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  1. Looks pretty. Not sure I'm ready for that either, lol. Something SS in good condition ~$500 giving around 300wpc would fit the bill, I think..
  2. Yikes, that thing is for PA use and such. Think I’d be seriously out of my depth there! 😂
  3. Been looking for something “real” to drive my CF4s. Would this fit the bill @RandyH000or something different? Serious question and I’ll probably be making a thread about it.
  4. Good times... I bet "Jose" has some sweet 1942 Khorns and knows where Jimmy Hoffa's at, too.
  5. Heads up mods, @Jason31 is a fresh scammer. Just IM’d me with the typical MO message, replete with the scammer calling card word, “kindly.” These idiots never learn.
  6. I’d call it nothing short of luck that I located one with one post in under a week, within an hour’s drive. Damn thing could’ve been anywhere in the world, lol. Big shout out to @Iteachstem. Great guy to know. We ended up chatting most of my way home. This is a great community and I’m glad to be a part of it. One of the best forums I’ve joined.
  7. Wow! What are the odds... Not only am I also in Illinois, but I used to live close to you, in St. Charles, out by Lily Lake, now known as Campton Hills. I’d say it’d be fine in a padded shipping envelope, but I could honestly just drive out to you. You’re less than an hour away, lol.
  8. Anyone else personally own or heard these subs and can elaborate how they may stack up next to say, Klipsch R-12SW?
  9. I can tag a pair of these for $250 (msrp apparently was $338/each). Opinions overall? And if they’d do justice complimenting Epic CF4s?
  10. Cool guys, thanks! At first I got excited about those eBay ones, but they could be better. The color looks off as they’re a bright gold vs the original’s subdued tone, and the letters sit in the background opposed to the original’s rising above it. Would have to tear off my good factory one and stick on the eBay ones just to match. Not attacking at all, just noting the dissimilarity. I’ll keep my search going for a rogue OEM logo. Thanks again!
  11. Title pretty much says all. I'm thinking the logo is exactly the same across the CF line (1-4), if anyone would like to confirm. Thanks!
  12. Yeah, can't hurt. I'd bet it's the same across the line.
  13. Thanks brotha. They have a dozen or so different logos on eBay, of course not for the Epic line. Suppose I could commission it to be 3D printed. Meh, maybe if I become desperate enough if I don't find an original.
  14. I'm a derp. I didn't realize the listing was that old. I just figured things that populated in that app would be up to date. Yikes..
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