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  1. Actually it was stepped. First the AVR, then the center, then the fronts, then the amp. Eventually I may match all the speakers, but right now it's actually pretty good.
  2. I was asked to let some of you know the difference once I got my new set up. Well here is what I have found so far. So, I don't have a complete matching set of Klipsch speakers yet (I am still mixing the RP and P lines). I moved from a Onkyo TXNR-656 with Klipsch 250C center and R28F fronts. I replaced the Onkyo with a Marantz SR6011 and Outlaw 7125 amp. I replaced the 250C with a 450C and the fronts with RP280F, and moved the R28F to by back speakers. I thought it might make a difference, but it was even greater than what I realized. I don't know what the combination did, but now volume at 30 is louder than it was at 60, and much, much more clean. I did add a second sub, and re-calibrated the system using Audyssey, and it seemed to do a very good job. I don't know if I really needed all these changes, as I can't even get close to maxing the speakers without blowing me out sound wise. . Still there is no distortion at my preferred listening levels, or even above. Music in stereo mode is amazing as well. I know there are way more expensive speakers out there, but I'm happy with the RP line, and think they will serve me for a long time.
  3. I am exploring it, but I don't think many people are doing it. Right now I don't have the perfect setup, and asking for help is simply a no go. I will experiment with it and see how much of a WOW I get. I may go back to my 7.2, well see...
  4. I did the something similar. I ended up getting the RP280F's for the fronts, and the 450C for the center, and moved my R28F to the rear as surround speakers. So far it sounds great. I don't know if the sound would improve should I change out the R28F to the RP line, but right now the $$$ vs Quality ratio doesn't make sense to me since I already own the R28F. However I haven't heard the difference, so I can't say for sure, but for the size of my room, I really don't think it will make a difference.
  5. I guess I am going to start by sitting the speakers on top of the SB speakers, facing up, and go from there. I did this with the fronts, and I really can't tell any difference. Maybe it's the source material I'm listening to. Eventually I'll run some wire, and try it at different heights. But since I don't currently have any back height speakers, I was really wanting to get the "right" speakers so I didn't waste my time or money, since my fronts may be the wrong type of speakers. I'll do some more research, and see what would be best for my room setup.
  6. Attached is a basic setup of my Theater Room. I have extra speakers that I can use for ATMOS speakers until I get the proper ones. (They will be R14M). Currently I have the fronts sitting on top of my 280F's, facing the ceiling. I have a 12' ceiling where they are facing, which makes about a 4' run around the theater room. The center is what they call a tray ceiling and it goes up another 2-4 foot and has a place I can put speakers but would have to add the wiring, then have them facing downward. So for the time, I have attached a basic layout of my theater room, and where the speakers are located. I don't have a lot of choice where I put some of the speakers, but I could do some re-arranging. 1. Where do you think I should put the rear ATMOS speakers? 2. Are the front ATMOS (height speakers) okay for now, or should I try to mount them higher? 3. Any suggestions on re-arranging the SUB's? I know I need to get all the speakers to match, and eventually I will, but for now this is what I have to work with. BTW. I can tell a huge difference with the speakers hooked up to the Outlaw 7125 vs just going through the AVR!
  7. I found a great deal on an Outlaw 7125 (599 with a 5 year warranty) 125 watts per channel. I'm going to run the 7 channels through it, and then the height speakers through the SR6011.
  8. I went from the R250C to the RP-450C, and the dialog clarity is astonishingly better. The 250 was no slouch, but the 450 is IMO, remarkably better. I cannot compare the RC62II as I haven't heard one, but the 450C with the 280F is great!
  9. Any recommendations on a good 2-3 channel amp?
  10. Thank you for the input, and thank you for the welcome. I still have 30 days left to take the SR6011 back. I noticed I could get a Denon X6300H for $1499 OTD, While I paid $909 OTD for the Marantz. The Denon has 11 channels, and the Marantz 9 (unless you get a AMP, then it will do 11). The Denon has 140 Watts per channel, and the Marantz 110. The Marantz sounds really good, but right now it is still driving the 28F's, since the 280's haven't come in yet. I don't have any experience with Denon, but I know the 6300 model is at least two steps up from the Marantz 6011 model. So the question is do you, or anyone else think that the Denon X6300H is $590 better than the Marantz SR6011?
  11. Here is the deal, as I just got the theater room completed with my Marantz SR6011 I had the following speakers: 1. R28F Fronts 2. R25C Center 3. R15M Surround 4. R14M Back 5. R12SW For our anniversary, my wife got me the following 1. RP280F (these will be my new fronts) 2. RP450CA (my new center) 3. SW112 (This will be my 2nd subwoofer) I had originally gotten the Klipsch system at Best Buy on Black Friday for half off. Though I liked them, I always stated how I would really like the RP line, but didn’t think anything about it. I guess my wife listened, and got what she could for me. Now. I really would like in time to upgrade them all, but until then how would you suggest to move them around, and get your suggestions. Here is what I was thinking. 1. Replace the R15M Surround with the R28F 2. Replace the R14M with the R15M 3. Make the R14M front Height speakers 4. Move the new R112SW to the opposite corner of the room (make them diagonal of each other) BTW how well do you think the RS6011 will play with the new speakers? Enough power, etc. I haven't made any changes yet... I will re-run Audyssey® Thank you to my wife for the dilemma Thank you, fellow members, for the kind insight.
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