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  1. Speakers For Sale

    The R-14M pair sold..
  2. Speakers For Sale

    yes..messaged you.
  3. SB 1000 / R-112-SW / SB12-NSD

    Hi..size is the issue..the 115 is just too big. I am just wondering if the SB-1000 or SB12 will be that much better than the R-10SWI.. I know the 115 is the best solution if the box wasn't so large.
  4. SB 1000 / R-112-SW / SB12-NSD

    Thanks for your advice.. the SB 1000 is 300(slightly used) vs 399 for the SB12.
  5. SB 1000 / R-112-SW / SB12-NSD

    Hi..I want to pair a subwoofer with RF-82II speakers...Currently I have a R-10SWI which seems too weak.. Going to a 15 is too large. Any advice? I can get all three subs for around the same price. Thanks..
  6. Atmos Speakers for RF-82ii

  7. Atmos Speakers for RF-82ii

    Hi.. Is it ok to match a different brand of Atmos speakers with RF-82II ? I am thinking the Elac C4 Atmos. Thanks..
  8. Speakers For Sale

    Yes..I am not sure of the shipping cost.
  9. Speakers For Sale

    Price Lowered Again..need to make room. R-15M : $125 R-14M : $90 R-25C : $100
  10. Floorstanding Speaker Help

    Any 10 / 12 sub recommendations? Does not have to be Klipsch. Thanks.
  11. Speakers For Sale

    Price lowered: R-15M : $150 R-14M : $100 R-25C : $125
  12. Speakers For Sale

    HI..I am upgrading to floorstanding speakers. Located in NYC. For sale: R-15M Pair : $175 - 1 month old( mid September) R-14M Pair : $115 - Brand New in Box R-25C : $ 150 - 1 month old(mid September)
  13. WTB : RF 62ii

    Thanks the 62ii Sold...I ended buying the 82II from Frys.
  14. WTB : RF 62ii

    Hi..I am looking for a pair of RF-62II speakers..Please let me know if anyone has a pair to sell. Thanks.
  15. Pair of Black RF-62iis - $375

    HI..are these still for sale? Thanks..