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  1. I love it with my speakers. I tend to listen to newer music though(Glass Animals, Awolnation, Silversun Pickups etc...) This type of music seems to be half instrument and half electronic. Speakers that are designated as "Home Theater" such as the RF-7ii seems to thrive with this type of music, to me anyways. I'm not a tube fan and have had upgraded Cornwalls in the past and didn't care for them at all. Needless to say, take my opinion with a grain of salt! The amp I had before was a Parasound HCA-1200ii. The Outlaw definitely has better midrange and has more "sparkle" on the high end. I did a test and had the Outlaw on one speaker and the Parasound on the other. The Outlaw was noticeably better. My wife picked out the "Outlaw speaker" every time. The Parasound is also older, maybe the caps need replacement?
  2. **UPDATE** I dropped it off at Gibson's on the 14th and picked it up on the 23rd. They replaced a pair of transistors on each of the 5 channels. The channels are now silent and it sounds amazing. The cost was $240 (plus the 1.5 hour drive each way). Outlaw wanted $100 per channel plus the shipping of $170 EACH way. This could have been $700-$800 fiasco. I probably would have sold it at a huge loss if this were my only option. I am extremely happy considering my other options. My total amount for the amp and repair were a touch more than I wanted to spend, but in the end, everything worked out. Thanks again for the help!!!!
  3. I'm hoping it'll be cheaper than sending it to Outlaw. Outlaw is a minimum $350-$400 just in shipping alone....the package is 92 lbs. Luckily, Gibson's in Detroit said they'll look at. I'm taking it there tomorrow.
  4. I contacted Outlaw. They seem to think the bias has been degraded on the input transistors. They believe it's from swapping RCA/XLR cables without powering down the unit. They won't tell me which transistors though, I'd like to swap them out myself.
  5. I went down this road. His speakers sounded clean because they have a sensitivity of 86 db. We went round and round, ultimately I'm stuck with it. I'll hook it up to some other non efficient speakers I have have lying around. If they sound decent with them, I'll probably just relist the amp. If not, the question becomes, do I fix or do I take a loss and buy new? We shall see? Thanks for your input!!!
  6. Thanks for all the replies! I've tried a cheater plug, didn't make a difference. I have no doubt that the problem only lies in these two channels. The other 3 are almost silent. I've swapped cables every which way to rule out or confirm the problem channels. The amp sounds great, the hiss does not get louder....only at zero volume do I hear it. I just have a hard time listening to that "hiss". My dilemma now is...do I spend roughly $600 to get this fixed and I'll have a nice 200wpc amp to drive my RF-7iis, or do I spend around $850 for a new with warranty 5000x amp at 120wpc? If I buy the new amp, I'm still stuck with a 80lb brick that may be hard to sell. I wouldn't be able to consciously sell this amp as a "good working amp". I would take a HUGE loss selling as is. Thanks again...
  7. I probably could but the same output from the Denon sounds good when plugged into a different channel on the amp. I'm fairly confident the problem lies within the amp. The 2 channels are still noisy when the pre-amp is removed from the picture.
  8. I'm using a Denon AVR x-3300w. I've swapped cables every which way. The 2 channels are loud with nothing in the inputs. They're still loud even with the input RCAs shorted. The other 3 are quiet. The video probably shows it better than what I can describe.
  9. I recently purchased a used Outlaw 7500 off a popular used gear site that appeared to be in great shape. The previous owner said the amp was in perfect working order and was dead silent. Long story short, the "Left" and "Right" channels are far from silent and there is no going back to the original owner I can easily hear floor noise from 13 ft. away(the other 3 channels can only be heard from 1 ft. away) Shipping for 92lbs. from Michigan to Outlaw and back is around $300-400, plus at least $250 to fix the amp. I don't know if it's worth an additional $650 ON TOP of what I already paid. I love the sound of the amp, just can't handle the floor noise. Would this money be better used buying the lesser 5000X even at less power? The amp is driving Klipsch RF-7ii, RC-64ii and RS-3 surrounds. On paper, I know I don't need the extra power but I can hear a difference when it is there. Does anyone know of a place that can repair this in the Midwest? Also, does anyone know where I can get Outlaw/ATI schematics? I'm fairly handy with electronics and can probably fix this myself. Thanks again for your help...
  10. My only reservation on 5000x is that some users said they didn't notice much of a difference between the amp and the AVR. Who knows if they can even "hear" a difference. My wife didn't notice when I hooked up the Parasound instead of the Denon, I DEFINITELY noticed it! I emailed Outlaw themselves and asked the same question and they said, "save your money and get the 5000x". I have a rather large room and hate buyer's remorse. I have a few weeks until Black Friday so I'll continue to research. Thanks for your input!!!
  11. If this is the case, is there even a reason to get an Emotiva or Monolith or does the sensitivity of Klipsch in general make large amps pointless?
  12. I'm currently looking for an amp to power 3-5 channels. I currently have RF-7ii's and RC-64ii for the fronts and RS-3's for the rears. For subs, I have a SVS SB-2000 and an Outlaw x12-Ultra. The AVR is a Denon x3300w. I'm using 2-channel Parasound HCA1200ii for the Rf-7iis. I like the amp, it's just getting a little long in the tooth and it doesn't have any remote trigger capability. I'd also like to put my center channel on an amp. I was originally looking at a new Outlaw 5000x but am worried that it's not beefy enough to keep up with my music habits. On occasion, I blast music for 30seconds or so just to feel alive. To go up 1-tier from this amp is literally doubling the money and getting a 3-5 channel Emotiva or Monolith. Does anyone have experience with the mono blocks from Outlaw? They are $399 a piece but 3 can be bundled for $999. They almost always have a Black Friday deal which would even further lower the cost. I like the idea of mono blocks but am not sure if they can provide the amperage needed during impedance dips. I wouldn't mind buying a used 3-5 channel amp, I'm just worried about the need to replace all the caps depending on age. Thanks for any input... Mark
  13. Not my theatre room, just living room. I have RF-7ii's and RC-64ii for the fronts and RS-3's for the rear. For subs, I have a SVS SB-2000 and an Outlaw x12-Ultra. The AVR is a Denon x3300w with a 2-channel Parasound HCA1200ii. I'm currently looking for an amp to power all 5 channels.
  14. I purchased these items a couple of years ago with the hopes of building an amplifier for my RF-7ii's. I've since went the easy route and just purchased an amplifier. I've hooked the amp and power supply up for testing purposes but never actually used them for any length of time. I'm also including a solid state relay that I connected to the "trigger" out from my receiver. Price is $100 obo + shipping from 48827(Total package weighs around 3lbs.) Paypal, Venmo or Google Cash will work. I'll eat any Paypal costs. 1 x TI TPA3255EVM (amp) 1 x LRS-350-48 (power supply) 1 x SSR-40 DA (relay)
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