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  1. Bitcoin ETF?

    You can use an exchange such as Coinbase. I've purchased fractions of a Bitcoin, Ethereum and Litecoin through them.
  2. Klipsch Forte III vs RF-7 II Review

    They're Walnut. I found the link in the "alerts!" section. They look better in person, I'm amazed by the fit and finish. They're supposedly new (not B-stock). Even if they weren't "new", they're flawless. They came with a free sub-woofer, free shipping and no tax for $1799. I'll probably sell the woofer to offset the cost a bit. I need a better amplifier, right now I'm using a Denon AVR-x3300w. I'm guessing they're probably at 80-85% of their full potential.
  3. FS: Cornwall I $950

    I acquired the Cornwalls approximately two months ago from a current veteran forum member(who shall remain nameless unless he chooses to chime in:). They sound great, I'm just looking more for a home theater type speaker and have since purchased a pair of RF-7 IIs. These have been tastefully modded and there is currently nothing left to update or upgrade. Here are a list of updates/upgrades: Tweeters are set up with HF Elliptrac horns coupled with DE220 TI drivers, the woofers have been replaced with Eminence Kappa 15C, crossovers have been updated with new capacitors and are in the "B" configuration, all of the internal wiring has been replaced, mid horn has been dampened with Dynamat and new 5 way binding posts have been installed. I would rate the cabinets in good to very good condition. There are a few nicks and dings but overall they look very good. From 10 feet away they look fantastic! For pick up only. I'm located just south of Lansing Michigan. As the title states, I'm looking to get $950, the same amount that I paid for them. Thanks for looking!
  4. Klipsch Forte III vs RF-7 II Review

    Here they are.....so far I love them! Although, I now have a new list of "stuff" to buy; entertainment stand, bigger center channel, bigger/better amp!
  5. Klipsch Forte III vs RF-7 II Review

    I thought the EXACT same thing when I auditioned these two about a week ago. Both are great, it all comes down to the type of music you listen to. I just received my RF-7 IIs today!!!
  6. RF 7 II/RF 7 III/Forte III

    I guess it goes to show you that speakers need to be heard for one's self. Based on the forums here alone, I would have EASILY bought the Forte III's over the RF-7 II's. I just got back(10 minutes ago) from listening to both the Forte III's and the RF-7 II's. Both speakers were on quality tube pre-amp/amps. There were 3 of us listening and all 3 of of us picked the RF-7 II's...hands down. The Forte's sounded good, but not nearly as good as the RF-7 II's AND the Forte's were $1000 more! When it up comes to the upper echelon of Klipsch, convincing someone that one is better than the other is like trying to convince someone that vanilla ice cream is better than chocolate. I would be happy with either though.
  7. Cornscala Pics

    How do you like this setup? I'm looking at doing the Fastrac or buying a pair of RF-7ii's (or Chorus ii). I recently placed the K55-V driver on top of the cabinet with the horn from my RF-3, definitely a makeshift setup but I wanted to get a rough idea how a different horn would sound. I definitely liked the difference, very noticeable. I asked four people which one they liked better and they all chose the K55-V/RF-3 horn combo. I think I'd like the Fastrac, I'm just a little hesitant to spend $525+ on something I can't audition first.
  8. Cornscala Pics

    What mid horn and driver are these?
  9. Which Tractrix speaker?

    I currently use RF-3’s for music and movies. I love the sound but I’m looking for something with a little more soundstage. The obvious choice (on paper) would be the RF-7ii, but I’m also considering the Chorus II or the KLF-30. The Chorus II and KLF-30 can be had at a fraction of the price of a RF-7. I’d love to hear them side by side but that’s not really possible. So my question is, are the three speakers at all similar in sound as far as detail, accuracy and brightness? I’m not necessarily looking to see which one is better because it’s SO objective and there is no correct answer, I’m looking more to see which one will sound similar to the RF-3. I think I’ve come to realize that I’m more of a fan of the tractrix horn. As always, thanks for any input. Mark
  10. OH Estate Sale

    I did! I stopped at $1200. As much as I wanted them, there were just too many unknowns.
  11. OH Estate Sale

    There WAS a bidding war, I'm out! Too many unknowns and no way to get answers until it's too late.
  12. OH Estate Sale

    Thanks! I threw my hat in the ring, we'll see what happens!
  13. AVR uprade help?

    Good point. If there wasn't a discernible difference, why go at all? I'm fairly handy with the ole' soldering iron, so I'm going to order the parts and try it out! Thanks again for the response!
  14. AVR uprade help?

    If there is no discernible difference between the two, is it even worth the effort to convert them over to B-2? Thanks for any input!
  15. AVR uprade help?

    The crossovers have been recently upgraded with Dayton caps. I've thought about getting the few extra parts and converting them to "Type B-2" just to see what the difference is. Otherwise, I'm fairly happy with the way it sounds now. Thanks for the suggestion though!