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  1. AVR uprade help?

    Good point. If there wasn't a discernible difference, why go at all? I'm fairly handy with the ole' soldering iron, so I'm going to order the parts and try it out! Thanks again for the response!
  2. AVR uprade help?

    If there is no discernible difference between the two, is it even worth the effort to convert them over to B-2? Thanks for any input!
  3. AVR uprade help?

    The crossovers have been recently upgraded with Dayton caps. I've thought about getting the few extra parts and converting them to "Type B-2" just to see what the difference is. Otherwise, I'm fairly happy with the way it sounds now. Thanks for the suggestion though!
  4. AVR uprade help?

    Thanks for the replies!! I originally just gave up too quickly. I took the receiver back out of the shipping box, hooked everything up and spent quite some time with it. I was able to adjust and tweak everything to my liking. 5-channel audio is now great and the Cornwalls really come alive when in 2-channel. I've always liked 5-channels for music for the "immersion factor". I now realize that I'm immersed enough when the Cornwalls "wake up"! Overall I'm happy with the sound. I'm sure there's more to gain, but I'm happy for now. In the future I may visit pre-amps and tubes....baby steps! Thanks again!
  5. AVR uprade help?

    Funny you should say this! I was just about to start a new thread until I saw your response. I just purchased a Denon AVR-x3300W from accessories4less a few days ago. Last year this AVR went from $1000 to $600 presently(new). I bought a factory refurb for $450. The output specs looked similar to what I have now(within 5 watts/channel). The unit sounds great but it just doesn't have the "in your face" max volume that I was looking for. My old Denon 3802 is considerably louder. I should have looked at the power supply rating rather than the skewed channel ratings. I can send it back, but I'll lose $100 in doing so with shipping and restocking fees. So my question is; Do I take the $100 hit or do I keep it and purchase an external amplifier for the L/R channels? The new Denon does have pre-outs. Does anyone have a recommendation for a reasonably priced 2-channel amplifier? Does a cheaper AVR with an external amplifier equal a considerably more expensive AVR? Thanks again for any input.....Mark
  6. AVR uprade help?

    My current Denon AVR-3802 has served me well with the Reference Series (RF-3, RC-3 and RS-3)for the past 15 years, but it's time to move on. I recently purchased a pair of Cornwalls and would like some help with a new AVR recommendation. I will say that I feel like an oddity with my listening preferences. I like to listen to music in 5.1 and prefer my music to be "bright". I'd like to stay away from the "tube" sound. Tubes sound great, but they are a little too flat for me. I'm looking for a "brighter" receiver with all of the newer features(bluetooth especially). I basically want a receiver that will do the Cornwalls some justice and brighten them up a bit. I don't see myself needing anything more than 5.1 and don't see the need for 4K. I currently have HDMI's going straight to the LCD with audio being back fed via fiber. My music to movie ratio is around 3:1. I'd like to stay in the range of $500-$1000. As always, thanks for any input... Mark
  7. WTB: Cornwall or Chorus

    Just as the title says, I'm looking to buy one or the other. Must be in good shape. I live in central Michigan and can travel up to a 2-3 hours away if need be. Thanks!!!