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  1. Now that I think about it, probably better that I didn't know sooner. Too tempting to keep upgrading gear.
  2. Of course. I found out about him on this forum early this summer. Wish I would have known sooner.
  3. I had a 250C, it was a very good center. I am sure a 440C is a significant upgrade. I went up to a 450C and the difference was huge. If there was a 460 or 470C, I would be tempted. It never ends.
  4. Be careful with B stock. Klipsch warranty on B stock is only 90 days. Not worth the discount IMO. Not to mention there is a soon to be famous Klipsch retailer on this forum that offers very competitive pricing and service to match.
  5. Hello. Klipsch.com, along with some other authorized sites are currently offering the RP-160M in Walnut for $55 less than the Cherry and Black. I would prefer the Cherry to match my fronts and center, but for the difference in price, I am tempted, My question is whether this will be much of an upgrade, or am I just being bitten by the upgrade bug. I currently run RP-260 fronts and RP-450C center, along with a pair of Polk RTI-A1 book shelf speakers for rears. The Polks are great looking speakers, but their sensitivity is 89 db, vs. mid 90's for the Klipschs. My Yamaha AVR wants me to set the rear volume levels way into the positive range to compensate for the difference. I have read that this may not be good for the avr to run speaker levels well above 0, although I'm not sure how much this applies to the rears. Do you think I would notice much of a difference by changing to the RP-160, or should I save my money for another future upgrade or addition to my system? Thanks.
  6. Anyone interested at $125 local pickup, or $125 plus shipping?
  7. Price reduced to $130 plus shipping, or local pickup around Pittsburgh Pa. Excellent condition. Additional pictures available on request.
  8. Well cared for. Excellent condition, both cosmetically and functionally. Purchased 12/2015 from authorized dealer. Original packaging included. Prefer local pick up around Pittsburgh Pa., but will ship for actual cost. Can also ship double boxed if needed.. Asking $150. I can email additional detailed photos if interested.
  9. Thanks for the reply. We don't listen that loud. With the 250C, It seems that the balance with the mains and surrounds is off. I run it around 2 DB hotter than the mains and surrounds, and at the given volume to hear dialogue clearly, the special effects and background gets too loud at times. I was hoping a bigger center might even it out. Make sense?
  10. Finally got my TV raised off the cabinet, allowing me to bring the 250C out of the speaker compartment and up on the top of the cabinet. I noticed an immediate improvement in the performance of the center. This also gives me the option to upgrade the center to an RP-440C or even a 450C. What to do? Will I notice a big improvement with either or both? Opinions appreciated.
  11. If top priority is dialogue clarity and off axis dispersion, in a wide room with high ceilings, do any of the RP centers have a significant advantage? Thanks.
  12. I was told by Klipsch that both the 440C and 450C are two way centers, that all 4 woofers play the same frequency range.
  13. Are you reading this Klipsch? Give the people what they want! Seriously, there are several people over at AVS Forum that have expressed the same interest in such a center. It would be similar to the RC-62ii, but with the RP pedigree. You can sign me up for one.
  14. It was Klipsch product support that I called. Although I would prefer the 450C, I haven't ruled out the 440C. It definitely has higher WAF than the 450C. I am a little worried that the 4 inch drivers in the 440C would not be a significant upgrade above my current RP-250C. User and expert reviews of the 440C are hard to find. There are a lot of people, including myself, that would like to see Klipsch produce an RP-260C, with 2x 61/2 woofers. It would be easier to place and probably be a big seller.
  15. I am currently running a 5.1 with RP-260F and RP-250C powered by Yamaha RX-A1060 at 110 watts/channel 8 ohms with 2 channels driven. I planned to upgrade the center to an RP-450C, but was told by Klipsch rep that my AVR was not powerful enough. He said I need minimum 150/channel and that I should consider RP-440C. Just wondering what avr others are using, in what configurations. Thanks.
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