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  1. Hi USparc, yes i read your mods for the rf3. Sounds great, how did you figured out the specs of the parts for the crossover ? Are your 2 woofers connected parallel or in series ? Can you mail me your schematic? Perhaps i try to add another woofer. A vintage Philips fullrange speaker in TQWT enclosure made much more deeper and more precise bass than the RB-5, but not so efficient mid bass. Perhaps you are right and the bracing can improve precision, i will try it. greetings, Falko
  2. Thanks for your response. a subwoofer is another project, i wanted to build. Perhaps you know a good active crossover easy to build(without amplifier, i only use my own tube amps)? I have allready a vintage 12 " alnico woofer from Saba and 4 8" Philips Ticonal 400 Ohm woofer - great for OTL tube amps.
  3. I want to modify my Klipsch RB-5 speakers to get some more deeper bass. I thought about using a tqwt or horn enclosure. perhaps: http://www.plasmatweeter.de/jericho.htm or http://www.hornlautsprecher.de/DIndex/DHifi/DFostex/DBk201/dbk201.html both horn enclosures are designed for Fostex FE208Sigma Does anyone know if they would work with klipsch k-1084-sb ? There can i find specs for the klipsch k-1084-sb woofer ?
  4. a 5Watt Single Ended ECL82 amp is enough, i have this combination. sounds great, tube amps are much better than transistor amps, try it, Falko
  5. Hi mdeneen, Yes the appearance and the tube-freak who sold me the amp assured me, it is an audiophile design. But most convincing is the sound. I think single ended tube amps sound better than others. No, the schematics above are all push pull designs. I could try to read the schematic from the platine, the only question is, what kind of output-transformers are used. (i can read: 195 VAC in) Should be no prob to calculate the output-transformers ? Are you interested in the schematics ? Falko
  6. I do have a stereo SE 6BM8 amp (second hand- but nearly new - ebay). But i do not know the manufacturer or schematic, but i think it would be very easy to built, -not many parts. And the amp does sounds fantastic. (best with telefunken ECL82). I drive Klipsch RB-5 with them (- it is a killersound, i can mobilize my neighbor with 1/2 Volume-level.). Its a modern & audiophile design + silverconections inside + ALPS Poti + 4 Sources-input-switcher.. On the front is writen (on a golden metal plate) "Sterling Connection 6BM8 Midged SE Tube Amplifier" It is just 28cm X 29cm X 8 cm small and looks nice. Does anyone has an idea how to find out the schematics/manufacturer ? Falko
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