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  1. I must apologize to everyone. I posted the photo in a humorous way, so I thought (intention), and realize now this would be sad to see by the forum participants. I will clarify what is happening, the love and attention that is being invested here, to see this AR XA gleam once again as it was when I bought this (1969 or 68). The TT is a heavily used with only minimal maintenance so suffers from time and neglect. Currently I have only completed the inspection and assessment of the wear and damage.I make a list and then address each item individually to insure the proper restoration is completed for each item. I am estimating a month minimum to finish this project. My findings are that the big issue will be the brass pivot cylinder and sleeve and the pivot screws in the tonearm. Electrically everything is in great shape so great care has to be taken not to compromise the tone arm wiring. That is a bugger to re-do, but in the back of my mind doing an upgrade of the tonearm wiring is mulling about. I have the litz wire for replacing the wiring (I forget what brand "Expensive stuff") and the time to do this is now. Focus is to put the brass cylinder in my lathe and remove the pivot cup burs that have developed over the years. The tone arm will not float at zero g balance due to the burs and the pivot points ride too deep the cylinder. I do not remember having even disassembled the tone arm so may be the pivots were too tight from the factory, but I will assume that they were improperly adjusted at sometime thus distorting the cups and damaging the cylinder. I might have to do a modification to be able to revive this cylinder, by installing pivot jewels for the points to ride in. Following that it is mostly cleaning, adjust and align everything. The suspension springs are still good and stiff, but the foam has deteriorated as well as the rubber washers are hardened for age. Those will be replaced, and the final assessment of the springs made once the floating system is adjusted with everything in place. I will post an occasional picture as I go along if anyone is interested. The Goal, restore to original factory condition, and original specifications mechanically. Then enjoy my first ever high end piece of gear. ........ oh the work ahead....
  2. LOL Don't be sad @KROCK Sitting in storage for 16 years, she was due for a total overhaul.alignment and calibration.This is just day 1 of many for this baby, noting the pivot points seats will have to be restored. Among other things It's a good thing here, she finally gets a tune up
  3. Awwww My TT is out of commission...
  4. It's been a very long time, but I can now play a few of my old LP's so for a test run after doing tune ups on the turntables (Storage for 16 years ) i will start with....
  5. Ohhh the words of a true audiophile!👍
  6. I can't tell ya how shocked I was, hearing that an audiophile who can afford the wieners part....... BTW nice catch there!
  7. Quiet afternoon with Bach
  8. Catching up here. @MicroMara WOW! That HURTS!! Just to look at. I am so sorry you are dealing with this type of injury @GWSmith I do wish you would employ a neighbor to "Steady" your ladder, a spotter that is recommended by safety organizations. I fear for you come Xmas lights time! I share my thoughts KNOWING I am just as guilty here... Just as guilty My thoughts are with you all No spinning today (Yet) going to be doing some wire routing (re-wiring) to chase down an intermittent hum I heard last night. Be careful and get well quickly! Tim
  9. Yes, same recording, just a different sleeve, Amazon has one of the sleeve I have but... $111.00???? WAY over priced I think
  10. Yes! That would be the Same one
  11. Good question! The short and simple answer is this is the recording I grew up on/with, was the required reference to how we would perform the Brandenburg's and was to be our Hear all, Dream all, Feel all, ..etc assignment. At least it was Bach to listened to thousands of times, over n over again. Very Strict Conductor!
  12. I will be keeping you in my thoughts @Dave1291 , knowing the neuropathy and care for the feet. You are the 2nd person I know of that has had to warm their feet after the cold set in, and I Pray you will fare Much better than the other case. Enjoy the you tubes and do everything it takes to get those feet to heal!
  13. Ehh Really I'm good. Time will resolve my lacking. I am not for wanting...mostly. I AM!! for more spinning though! Not just any spin though...
  14. Jealousy.... the only description
  15. Have my eyes on another Stanton... 681-EEE I always wanted to try that one out. Have several Pickering barely used from the 70's I will be playing with as well. Always a tough choice I have so I am collecting more headshells. Currently have the Shure M91 ED, Empire 2000 and the Stanton 737 E mounted. When I get up the nerve I will mount the Micro Acoustics MA 530 MP up and spin with it a while.
  16. Starting my day off with a bit of the pipe..s
  17. HEYY there @Mossy bottom really good to see ya. Do you know what is causing the sizzling and pops on the Dynaco's? This concerns me TBH Old Reel to Reels, other than the Revox and the Atari's? Glad to see you back
  18. I was having similar thoughts..... Someone forgot to pay the bills... Just glad to see things up and running again.
  19. Time I bid you all goodnight
  20. Goodnight @MicroMara
  21. Totally nuts!! Hawks need to grow up really
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