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  1. I wrapped my Cornwall metal horns in this flexible rope caulking. It's also good for sealing drivers and backs. It's super heavy and dense and cheap as well.
  2. Sold off all my solid state gear awhile ago, but I'd love to own one of those.
  3. Eclectic interior design choices playing the swords off of the Bobby Jones commemorative Augusta rug.
  4. I would of loved to have that owner's manual when I still had mine. You should upload it to hifiengine.com for posterity.
  5. I'd be interested as well depending on the pressing and condition?
  6. I thought the same thing. It's like that blue dress meme- https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_dress
  7. Hope he never plugged that thing into this outlet in his video-
  8. Nice build! I'm wondering if the magnets on the grill are necessary of if you could of use slugs or ferris washers. I've considered adding magnetic grills in the past and worried that magnets on on both pieces would be overkill. Plus knowing my luck I'd invert the polarity on one side or the other and the grills would repel, lol.
  9. What size drivers are in these? Ever get closer to Cleveland?
  10. There appears to be one tube in there, lol...
  11. Better deal without the drivers imho.
  12. I agree with this 100% though if they were mine I would likely use shellac instead because I think it looks more natural on birch. It's not as easy to work with though. I would not recommend an oil finish on birch as others have suggested. It is a soft wood and could benefit from some protection as Dave A mentions. Also, an oil finish will not protect from dirty fingerprints.
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