping instead of these?
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